New Age Of Summoners Chapter 98

88 Learning Alchemy

Soon, he opened the system quest tab to look at the available missions.


Mission 1

Refine a batch of any rank 1 alchemy pills.


A Fire control alchemy refinement technique (Basic).

Time limit:- 7 days

Danger rating:- 'C'

Mission 2

Upgrade an Elemental spirit to a commander realm by any means possible.


A chance to draw a reward from the lottery.

Time limit:- 3 days

Danger rating:- No danger

Mission 3

Successfully contract an official Elemental spirit.


Depends on the type of Elemental spirit

Time limit:- 3 weeks

Danger rating:- 'A'

Ajax saw the three missions in the quest tab.

One mission, which very easy and there is no danger in it. That is upgrading any Elemental spirit.

"Since I already have an extra commander realm elemental spirit stone, it's not a problem for me to get a chance to draw a reward from the lottery.", Ajax simply shook his head the no danger rating mission, which is just giving a chance to draw a reward from the lottery.

But, he decided to upgrade Necros in a desolate place to avoid the commotion caused by the upgrade. So, he looked over another mission that has only 'C', danger rating to it.

"Tsk, the reward that mission is somewhat bad", Ajax didn't like the rewards, nevertheless he didn't give up the mission and decided to start learning it.

"Although, it's time taking to learn Alchemy, it's better to learn how to make my own pills instead of buys them at a very high price", Ajax convinced himself to learn Alchemy.

Another reason, he wanted to learn Alchemy is, in the future, the quest tab will likely to give more Alchemy missions with better rewards, so it's better to learn in his leisure time.

Finally, he looked at Mission 3, which has a danger rating of 'A' and will help him break through to the next level if he accomplishes it with a good rating. If he can achieve an 'S' rating in that mission accomplishment, he can have a multiple level-up.

"It says I have to form a contract with an official Elemental spirit in three weeks around the time of my birthday", Ajax thought back to the words of the system about the official contract.

"According to the system, I will enter the Elemental Spirit world on my birthday, until then I will complete the easy missions then", Ajax pondered for some time and decided to finish the easy mission before bothering with the 'A' danger rating mission.

After settling everything, he decided to sleep as he was tired after awakening his bloodline decided to plan the pill-making mission the next day after waking up from his sleep.

He showered and wore the night robes before going to eat the ordered food from the outside with the rest of the Hazegroove squad members.

Edmond raised his brows when he saw theAjax who seemed to change greatly front he time he returned from the inheritance ground.

'And he seemed to change a little bit from yesterday when I saw his battle with Paulin', Edmond liked the change in the Ajax who is much livelier than before but he didn't ask him anything about his fortuitous encounters in the solo mission he went earlier.

Soon, all the squad members gathered and started eating, playing jokes on one another. Mostly on Lewis who acted Tsundere.

After eating, everyone went into their own rooms to rest or cultivate as they want.

Next day early morning,

"Offfoooo", taking a deep breath, Ajax started planning about the Alchemy mission

"Step 1:- Learn the basics of Alchemy.

Step 2:- Procure the pill recipe of rank 1 pill.

Step 3:- Gather materials required for making the pill.

Step 4:- Practice until successful."

Ajax carefully planned all the steps for his mission of pill making.

"First step 1, learning basics", He quickly took out the Basic Alchemy Book from the inventory


Item name:- Basic Alchemy Book

Description:- Contains detailed information on various rank 1 and rank 2 herbs along with how to identify them.

Rating:- Excellent.

"An Excellent rating item is it that good?", Ajax didn't think much about the book yesterday when he received from the lottery but after seeing its rating, his anger towards the system decreased.


Do you wish to learn the content on the Basic Alchemy Book?

As he tried to open the book to see what its insides look like, he got a system notification happy him even happier.

"Yes", Ajax nodded swiftly without wasting any time.


To learn, the host needs to spend 1000 units of the essence of nature.

Do you wish to proceed with the consumption fo the essence of nature?

"Yes", Ajax already knows there is no free lunch in the world, so he agreed instantly as he already accumulated the essence of nature for the past three days from cultivating with the spirit stones.

Also, he thought it's better to learn instantly by using the essence of nature rather than trying to waste a lot of time by remembering all the herbs' names and their images just by reading.

Ajax felt a small sting of pain in his head as though some type of foreign information is entering into his head forcefully.

Although it is painful, Ajax who even endured the bone-cracking pain form the energy orbs two times and the pain from the 18 mysterious body postures, felt nothing but just a sting which didn't hurt him much.


1000 units of the essence of nature are consumed.


The host has successfully learned the content from the Basic Alchemy Book.


Congratulations on becoming an Alchemy apprentice.

"Since step 1 is completed smoothly, now for step 2 and step 3", Ajax proceeded to step 2 and step 3 which require him to procure a pill recipe and the required materials for that pill recipe.

"It's time to take a look at the market square of the mercenary guild", With that thought, he changed into a neat set of a blue robe with a white border on it.


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