New World New Life Chapter 149

149 Blushing

Dygo was relaxing in the warm water when he realised that the sliding doors were open as the light from the room had shone into the hot spring. When he turned to look into the room, his jaw dropped.

What were these people doing in his room?

He turned to look at the closest person to him, who was Yuna, the nice fox lady who had guided him to his room three days ago. He then turned to look at the other people who had entered the room after her. Standing by the low table near the door was a familiar face.

Had they met before?

As his memories came back to him, Dygo remembered who it was! But she seemed to look different from the previous time they had met. He immediately stood up and pointed at Vy. As his naked body emerged from the water, Vy quickly shielded both her eyes and Lycster's.

This made Dygo immediately aware that he was not wearing any clothes.

If he could, he would be blushing right now.

He swiftly took the yukata that he had folded and placed at the edge of the pool, stepped out of the water and put it on.

Now clothed, he turned back around and cleared his throat before he spoke, "May I know what you're all doing in my room?"

Yuna was brought back to her senses and immediately bowed deeply to both Dygo and Vyrena, "My sincerest apologies! I brought you to the wrong room. My apologies, Sir Dygo, we did not mean to intrude on your room. My apologies Lady Vyrena, I don't know what happened. This was the assigned room"

Vy could tell Yuna was flustered and Yoon quickly came over to apologise to all of them as well.

"You're Vyrena, Vyrena Blackfire, right?" Dygo asked.

Vy looked up at Dygo and smiled, "Yes, what a coincidence for us to meet here, Dygo."

Acknowledging the awkward circumstance, both of them started laughing.

Dygo noticed that Yuna and Yoon were flustered and uncertain about how things should proceed. After all, it was uncommon for rooms to be mixed up like this at Yama Yoma.

"Yuna, why don't you and Yoon go find out what happened. Miss Blackfire and the boy can stay in my room for the time being while they wait," Dygo said.

"Thank you, Sir Dygo, we will take care of this, at once," Yuna replied with a bow before she and Yoon took their leave.

They assured Vy that they would find them a room and apologise again for the mix-up. Yoon came in with a tray of light snacks and a hot pot of tea for them to enjoy while they wait. Vy thanked Yoon for the thoughtfulness and proceeded to pour each of them a cup of tea.

As the door closed behind them, Vy picked up her cup and took a sip. The earthy aroma of the tea brought a smile to her face. It was good tea. Lycster too took a sip of the tea. It was really hot so he blew on it before taking a sip.

For quite some time, no one said a word.

"So," Dygo said as he picked up one of the light snacks from the plate, "what brings you here?"

There was so much she wanted to say, but where would she begin?

"It's a long story," Vy sighed, "But we heard that Yama Yoma was famous for its healing hot springs so we decided to come here."

Dygo nodded; that made sense.

"What about you? What brought you here?" Vy asked.

She could never quite tell what Dygo was thinking just based on his expressions because nothing on his face would give her any clues. But she could still hear his heartbeat. Which was also a little surprising, to begin with.

Thinking back, it had been a while since they last met. Thinking about it, also brought back memories of Elette.

Dygo explained that he had been coming to Yama Yoma every so often for it's healing hot springs as well.

"My work takes me places and it is also more physically demanding. So it's good to soak in the healing springs here." Dygo replied.

He noticed the bandage on Vy's right eye. Not to mention Lycster's lack of a right arm. Did something happen to them since they last met? But Dygo did not want to pry into it either. It was not his place to do so.

He decided to ask something else instead.

"The little girl, is she doing well?"

The moment those words came out of his mouth, Dygo realised the change in both of their expressions. The eye contact they had disappeared. Vy shifted uncomfortably as her eyes darted to the side.

She took a sip of her tea and took in a deep breath while Lycster looked down, staring at his cup. But Vy knew well enough there was no point in hiding the truth. As much as she wanted to escape from it, what had happened; happened.

"She's not around anymore," Vy muttered.

Dygo's jaw dropped a little.

Vy took in a deep breath before she finished her cup of tea. She then proceeded to tell Dygo how that fateful night went down. How everything played out. When Vy finished telling the tale, she felt as if a little bit of weight lifted off her shoulders.

But the pain that she felt over the loss still remained.

Dygo listened to the entire story, he did not say anything. Although he had known the girl only for a short period of time, he could not believe that she was gone just like that. Yet as he felt no emotion in his heart. He had not felt much of anything in a long long time.

But a small piece of emotion did ignite in him. He wanted to find out who this Viviana person was. Despite his lack of human emotions, even he knew using a child as a shield was unacceptable.

"I'll make it up to her," Vy said to herself as she tightened her grip on the cup.

Lycster reached out to touch her hand and said, "We'll make it up to her."

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