Nurturing Humanity Chapter 1425

Chapter 1425: Figure New Suspicion

At this moment, Tuxin seemed to realize some crisis.

His whole brain is calculating again, "Are you still here waiting for me? How did you do it?"

Xu Zhi shook his head, what is this waiting for you?

This is obvious.

"I don't understand."

The saints in the distance looked very surprised and couldn't help saying: "He has survived twenty-eight major collapses now, and he has mastered the technique of avoidance. It is terrible, I'm afraid I really can't trap him!"

"Not necessarily."

At this time, Rong Orange's eyes flickered, and he said, "Di Zun clearly knows that although Tuxin can escape this collapse, it only reduces a lot of loss, not without loss.

This is at most, it is the state that made him resist a few times, but now he can carry it dozens of times...

What's more, there are not necessarily dozens of times, because the vortex is getting more and more condensed, the strength of the collapse is getting lower and lower, the purity is getting higher and higher, the suction is getting bigger and bigger, and Tuxin is still dying. "

As a longevity saint, his vision is naturally not low.

"Also, every collapse is fusion and condensing. Twenty-eight times are already terrifying. I'm afraid that more than 30 times will really approach a part of the true singularity power, approaching the real'Genesis'. Dharma is the real completion!" Tuxin said: "The destructiveness it brings is what obliterates everything."

Everyone got goosebumps.

Is the power so terrifying now, or is it still in the stage of gaining momentum? Or is it using continuous collapse and explosion to condense the singularity? What kind of earth-shattering will it be when the real Taoism is completed?

"Also, right now, I dont know what is gestating, the phantom is becoming more and more obvious! If this Dao method is completely completed, the phantom will come from a certain time and space! With the Dao method, it will come to us universe!"

He can also feel that mysterious phantom is condensing, very curious and heavy, afraid that there is a big secret hidden in it!

Everyone's breathing is sudden.

the other side.

"Interesting, do you still want to kill me?"

The new action stopped and said with interest: "I thought I broke your calculations, but I didn't expect you to have a second level of calculations. I didn't really break the game?"

Tuxin originally thought that the opponent was relying on this technique to live longer than him here, delaying time and grinding him to death.

But now, the opponent is still delaying time.

This also means that the other party has really advanced and mysterious means to avoid singularities! !

His current method has been transformed into another singularity. Using the singularity to fight against the singularity still consumes a lot of physical energy, and the other party's real method does not need to consume any physical energy at all to be confident?

"The picture is new, you guessed it, I still have real singularity avoidance skills, procrastinate, anyway, it is not me who died."

Xu Zhi said lightly.

"Oh? I won't pretend this time." Tuxin sneered: "Have you finally told the truth? Did you stop acting?"

Xu Zhi was silent.

This sentence is a lie...

Does he have a real way to completely avoid the singularity? He still resisted.

This world is really wonderful.

Telling the truth by myself, I was considered to be telling lies.

When I tell lies, I am considered to be telling the truth...

at this time.

Although Xu Zhi also consumes a lot of energy, it is also a desperate situation for him here. He is slowly rubbed to death by the big mill, but he has a secret door that can contact the outside to send energy...

"Don't blame me for just counting."

Xu Zhi is not stupid. On the contrary, he has a clear mind and made the best coping method. He said in his heart: "With the lessons learned just now, they will only think that I still have some mysterious skills this time. Getting more advanced.... I can take this opportunity to grind the other side upright."

"Is it possible to reveal the true details of my being the "Creation God", I can kill two birds with one stone."

Xu Zhi shook his head, his body was very honest, "If I can kill him in the simplest way, how can I fight such an unreasonable monster?

Soldiers dont use blood, but they use tactics to calculate death. In the eyes of other saints, they are the real bull! Because they were defeated in life and death, I have a chance to win without having to do it.

...What's more, my miracle technique really didn't perform, and I really couldn't beat it...My energy level is still two meters, they are countless light years. "

Xu Zhi feels that this new miraculous martial arts of the "Nine Revolutions Xuan Gong" is not ordinary difficult.

is far more difficult than the miracle martial arts deduced by others before.

I am not a monster like Tuxin who is constantly opening up new systems. I have a lot of knowledge and calculations, but the ability to develop new martial arts is really not good.

is like a supercomputer. It is not groundbreaking and will only stick to the rules and integrate and deduct based on existing knowledge.

"Is that so?"

But at this time, Tuxin calmed down again, "You are really intertwined, two dead ends? In that case, I can deduct the life-saving method once and then perform the second time. Why is it difficult?

"There can be no other way."

The emperor shook his head. Although there is not enough level to open the way, he still has this vision. "The singularity is the highest power. You can't use the power to transcend the singularity, or a way to avoid the singularity... "

As soon as the words fell, the other beings also reacted immediately.

The first method is already on the ceiling, and it is even the only method, the singularity against the singularity, even the eleventh order in the universe, the orthodox way to escape the collapse of the universe!

How could there be other ways?

"In theory, it should be so, but there must be other ways, as if it was created. If you can do it, I can do it!" Tuxin looked very heavy, turned his head to look, and the next big collapse is about to begin. .


The universe has returned again, collapsed twenty-nine times, and it is still much more powerful than the last time.

"Method, method..." Tuxin took a deep breath and took the lead in turning into a singularity, trying to reduce the loss of strength, and while resisting, he was also deducing other methods.

In the distance, Emperor Zun also learned his method, turning his jerky movements into half-singularity resistance.

"A really cunning guy. Even the movements that turn into singularities, he pretends to be extremely unskilled, as rough as me, for fear that I will find a way from him." Tu Xin took a deep breath.

The universe collapses and returns, and death and rebirth are just moments.

This time the collapse is over.

Tuxin and Emperor Zun seem to be much more proficient in the application ~wuxiaworld.online~ They have mastered the way to become a singularity, but they are still very tired.

Soon, the thirtieth singularity opened.

Tuxin has been completely unable to support it. Although it can reduce its strength, it still causes great loss.

"How did he do it!"

Tuxin looked at the energetic Emperor Zun, his eyes fixed, trying to find a trace of flaws, but after carefully observing the whole process, he still did not find any abnormalities in the Emperor Zun.

"He may be in a position that I can't observe, and there are some small movements, and I have been staring at him the whole time, and the time when I can't observe him is very short. There is only a moment, that is, the singularity completely collapsed and formed, until the big explosion. For a while..." Tuxin frowned.

At that moment, the singularity completely condensed, and the surroundings turned into terrifying black suction, as if covered with a layer of black sky, and even the light no longer existed.

That was the most terrifying moment. He was fighting hard, so it was naturally impossible to watch the Emperor.

He couldn't help but have a doubt, "Before that moment, he made a resisting action, but is he really resisting?"

"He will not directly enter the singularity, right?" He had an incredible thought.

But I think it's impossible.

appeared in the singularity, instantly became the most primitive cosmic material structure, was completely shattered, turned into the most chaotic initial matter, and it was impossible to survive inside.

:. :

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