New Age Of Summoners Chapter 99

89 Mercenary Guild Market Square

"It's time to take a look at the market square of the mercenary guild", With that thought, he changed into a neat set of a blue robe with a white border on it.

When he was about to leave the building of the Hazegroove squad, he met Paulin, Lewis, and Jeff who were talking about something.

"Hey guys, what are talking about so seriously in the morning without inviting me?", Ajax jokingly inquired about what they are talking about.

"Hi, Ajax, we are just about to call you but you were already here saving some time for us", Lewis excitedly started speaking.

"Looking for me? What for?", Ajax puzzled and asked Lewis and others.

"We were planning to go to the market square for the monthly auction conducted solely by the Mercenary guild and coincidentally today is also the market day of the square which is why we were hoping to try our luck in today's auction and wanted to ask you to join us", Paulin gave a smack on Lewis's head and explained clearly about their plans for today.

"Actually, I am also planning to go to the market square, so let's all go together", AJax agreed instantly to their plan as he was also looking for the materials and the pill recipe anyway.

'If lady luck smiles on me, I can collect one or two treasures from the auction', Ajax knows that with the number of spirit stones in his space ring he can easily gather one or two treasures even after purchasing his ingredients and pill recipe.

Soon they left the residence building and reached the Market square.

The market square is a square meant for trading, in which a market is held. It is an important feature of many towns and cities around the world. A market square is an open area where market stalls are traditionally set out for trading, commonly on one particular day of the week known as market day.

The market square in the goldcrest town is established by the Mercenary guild to exchange the items between the fellow cultivators and it is strictly maintained by the guild.

Anywhere in the world, as long as any valuable treasure is exchanged between the hands of the cultivators, the one who is in the possession of that valuable treasure will become the target for every cultivator. That's the common rule of the market squares.

But in this market square, no one will even think about harming others much less killing them just because of the Mercenary guild backing all the rogue cultivators that entered the market square.

Furthermore, it is maintained by three peak elite general realm cultivators of the mercenary guild who will take turns to watch over the market square 24x7.

"Huh? Why are the guards over there are collecting spirit stones from the cultivators", Ajax asked as he was never went to the market square before.

"This is your first time coming here, right?", Lewis started bragging as he was the owner of the market square.

Soon, among the many useless things Lewis spoke, Ajax found some useful things.

Every cultivator has to pay an entry fee of 100 spirit stones but if one is a mercenary they are exempt from the entry fee and can directly enter the market square just by showing their mercenary badge.

Ajax and others showed their Hazegroove squad mercenary badges which gave some respect from the guards stationed at the entrance and the surrounding cultivators.

Hazegroove mercenary squad is the squad that rose to fame in a very short amount of time and the one who is responsible for the rise of the fame to it is Edmond Hazegroove, who appeared 3 years back and single-handedly lead his mercenary squad to one of the top squads. So everyone respected the Squad and its Captain.

"Wow", After entering the market square, Ajax looked at the neatly arranged stalls and shops and exclaimed in awe.

"Auction will not start until 30 minutes, so let's stroll all the stalls and shops to try our luck with any of the items", Paulin suggested to everyone, to check all the shops in the market square.

"Let's go there then", Ajax pointed to the nearby Pill store as he required the ingredients for the rank 1 pill and its recipe.

"Sure", Everyone agreed and went into the no-name pill store.

The no-name pill store is managed by an old man with long carry bags under his eyes.

"Hello, young ones, what do you want to purchase, Pills, medicinal ingredients, cauldrons everything, we have everything in our store", The old man with carry bags politely asked his customers.

"Do you have any rank 1 pill recipes?", Ajax asked politely as a reply.

"Yes, we have many rank 1 pill recipes, which one do you want?", The old man didn't expect the young men before him, needed a rank one pill recipe but nevertheless he politely asked what type of the pill recipe, he needed.

"Huh, any breakthrough pill recipes will do", Ajax just wanted to try his hand at alchemy, not to dedicate his entire life to it. So, he just asked the most common breakthrough pill recipes.

"Sure, wait for a second", The old man searched him space ring for a second, before taking out one jade slip.

"This is one of the most common rank 1 pill recipes and it is called level breaking pill", The old man introduced the pill recipe name and continued explaining, "This is very easy to refine and it only required three ingredients".

After explaining the old man gave the jade slip to Ajax.

"How much is it?", Ajax asked after checking its contents.

"Hmm", After thinking for a moment, the old man replied, "1000 spirit stones".

"Hey, old man, it's a daylight robbery. You are asking 1000 spirit stones for a copied paper, we will give no more than 100 spirit coins", Lewis shouted loudly and placed 100 spirit stones on the counter.

"Deal", the old man took the spirit stones on the counter without any hesitation and accepted the deal.


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