Path Of The Lilies Chapter 270

270 Captured


As more guards surrounded the place, there was no other way Lu Wan could get out. He looked around with a bitter expression. Right now, his hair was still brown because he painted it, yet these guards could find him in just a matter of minutes upon seeing his sight.

It just meant that the Lu Family had leaked it out to the Imperial Family that he disguised himself by coloring his hair. They also might be quite specific in telling them that his hair color had turned brown, though he couldn't be sure about it too.

His countenance was still the same, so it was not impossible to find him in just a short period of time.

"Do you know who it is that you have been attacking all this time?" Lu Wan asked through gritted teeth. His eyes were looking at them dangerously as he started to emit murderous aura.

Compared to Ye Jiao and Qi Huan, it was not much. Lu Wan learned how to use it by killing more people during his mission. However, he couldn't freely control it and usually needed to be angry. Intent could be directed by emotion and Qi Huan taught him the easiest method, which was to focus his entire emotion into the thought that he wanted to kill them all.

That way, it would be able to produce some kind of killing intent that could intimidate his opponent.

Even if it was not that strong, it was already enough to send shivers down the spine of these soldiers. They were surprised to see that such a young man managed to obtain this killing intent. After all, it was not easy to develop it unless they have their heart set on killing without hesitation. In addition, their heart must not waver in front of violence and blood.

It was never easy to develop one's intent.

One of the leaders stepped forward. "Of course we know Lu Wan from the Lu Family."

"Then why?"

"This is the order from the Imperial Family. Seize Lu Wan and bring him back to the palace alive." the guards focused his gaze on Lu Wan. "And I think you know the reason."



"Capture him! Don't let him get away!"

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Sounds of blades clashing reverberated in the alleyway. Lu Wan was never proficient in using blade, so his accuracy was off. However, his sheer power gained from constant practice was already more than enough to deal with these people.


Thud. Thud. Thud.

Within minutes, the number of guards who fell onto the ground has increased exponentially. Sound of the guards dropping to the ground increased as they became the stepping stone for their comrades. There were simply too many of them that it was hard to find any spot without their corpse. Even though the guards' faces were pale because they didn't want to step on their comrade, the space was simply too narrow, so they had no other choice.

Clang! Slash!

"Who else?" Lu Wan roared. His clothes and sword were already dirty with blood. However, he still looked at the guards menacingly. There was no fear visible in his expression as only pure anger and displease was painted on it.

At the same time, there was a pure trace of youthfulness that he showed off. Youths were known to be arrogant and reckless. From how Lu Wan behaved, it made him look as if he was trying to show off and unwilling to back down because he couldn't accept losing.

The guards were hesitating. Seeing how Lu Wan dealt with them so easily made them worried that they would just become victims. No one knew how long he would stand there.

"Continue the fight."

The cold voice caused Lu Wan to turn around. His pupil contracted when he saw Wei Cheng standing at the back. The pressure that the young man had around him told him instantly that he had reached rank 3. At the same time, the cold gaze on the young man perfectly told Lu Wan that he had been killing people.

There was no way he wouldn't be able to recognize the faint killing intent around Wei Cheng's body. It was just a short period of time, yet Wei Cheng had grown so much.

'He's so quick! Damn it!'

Wei Cheng stared back at Lu Wan with a cold gaze. He raised his sword and pointed it to Lu Wan. "He doesn't have much strength left. Continue to fight and seize him."

"Yes, Young Master!"



The guards roared loudly as they began to attack once more. This time, they no longer paid attention to what they stepped on as they focused their attention completely to catch Lu Wan. They needed to follow the order.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Just like what Wei Cheng had said, Lu Wan no longer has much Eon Energy in his body. Most of them were already drained because of the fight. After all, his skill in sword was poor, so he had to add up his power and Eon Energy to make the fight turn even more against the guards. For the past months, Lu Wan hadn't trained his sword again at all.

Clang! Thud!

The sword was pushed away from Lu Wan's hand. Another guard kicked his leg, pushing him in kneeling position before they pulled his hand to the back. Hurriedly, they tied him up as the young man struggled.

"It's futile," Wei Cheng walked closer. His eyes were looking at Lu Wan with hatred. He lifted his leg and kicked the young man.


*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

Crashing to the back, Lu Wan's eyes were filled with hatred. He looked as if he was ready to pounce at Wei Cheng and killed that man. If not because he no longer has any Eon Energy left in his core and his stamina was depleted badly, he would surely do that.

Wei Cheng sneered. "Bring him back to the palace."

"Yes, Young Master!"


Dragged by the guards, Lu Wan made his way to the place that he hated the most in his life: the palace.

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