Part Time Star Full Time Dad Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Fun Night

Theodore sat Rose down on a little picnic blanket with Icy. Rose enjoyed her lunch under quietly under the bright sun with a gentle breeze passing by and stroking her short blond hair.

Theodore's clone sat with them making sure she ate everything and made sure Icy didn't eat her food.

Theodore, Mary and Sophie were inside the V.R Cube. The walls, ceiling and floor was a beautiful royal blue.

Theodore yelled excitedly "Isn't it exciting, look how huge this room is, I bought one of the bigger ones. Look these are the motion sensors, fans that can simulate in-game climate and the floor looks solid now but once I get into a game it will move. I've heard talks about an attachment that would provide actual smell. It's a long way away but its cool right?"

"How much did this cost?" Asked Mary

"Just an extra 5 grand don't worry It didn't come out of your pay," Said Theodore simply

"What!?" Exclaimed Mary and Sophie

"Don't be like that. I make an average $15,000 from daily streams, I've sold over 10,000 Rose's Fairy Tales books and I get paid $0.70 per play for each of my songs"

"Wait how much do you have?" Asked Sophie with a dangerous glint in her eyes.

Theodore could see the greed in her eyes as he said "we'll I've already set all of it aside. a lot of it went into Rose's savings, a bit into my saving, $25,000 for my car and the rest is for bills, groceries and some other minor stuff"

"Car shopping!? You have to call me when you do that" Said Sophie excitedly

"Sure why not, Mary you're coming too. Your Beetle looks like it's about to fall apart," Said Theodore

"I can't do it" Shaking her head Mary continued "It was mom's, she gave it to me for my High School graduation. No, it didn't look better back then its always looked like that and that's the way I like it"

Theodore and Sophie were unsure of how to respond after feeling the endless love and sadness in her voice.

Theodore managed to build up some courage as he replied "As your employer, I must be held responsible for your safety at the workplace. So I will get David and ask him to run some safety test and update the engine nothing else"

Mary took a deep breath before showing a sincere smile "Thank you"

"No problem, oh by the way I'm still not dropping the game thing. I'm hiring you as my consultant. If things go well for our first game we can pick up struggling dev team and monopolise the gaming industry. Hahaha man I'm getting excited just thinking about it" Said Theodore before laughing hysterically

Mary's shoulders fall tiredly as she says "I didn't agree to be your consultant. I already have mountains of emails to go through and now your giving me another job"

Theodore turned around and put up five fingers "I will do one televised interview and four sponsored performances without fail no questions asked"

"Deal," Said Mary before pulling her phone out and beging typing then continue to say "tomorrow we're going for the interview and on Friday you have a marathon to run"

Theodore was left stunned before begging "Mary, that's a bit too fast. Hows about a 2 week rest period"

"What happened to without fail, no questions asked?" Said Mary

"Let's be reasonable, I did do really well at last nights charity show," Said Theodore

"Yes you did, so let's keep that momentum," Said Mary

"Fine with this interview I could at least shut up a few dirty rumours but what's this marathon thing about?" Said, Theodore

"There's marathon competition coming to L.A and a new sports ware company called Flick wants to sponsor you for the run. They will provide you with their latest sneakers and some appropriate clothing. You don't have to win you just need to look good but it would be beneficial if you get a good placement" Said Mary

With a smug smile, Theodore began plotting 'Not gonna happen I'll stay back and hang out with the other slowpokes. Then no one will sponsor me for another marathon run'

"Oh, and the fruit juice company Gruited wants you to film a small advertisement. They would like it before next Tuesday. They will be sending a huge box worth of product" Said, Mary

"Mary please give me a break like 5 day rest period. How can I do all that in such a short time"

"Rose has her regular 1 to 2 hours naps throughout the day so playing with Rose isn't a good enough excuse. You're also a clone user which by the way you only utilize two of them off stream. You have enough time to rest. And I'm tired of declining every email" Said Mary strictly

"Hmm. Honestly, I've been getting tired of the same old routine. Forward any interesting offers to me and I'll have my clones do some research on them" Said Theodore confidently

"Games!?" Asked Sophie after finally seeing a chance to join the conversation

"Yep, that's right I've decided to try out being a game developer," Said Theodore proudly

"And you know how to make a game?" Asked Sophie

"Yep, it's going to be a masterpiece, why?" Said Theodore with a confused tone

"And Mary is getting a second job for this, like pay right?" Asked Sophie

Theodore nodded to both Mary and Sophies surprise.

"Give me a job, please! I can't take working as a cover artist for Mom and Dad. They work me like a slave. I've done freelance work for games before so I have experience" Begged Sophie

"Will Uncle and Aunty be upset?" Asked Theodore

Shaking her head Sophie replies "No they just want me to have a job that's not streaming. They said that I should treat streaming as a hobby or else I'll grow to hate it just like a regular job"

"Why didn't they say that for me?" Said, Theodore

"Your situation is different. You took streaming because it was the only job that would allow you to make money and keep Rose company. As parents themselves they are impressed" Said Sophie

Theodore gave it a moment to think about it before an evil grin appeared on his face "I don't really need any help in the art department but I do need someone to play the game. So how's about I pay you to play my game on stream. In the next game, I'll hire you for your artistic skills"

"Thank fuck" Said Sophie in relief

"I'll have the contracts ready before the end of the day," Said Theodore

"So tonight duos, PUBG I brought my V.R suit with me," Said, Sophie

"Sure but be warned the ladies in my Chat won't play nice," Said Theodore

"Tsk it's not the first time I've gotten some hate beside the guys in my chat will rip you apart," Said Sophie

Mary began to feel jealous of thier 'I can't leave her with Theo, no I won't allow it'

"Can I join, I mean it would good to get a feel for what is considered a good game?" Asked Mary innocently

Before Theodore could say anything Sophie added "Sure, that sounds great but unfortunately, there isn't another V.R suit"

"Oh," Said Mary sadly

Theodore answered casually "Nah you can join I have a spare suit. It was originally meant for Rose but it doesn't matter I'll just get another. Don't worry all V.R suits are made to fit any size and are easy to clean"

Mary gave Sophie a smug smile. To which Sophie replied with a lovely smile and eyes that could kill.

Mary wasn't bothered as she asks Theodore "Why don't you try it out now? Just to make sure that you don't embarrass yourself in front of your Stream"

Theodore answers with a question of his own "Do you know why streaming is such a big hit?"

"Is it cause its free entertainment?" Asked Mary

"It's the soft porn, Isn't it," Said Sophie

"No buut sadly yes. The main reason is that streamers are relatable. At its core streamers are just regular individuals with a decent personality that wants to show thier skills, humour and talent. And that is what the current generation wants to see. People want to see just another fun guy/girl fuck about live in front people" Said Theodore

"So you need to show that you aren't perfect to keep that sense of relatability but what happens if you get good at PUBG?" Asked Mary

"The other thing about streaming is that they get to see my progress and even coach me. Although 9/10 of those 'coaches' will be trolls" Said Theodore

"So messing up is also entertainment?" Asked Mary confusedly

"Yep, but its not so much that they mess up but the natural reaction after doing so. Like the guys who destroy their monitor after getting shat on by some squeaker called HighOnGlue for 8th time in a row" Said Sophie

Theodore couldn't help tease her "You good buddy?"

To which Sophie responded "Fuck off, the kid was using claymores and RPG's"

Seeing the reaction that Sophie had Mary understood and said "Oh I get it, so when are we playing?"

"After I put Rose to bed at around six and then I'll start streaming and read Batman after that we play PUBG, so probably seven o'clock. I'm kind of excited this is like my first game in a while. Its gonna be a fun night" Theodore said excitedly

* * * * *

Big Thanks Scott C he dropped a big 20 on my PayPal. I do wish I could reward you with extra chapters but I have the slowest possible writing speed so sorry. I have been trying to get a chapter out every day but writer's block catches me just when I'm like 600 words from completing the chapter.

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