Part Time Star Full Time Dad Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Business

[Note: remember this is a harem novel. Now please enjoy]

Theodore quickly opened the gate as a big red Semi-truck with the company logo V-reality plastered along the side and two V-reality vans.

Theodore could barely hold his excitement in as he watched the semi-truck slowly pull up.

The semi-truck pulled up as the man in the driver's seat jumps out.

"Hello, are you Theodore Hunt?" Asked the driver

"Yes," Said Theodore while nodding repeatedly

The driver then gave his crew the thumbs as they open up the semi-truck and have 4 men push a huge cube out from the back of the Semi-Truck.

Theodore then led them to the backyard where he had already put down a concrete foundation.

They then place it on the concrete. They attached a solar panel to the top and began to run some tests.

After a short 5 minutes of nervously watching from the sideline, they finally gave it the thumbs up and presented him with two transparent boxes with the V.R Suite and headset.

He bought two because one was for himself while the other was for Rose. Though there aren't any family games at the moment it doesn't mean there won't be one in the near future.

Seeing that everything was working fine driver then touched his wristwatch as it opened up to reveal a hologram with a document that says that he received his V.R Cube and that it was working fine after installation.

After reading it over he signed it and sent them off. Theodore had completely forgotten Mary and Sophie as he quickly put on his suit and V.R headset.

The V.R suit is a sapphire blue with slimming thin white lines. The head set is sapphire blue helmet with built in surround sound and a black visor

Hoping no one would see he began to throw some kicks and punches while humming the Mighty Morphing tune.

Doing an epic flying kick and landing it he sang "Haaa Go Go Power Rangers!"

'I know the techniques but form, flow and pacing is off. Overall I'm too stiff.' Thought Theodor

Theodore then took off his headset and suit before putting it back in the clear box.

Theodore then made his way back to his forgotten friends, Sophie and Mary.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

|Third Pov Kitchen|

While Theodore had been watching over his V.R Cube being installed, Mary and Sophie had been left alone.

"So how was your dance with Theo last night," Asked Sophie

Mary blushed after recalling her romantic dance with Theo as she blankly replied "It was like a dream"

Sophie squinted seeing the familiar expression of a love-struck idiot.

Regaining some composure Mary asks "What about you? Rose said that Aunt Sophie sleeps here many times?"

Sophie stutters and turns her face away "W-well that's because we, we talk a lot"

"Just talking?" Asked Mary suspiciously hearing her inability to answer without stuttering.

"Yes, No we also do movie marathons, yes movie marathons," Said, Sophie with some fake confidence

Mary quickly asked, "What was the last movie marathon?"

"Fifty, ahem Scary Movie. In fact, I planned to stay the night. What about you, huh? What do you need to discuss with Theo that it needs you to stay the night?" Said Sophie

"A lot of things actually but its a private business matter nothing interesting," Said Mary before folding her arms to emphasise her bust

"Nothing interesting? I doubt that Theo is far from being boring" Said Sophie whilst also folding her arms to emphasise her bust.

Not a word was said as they quietly assess each other. A stare down that seemed to last forever as the original awkward air change to a cold and distant one.

'She's definitely pretty, I lose in bust and long legs but we're equal on face and waist' Thought Mary

'Tsk Theo most likely has a Milf fetish just like most men. Thicker thighs and more ass, Theo's favourite combo'' Thought Sophie

As they continue to stare each other down Rose appears magically between them "Aunt Mary, Aunt Sophie!"

Mary and Sophie come out of their little mental battle as they look down to see Rose's outstretched hand.

Seeing her innocent face they couldn't help place their big adult hands in her chubby toddler hands.

Rose proceed to put her hands together with Sophie's and Mary's, then said with the purist intentions "Angry bad, be nice. Now friends"

With a forced smile, they shake hands while Rose watched with a smile before clapping happily and say "Now play Hide N Seek, Aunt Sophie count. Quick run fast"

Sophie put her hands over her eyes and began to slowly coung out loud "1. . . 2. . . 3. . ."

Rose pulled Mary's hand as she goes under the dining table.

Mary was about to go hide somewhere else but Rose said "Hide together, shush"

Mary crawled under the table as Rose looked around excitedly and counted in hush voice "7, 8, 9, 10 eek Aunt Sophie coming"

"Ready or not here I come" Shouted Sophie as she began to move around.

Walking up to one of the kitchen closest she said "Are you here"

Yanking the handle and not finding anything she voiced her disappointment "I really thought she would be here"

This caused a small giggle to escape from Rose's lips before covering her mouth.

Sophie smiled but continued to walk around opening closets and draws while still commenting.

After doing it a few more times she finally approached the dining table and circled it slowly.

Rose gasped as she watched Sophie's legs pace around the table. Mary pulled Rose into her arms and put a finger to her lips.

Rose gave determined nod as she clenched her teeth and closed her eyes to silently wish that her Aunt Sophie wouldn't find her.

Mary couldn't help but run her hands through her short hair to comfort her unnecessary worries.

Not wanting to upset Rose any further Mary stuck her arm out and signalled Sophie to look.

Sophie looked under the table and saw the situation. She then got up walked away from the table and announced sadly "I give up you guys win"

Rose's eyes open up excitedly as she gave a delighted shout "Yay winner"

Rose ran out from under the table and jumped around excitedly "Hehehe Aunt Mary winners"

Mary crawled out from under the table looked towards Sophie who then stared back.

Previously they considered themselves as enemies but now they couldn't help but give a genuine smile and a nod of approval.

It was a small moment that had to change the impression of the other. Neither Mary nor Sophie are aware of who Theodore's ex-wife is but they know that both Rose and Theodore have been hurt.

Sophie found this out when her parents bought it up on a whim during a visit. This resulted in a huge change in both Theodore's and Rose's behaviour. Rose cried quietly in Theodore's arms while his eyes turned cold and dangerous.

For Mary, she found out after trying to create a wiki page for him but when she hesitantly asked about Rose's Mother Theodore replied with a light scoff "Leave it blank. I would appreciate it if you don't mention 'it' around Rose. At some point, I'll tell you but for now, just know 'it' wasn't a good wife nor a good mother"

They both want Theodore for their selfish fantasy but also understand that despite how carefree and happy he appeared he worries for his Daughter.

If either side wins the most important aspect is that Rose will always come first. As a good auntie and prospective mother, they both want what's best for Rose.

Theodore suddenly appears at the kitchen doorway "Hey guys what are you doing come to take a look. Oh was it you Rose who kept them"

Puffing her chest out proudly with her hands on her hips Rose said "Me, Aunt Mary win hide n seek"

"Wow, my little girl is the best at hiding and seek" Said Theodore

"Super best," Said Rose with a confident nod


"Ooh is someone hungry," Said Theodore with a teasing smile

Rose raised her hand quickly and jumped saying "Snack Time!!"

Theodore then pulled out her usual snacks made up of apple juice and a set of cut fruits with tiny square sandwiches. This is something he has his clone prepares every morning.

He then picked up Rose with her snacks and moved to the backyard.

Looking back he said "Come on you gotta see it's sick"

"I know I have one, remember?" Said Sophie

Just as Sophie and Mary were about to follow along with both looked to each other and said "May the best women win"

Little did they know that their expectation for their future is much more complex then what they wish it to be.

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