Path Of The Lilies Chapter 271

271 The Hateful Imperial Family Members

Chen Kingdom Capital City Palace

"Your Highness, I have brought him," Wei Cheng reported as soon as he entered the majestic hall.

Lu Wan was still glaring with hatred to the people around him. This place might be coated with gold and majestic splendor, but it was also the most corrupted place in the entire world. He didn't know how many geniuses all over the world have been pushed into this hall just to make sure that they stayed loyal to the Imperial Family.

If not because of that, there would be no way this petty family could stand at the very top with their limited talent.

In front, Chen Tian was sitting leisurely. Cladded in a purple robe that was put together with golden threads, he looked so majestic. There was an aura of authority glowing from his body, forcing everyone who saw him to submit to him.

'He's still as cocky as ever.'

No matter how much Lu Wan hated this, he had to admit that Chen Tian was not a nobody. As the king of this kingdom and also one of the strongest experts in this kingdom, no one would be able to contend against him. Under his sleeves were numerous tricks and treacherous plans that he had carefully crafted from a long time ago.

At the same time, there were numerous experts who were willing to follow after Chen Tian's orders without any hesitation. They already swore undying loyalty to the king and would follow him until the very end.

That thought only disgusted Lu Wan even further.

'What's so good about following this ruthless man who didn't even hesitate to use his own blood-related sister in order to trap other people.'

At this moment, Lu Wan thought about Chen Tian's sister, who had left Four Kingdoms a long time ago. The story was not spread out, but Lu Family clearly knew some of them. After all, Lu Family Head was also involved with what Chen Tian had done back then. However, his role was nothing more than to watch and make sure that nothing bad could happen to the imperial family.

Lu Wan snorted internally when he thought about that. He only heard part of the story, but even that was already more than enough to make him feel utter disgust at Chen Tian.

"You did good, Wei Cheng."

Lu Wan tilted his head to the side. He could see Chen Zi Quan standing with his fancy clothes on the side. After the loud cheering on the street, the geniuses headed to the palace to submit their loyalty either to the Imperial Family or their own family. Only a select few would be able to not give their oath.

"Many thanks for your praise, Your Highness. I was merely doing my job," Wei Cheng responded politely.

Beside him, Lu Wan felt goosebumps at how formal this Wei Cheng was. He was used to seeing the arrogant and unyielding Wei Cheng that he clashed against every single day. This he didn't know this man could be so submissive.

'I see they didn't even spare the Wei Family.'

Every single person in this kingdom has to utter their oath of loyalty to the Imperial Family. It was not even an exception for Wei Family.

Well, in the first place, they had a lot of geniuses. It wouldn't be weird of them to ask for the Wei Family to give their oath because of worry. If the Wei Family became big in the future, it was certain that no one would be able to stop them.

Wei Cheng was not an exception. Even though Wei Cheng had already followed after Chen Zi Quan ever since he was young, there was no telling whether Wei Cheng will have a change of mind in the future or not. To avoid any unnecessary problems, they must have ordered him to utter his Oath of Loyalty to the Imperial family.

'What a good move from Chen Tian.'

Lu Wan laughed out coldly in his heart. This was the method that they used to make sure that they would be able to control every powerful person in this kingdom. He was internally hoping that Chen Tian would grow insane because of the connection that he had made with numerous people.

"Lu Wan." Chen Zi Quan turned his gaze to look at the young man. His eyes were filled with curiosity yet at the same time, disgust.

"What do you want?"

"You're truly stupid. Who do you think would be able to protect you after you have separated yourself from the Lu Family?" Chen Zi Quan asked with a smile that didn't look like a smile.

From the corner of his eyes, Lu Wan could see Lu Su standing not far from the edge. There were still some other officials left because they would be the witness for the ceremony. Some of them hadn't returned back when Wei Cheng came bringing Lu Wan into this disgusting hall.

He knew that the Lu Family was protecting him to a certain degree. There was no love or care he received from his father or other family members, but at the very least, they didn't allow the Imperial Family to touch him openly.

They still protected him.

Lu Wan sneered, acting as if he didn't have a care for anything in the entire world. "Do you think that I can't protect myself? I'm different from a pampered prince like you"


Chen Zi Quan's eyes were glaring dangerously. "It seems that your family hadn't taught him any manners, Lu Su."

"My apologies, Your Highness," Lu Su kneeled on the ground. Even though his words were apologizing, there was not even any trace of remorse in his tone. It was clear that he only said that as a front and didn't really have any intention to apologize.

Lu Wan laughed. "Heh, do you expect your dogs to"


Chen Zi Quan didn't hesitate and raised his hand once more. "My patience has its limit, Lu Wan."

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