Part Time Star Full Time Dad Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Game Task

|Third Pov|

Theodore spent the rest of his free time researching the fundamentals of game development. He was fairly confident in the programming since he had the legend Level Hacking skill but he still needed to understand the other aspects that are outside of just coding.

For instance, a game designing deals with the conceptual side of things. This would be mechanics, the core concepts, the aesthetics, the characters and levels.

He was fairly excited before discovering how expensive being a game developer is in this world.

Even though the world's technology is obnoxiously advanced the number of games being produced is only slightly more than in his previous world.

The reason for this is due to good quality game engines costing $10,000 dollars for a month. A game engine is fundamentally a toolbox full development tools and reusable software components.

These good quality game engines are owned by the already huge game companies. Which is obvious ploy to reduce the competition and further increase thier own capital.

The free game engines have similar tools with basic software components but with it's faulty and slow rendering, and the terrible glitchy interface makes it's barely usable.

This resulted in a huge loss for indie games as promising small dev teams are forced to either shut down or be purchased by the big game cooperation.

Theodore had already picked "Getting Over It" to complete his recent task.

[Task: Drive the world crazy with a simple-looking game that will test the player's patience. To complete the task the host must have over 5,000 genuine good reviews with 2 million downloads]

[Note: Host may use his own name and advertise in any way possible]

{Reward: TV/Web Show Memories: Recollect all memories of TV shows host had watched in past-life}

He was now planning out every little detail as to make sure that he completes the game within a month. He had a clone write down the scrip for the narration and another clone record sound effects.

He then finally had a clone look through all of the forwarded emails that Mary sent and accept the ones that looked like fun.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Theodore, Mary and Sophie all played with Rose until Lily came back from school and took her and Icy on an imaginary adventure through a jungle that magically appeared in the back yard.

This left Theodore some time to talk with Sophie and Mary about their experience with working in video game entertainment.

Mary was only an intern for D.A so her task was taking notes during the meetings and providing a perspective that would entice more females to play.

Sophie on the other hand never had any direct contact with the actual game creations as she was a freelance artist that provided 3D character drawings

At five o'clock Lily went home and at half five Theodore, Mary, Sophie and Rose had dinner.

After dinner, they sat down and watched Finding Nemo up until Rose fell asleep on Theodore's lap.

With Rose now tucked into her bed, he started live streaming.

. . . . . . . .

|First Pov Theodore|

After an hour streaming, I had finally come to the end of another chapter of Batman and was now going to getting changed into my V.R suit off camera.

As I was getting changed I noticed the pants that I wore last night in the corner of the room with a white note sticking out of its pocket.

I then pull out the white note and see that it's a business card for Vague & Finer.

'Huh, I don't remember taking a business card from Grace?' I thought suspiciously

Turning it around to find a red kiss mark on the back with a phone number and message "Call me when you get the chance, Grace"

'Grace! When I get the chance huh? I'm gonna be basically be super busy for the next month or so. Hmmm. . . well I do need to sign the contract and Rose can play with Bella but I don't think a contract signing is what she had in mind'

"Sigh, milfs my greatest weakness and she's an incredibly hot one too. It looks like things are gonna become more complicated"

I then save the number to my phone and continue to put on my V.R suit that is embarrassingly tight so much so that every nook and cranny is emphasised.

Even though it was tight yet somehow remained breathable.

Looking in the mirror I began to admire the genius behind the design with the primary sapphire blue colour and thin white lines that not only captured my great figure but slimmed it down.

I put the gloves on and clench my fingers into a fist 'Nice it's not uncomfortable'

I then notice my bulge being clearly shown but thankful my underwear hides most of the definition.

Sophie had told me to play it safe and wear clothes on top even though no one as of yet to be actually banned on WidevView for it but still no one is willing to take the risk.

With that in mind, I slip on a pair of black gym shorts and a loose white T-shirt.

I then put on the gloves pick up my headset and have the BoxCam follow me through the house with the chat hyping things up.

I finally get to my backyard and enter the V.R cube. Inside the cube was Mary and Sophie geared up and ready with the headset in their hands.

Mary was wearing white leggings that captured her thick thighs and heart-shaped ass beautifully with an oversized top that just about hid her bust.

Seeing Mary's heart-shaped ass I couldn't help have a flashback of our first interaction. When she bent over to pick up the pen and her skirt ripped just enough to show a bit of underbutt.

'Man what a fucking good memory' I thought while nodding

Sophie wore a knee-length green and black plaid skater skirt and tight black sweater that emphasised huge knockers.

Honestly, I'm still confused on how these two supermodels are somehow now apart of my life but heck it's not like I'm gonna tell them to leave.

Chat immediately blew up with the men thirsting and the women upset.



[ThotPatrol]: Back up civilians we got high tier 3D Thots. For Dad's safety, I'm gonna need you to report their names, phone numbers and male preference.


[SoAmbiguous]: Nom Nom Nom

[xXQuickScope22Xx]: Ass n Titties, Ass, Ass n Titties

[SuperLazySister]: Plastic

[XxLost_ScopexX]: 1 simp, 2 simp, 3, simp, how many more

[TheGoodCrunch]: Now that's content

[Coffee_N_D!K]: I have everything they have 2

[Infront_Of_My Salad]: Damn it, here comes the horny

[WeatherDude]: This just came in, the simp world graph has just escalated at a remarkable rate. The egos of Thots have also risen and are matching the simps.


I couldn't help give a small chuckle seeing WeatherDude's comment.

I then go to introduce them "Ahem, this is Mary my Agent and friend you might remember her from last nights magic trick. And this is Sophie my childhood friend and she's also a streamer"

Sophie waved at the BoxCam and said "Sup check out my stream JustSophie I play V.R PUBG regularly and play some other games too"

Mary gave a gentle nod and said "Hello I'm Mary Wright and I'm Theo's agent. Please contact me if you are looking to sponsor Theo"

[Dreamer Donated $10: Is this a "friend zone" situation or is this "friends with extra steps"?]

I immediately choke "Cough just friends, let's not make things weird"



[SettleWithMe]: Ah a fellow member of the sad boys, stay strong brother

[Thrust master 23]: Chads don't get friend-zoned, I smell bullshit

[QuiteNoise]: Another fallen brother R.I.P

[OtakuFPS]: 2D girls won't hurt your feelings

[BigFriend]: Boyfriend without the rewards


'Jeez some of these guys are too smart'

I then ask Sophie "So how do we start this thing? I avoided looking at the instructions because you said you'd teach us"

Sophie puts on the headset and said "Okay first you put on the headset"

Mary and I follow along.

The headset's visor lit up as six white dots began to move in a circle.

"The headset will only turn on when you're inside the Cube. Now it will pair your helmet to the cube and check if you're a new user. For me, I'm at the V-reality menu because it recognises my account. You two should be seeing a virtual avatar doing a particular movement. You will also feel the suite heat up as you follow the movements" Said Sophie

On the screen, I saw a hologram avatar do some stretches with the words "Please follow the Avatar's movements with your utmost effort"

I then did following touched my toes, lunge, squat jump, standing jump and so on.



[I-Fwck-U]: Come on dad move the camera behind Mary do it for the boys

[SmoothButter]: More jumping please from Mary

[JawBreaker3000]: Dem thighs can choke me any day

[SmallMuffin]: Daddy

[Mode-PeakWeeb]: Bouncy anime Titties


"Okay next is the agility test which is the 100-meter dash, you are not running in place you need to run forwards don't be afraid. The space around your feet should move just like a treadmill as soon as you intend to run forward" Said, Sophie

I did as told once again following the Avatar that was now running in front of me. I ran at my quickest speed before overtaking the avatar and reaching the finish line. I come to a steady stop which surprised me after not having the floor sweep me off my feet.



[Lil-CAAN!!]: Dude forgot to take off X2 speed

[Blues-Got_No-Clue]: Holy shmolly dad got speed

[EnterShityNameHere]: Honestly the clothes on top is stupid

[HackerMan]: cracking reality code. . . . importing speed hack


I look down at my feet in shock and look at the space around an notice that I'm in the exact same spot that I started at.

I ask "How does it know when I'm stopping?"

"I kinda forgot but I think it has something to do with blood flow, muscle tension," Said Sophie while shrugging

'It's basically recording my health. The only game made for V.R is PUBG surely someone can see that the potential of V.R is more than just games. Hmmm. . A doctor app could be made easily but there would way too many variables to exploit. A personal trainer gamer might be best' I was completely lost in my own thoughts

"Okay, now there should be a pop up asking you to make an account. If you look below it you will find a keyboard. Just use it like you would with a regular. Don't get scared when you actually feel the keyboard that's the Cube morphing capability" Said, Sophie

I put in my email, gender and age then input a name.


{The user name already exists}


{The user name already exists}

After putting numerously sensible names with numbers at the end and the beginning even throwing in symbols it still did not work.

I immediately knew what was happening and just gave in 'Fine, system what name do you want it to be?'


{Account Created Email Confirmation Sent}

'What the actual fuck system. Sigh At least chat gets a laugh out of it'

"Okay take off the headset and just confirm the email on your phone. Then put the headset back on and you should now be at the main menu. If you want to share what you see with chat then you need to download the WideView app" Said Sophie

Putting the headset back on I was greeted by a very basic homepage. App store, Boogle Chrome, V-reality Games and Settings. I downloaded the WideView app and then signed into my account before being able to see Chat along the right-hand side.

Chat could now see what I can see with a small cam in the corner showing what the BoxCam is recording.


I didn't have the Chat showing as I had clone manning my laptop making sure that Rose sleeps.

"I'm gonna start streaming as well get ready Theo your about to get some serious hate," Said Sophie with a wide grin before throwing out her BoxCam


\\Sophies- CHAT\\

[MoneyPig]: Queen

[GrovelingSlave]: You look great

[SlaveToBeauty]: Hello my Queen

[Here4Melon's]: Not Disappointed

[SophieNo1]: Who the fuck is that!???

[Busty=Justice]: CHAD ALERT

[SXYMan]: Introduce the bastard

[PopOffSteve]: Introduce Miss ThiCCC


I hear Sophie giggles at first and says "Take off the headset my chat wants an introduction"

Lifting the headset off my head I revealed my handsome self to the bitter simps in her chat.

"Hi, I'm Theodore Hunt, this beauty next to me Is Mary. Sophie and Mary are apart of my harem haha" I said while laughing maniacally

Sophie's chat immediately blew up with knife emojis and empty threats.

As I laugh I look towards Mary and Sophie with thier cute blushing faces staring at me angrily.

Raising my hands I surrender "Put away your knives simps I was just joking"

Sophie coughed and said "Click on V-Reality games and download PUBG. There are two downloads, the first one is basic gameplay and the other the V.R side like the terrain. Once it's downloaded just click it then create a character and tell me your names. It's probably best for me to be the party leader"

I pick a caucasian avatar with short black hair. I was then in the main menu looking at my avatar from the front. My avatar was wearing a white tank top with a pair of white boxers and nothing else.

After only a few seconds of waiting PUBG had successfully downloaded I click and then hesitantly report my name ". . Step-Mom underscore Hunter no space, caps for the first letter of each word"

I wait for a reply from Mary and Sophie. I even check my chat to see any form of response but all I got was an awkward silence.

The silence only lasted a brief second as Sophie snickers and comments "Tsk you idiot"

Mary whispered to herself in a shy voice "I'll be whatever you want~"

With my now enhanced senses, I still managed to pick up their quiet complaints that were further muffled by the headset.

I've been aware of Sophie not so subtle feelings since the "L" word slipped out during our little hookups. Which I won't lie I pretended to not hear and pushed her face down into the pillow so that I continue.

Thinking back to it now that was the most chad shit I have ever done. We talked it out afterwards and just agreed to be friends but still, she made it very clear that she wants more than that and is willing to wait which is sweet.

Mary, on the other hand, is a blank slate with most of our interactions being about business, some subtle flirting and just chatting as friends do.

'Did it my flirting and teasing lead to it? How did I get myself into this?. . Who am I kidding it was bound to happen, with my handsome face, incredible skills and decent personality. Even a 10/10 Milf like Grace has some sexual interest in me. Fuck, I'm even thinking like a chad!'

"Sigh so yeah did you get that Sophie," I said

"Yes, Mary what about you?" Said Sophie before sending me an invite.

After accepting the Invite My avatar appears next to a thin Caucasian woman wearing a bloody white shirt, short black skirt and a bloody hockey mask. The name above it was JustSophie

Mary replied quickly "Um no give me a second"

After a second or two Mary replied simply "Okay my name is 'I'mThatStep-Mom' no spaces, caps for the first letter of each word"

Hearing the name I felt my heart stop as a cold and almost demonic aura seeped out from Sophie as she replied with some hidden anger in her voice "R-really now that's quite funny. We'll I don't want to be left out, let me change my name as well"

She sent Mary an invite as well. Mary's avatar then appeared. Much like my own, it was wearing a white tank top with white boxer shorts. A huge difference would be that her avatar was black and was a woman.

"And. . I'm done what you think of my name" Said Sophie with condescending tone clearly looking for a reaction from Mary

The name above Sophie's avatar changed to "TheRealStep-Mom"

If I didn't have the headset on I would facepalm so I settle with mental facepalm 'Are they openly declaring war have they forgot we're live? Fuck sake, I'm gonna be in some shity gossip column'

"Hehe, how original, I wonder where you got the idea?" Said, Mary with a cold laugh

I look into chat and see exactly what I expect.



[SettleWithMe]: I now suddenly hate and pity Dad

[Thrust master 23]: Cat Fight


[QuiteNoise]: U LUCKY BASTARD!!!!!

[OtakuFPS]: Urgh my single life is taking multiple shots, I need a medic

[Raccoon-8In-Butt]: I knew it, the harem wasn't a joke

[BigFriend]: One, Is the loneliest number

[GodShooter]: I want to punch you so much

[Sniff-It]: I can smell thier juice flowing

[CreamySurprise]: No Daddy Is mine

[F.Y.B-Agent109] FUCK YOU BRO


"Ahem so shall we start," I said hoping for

"Let's go first POV desert map. The best way to understand the game is to jump into it. Let's try to get a win in the first game" Sophie starts sorting out the game before having us jump in

[Random Task: Win your first game with 10+ kills]

{Failure: Inconveniently Timed Tourette's}


[Do you accept the task?]

(Note: Rewards aren't shown for these task)

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