Nurturing Humanity Chapter 1424

Chapter 1424: Emperor So Lonely

the truth?

The new picture is slightly startled.

After thinking for a while, he sighed with emotion and a look of sympathy, and said softly: "Yes, the truth is always known to a few people. Other people's computing power is too low, and their wisdom is too low. You hide in a group of low IQs. Among the monkeys, has always been very hard, right?"

His voice is full of domineering,

"Just like me, I once wandered among the heavens and worlds of this lower civilization, lurking and walking in secret, and I felt lonely, like a primate standing among a group of lower apes."

"You may feel the same way, your brain and wisdom can be comparable to us, and they are not a species at all, you are prehistoric creatures, you can see the loneliness among them."

"You have lurked for endless years. Until today, I am your true confidant. Only I can understand you and master the truth of this world with you."

The saints around, the players also looked at the emperor, feeling numb in their hearts.

Especially the players, I feel deeply.

"No wonder, Emperor Zun always looks at us with a mentally handicapped look." A player spoke,

"Even looking at the speed of our brain and genius-Akina Mountain, we always look at the mentally retarded look." Another player said.

"It turns out that it was not the same species as us at the beginning. There have been clues before. No wonder our eyes are different. Our subtle reasoning about ancient history and calculations are ignored." Another player said in a low voice.

"Yes, thinking about it now, the talents of Emperor Zun are really terrifying! Even the martial arts that six brains can learn together, he can also master! This kind of wisdom is the ultimate creature that far exceeds the limit of human beings. Hidden from the beginning."

Some people have already noticed that the emperor possessed the enormous wisdom of the Great Universe Cultivation Technique from the very beginning. As early as when they were still developing the eighth-order gods and the ninth-order enlightened, they had mastered the eleventh-order horror martial arts, but they were very hidden. hard.

"Di Zun, who has always been in this environment, often feels lonely because his IQ is incompatible with us."

They didn't understand Emperor Zun very well before.

I just know that this existence is very domineering, calculating the sky, and having an attitude of not entering the world.

is far from Caroline, Emperor Qi, and the Three Pillars of God... these beings have a human touch, and they often come into contact with them, personally, and dominate their own extraordinary world.

Di Zun has always been ignoring affairs, giving people a sense of transcendence that is not like this dimension, like an immortal, an unrealistic feeling of flying away from them at any time, usually Meng Po is dealing with affairs.

"Think about it, the original feeling is really so, there is nothing wrong with it, in the eyes of others, we are not one-dimensional at all."

These players are still very keen, but the direction of guessing is a bit shifted.

"Now, through Tuxin, an equally wise existence against the sky, talking with the emperor, and reading his heart, only then can I understand some of the mysteries hidden by the emperor."

"The hidden truth, the real life experience of the emperor, reveals a mysterious corner!"

After hearing what these players said, he was already confused, thinking that her husband was such a person, who has been so lonely, and may have something to do with the prehistoric universe...

Just when everyone else was secretly surprised, Tuxin's words still didn't stop.

"The truth is always grasped by a few people, just like the martial arts of the return of the singularity in front of you! There are only you and me in this universe."

"Your wisdom is very against the sky, your calculating sword goes slanting, and I can feel your loneliness."

Tuxin stared at the emperor with a cold face.

The emperor lingered in chaos, already showing a tendency to collapse, full of courageous courage, and the more he looked at it, the more he admired it. At this time, he was in intrigue with him, and he was naturally no ordinary person.

Tuxin couldn't help but said with emotion: "Your personality charm is very amazing, a generation of heroes, even if I am your opponent, I also admire you."

"Absolute praise."

Emperor Zun smiled.

"But." His tone was extremely calm, but the **** feeling of killing was vaguely revealed. "We are in different positions after all. We have to stand on different patterns. We are destined to be deadly enemies..."

With his hands on his back, he has the attitude of a master, and said coldly:

"I thought those longevity saints were my biggest opponents, but I couldn't think of others! You are the biggest enemy of this variable in the general trend of the universe. I will give you what I said to them before, from the prehistoric universe. The ancient and decadent exist, no matter what your goals are, please stop and let the universe develop naturally with the general trend..."

He, earnestly bowed, clasped his fist and said:

"Your Excellency, at this moment, die for the future of the world!!!"

"Forgive me for not being able to do it." Emperor Zun sighed softly and admired the picture in front of him from his heart. "I admit that this is a worm of the universe, which will bring some kind of disaster to the universe, erode it, and destroy the general trend of the universe. Turn the unknown direction..."

"Please, fall for the common people of the world!!" Tuxin roared.


fell with a sound, and the sky broke and the earth cracked.

Tuxin didn't say a word, and suddenly punched.

Before , he was in the turbulent turbulence of Genesis, his actions were difficult, and he couldn't perform ninety-nine percent of his strength.

But now that he has mastered a part of the laws and powers of the singularity, it can be said that at the realm level, he has reached the real weak eleventh-order realm understanding, and his perception of the singularity ~wuxiaworld.online~ allows him to regain his power greatly .

In the whirlpool, there is a vague sense of the vigorous fish swimming in the fierce tsunami, riding the wind and the waves to kill.


The new voice is low and low, just like thunder.

This punch has an absolute killing intent, as if the sympathy just now is an illusion.

In fact, it is Tuxins greatest respect to shoot with all his strength.

What's more, he believes that this kind of terrible enemy who does not know the depth can not reach this blow without the means.

"It's useless, you learned the martial arts of the singularity, and I also learned..." The emperor's figure floated gently, and the vortex swayed away, "Outside you can easily kill me, but in Its different here. The huge body energy level makes you equally oppressed... you cant catch up with me."

This punch fell on Xu Zhi, hitting a vellus-like fungus, Xu Zhi would definitely die.

But the battlefield in the vortex is enough to give Xu Paper room to pull.

"Why did you escape?"

Tuxin has a sharp face, full of ferocity, "This whirlpool can no longer kill me. We must have a battle."

"I didn't run away, but I'm still deducing my miraculous martial arts, please wait a moment." Emperor Zun said lightly: "Besides, can this whirlpool really kill you? Not necessarily, just use the rough power you have now. ..."

When 's words fell, Tuxin's expression suddenly sank.

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