One In The House Of Opposites Chapter 7

7 Forbidden But It Doesnt Matter

I blinked my eyes a couple of times to get rid of the blurry vision. "Ch-Chloe, you're awake!" I heard a voice and someone hugged me tightly, bringing me to a sit up position on my bed. I looked down and realised it was a brother I had not met!

"I'm sorry, Chloe. I'm Dickson, 7th oldest" He introduced.

"Ah, nice to meet you!"

Dickson, blonde messy hair, hazelnut eyes, diamond-shaped face, and perfect straight teeth too. He stopped hugging me and stood up.

"So, you haven't met some of your brothers yet, have you?" He asked.

"No actually, I've only met, Rick, Freoli, Uko, Wello, Adrian, Mark, and Hikup" I replied.

"Ok then, I'll get the ones you have not met yet. Be back!" Dickson waved off with a bright smile on his face.

5 minutes later...

A knock came from the door and I thought to myself, "That was quick"

"Come in!" I shouted.

"Chloe" about 4 voices said out my name.

Three of my unseen brothers came running with a worried expression on their faces.

"Chloe, you're alright! I'm Damian, same age as you"

"Thank god. I'm Saqi, 10th oldest"

"Jarel, 9th oldest. Good, you're ok!"

"Ah, I'm Chloe, nice to meet you!"

Damian, black pulled-back hair, and brown eyes. Saqi, dark blue spiky hair, green eyes, and a user of a pair of spectacles. Jarel, blonde pony-tail hair, and green eyes. Oh and, all of them have perfect straight teeth, nice!

After awhile of chattering with the brothers...

"Slam!" The door of the room barged open from what sound like a kick from someone. It managed to attract all out attention.

"Chloe!" Rick shouted as he ran towards the bed I'm on.

"You're ok!" He hugged me.

"Could you guys leave me for abit? I want to talk to her privately" Rick asked.

"Sure dude" The boys answered as they started leaving the room.

"So, why did you ask them to leave?" I asked.

"Well, I need to tell you something" Rick replied. "Ever since I met you, I was really curious about you. Your attitude was something I was curious about. The fact that you were so rude and so afraid of everyone to the point that you beat up others just worries me. But now that you changed, I'm happy for you. In the end, I finally got my feelings together and, I... I love you..."

My heart fluttered as those three words came out of his mouth. "I love you" I wanted to hear those words for a long time. I'm tearing up...

"Chloe, what's wrong? You're crying"

"I... I love you too, Rick!" I got those words out of my mouth.

Rick smiled and leaned in for a kiss. I accepted and we were in a relationship.

"But is this really ok?" I asked. "I mean, we are siblings"

"That doesn't matter Chloe. No matter what, our love is stronger than anything I won't ever let you go!"

"That's all I needed to hear" I hugged him.


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