New Age Of Summoners Chapter 96

87 Abyssal Bloodline


Consumed one attempt and the reward for the host is been drawing, Please wait a moment.


Congratulations to the host for drawing out Mid-level fire element spirit stone.

"Finally, the system is showing its true colors", Ajax shook his head and sighed but didn't curse at the system because he has another attempt to roll in the lottery.

Usually the spirit stones, they were using until now are all low-level spirit stones.

Ajax knew that one Mid-level spirit stone is equivalent to 1000 low-level spirit stones.

Due to the less essence of nature in the Zrochester Province, mid-level spirit stones are rare to find, but they are not non-existent.

"What if it is equivalent to 1000 low-level spirit stones, the last thing I want now is spirit stones", Ajax sighed at the system cruelty.

From all the killings, the escort mission from Uncle Ryan, and the longevity fruit mission, Ajax now has more than 30,000 low-level spirit stones, so he sighed at the mid-level spirit stone that was drawn out of the lottery.

"Ok system, please use my last attempt", steeling his heart, he finally used his last chance to draw a reward.


Consumed one chance and the reward for the host is been drawing, Please wait a moment.


Congratulations to the host for drawing out a Commander realm elemental spirit stone (Dark-type)

"Hahahahaha, I know, the system will not fight with me for cursing", Ajax was happy and laughed loudly as he finally got the satisfying reward.

"Now, Necros will become a commander realm elemental spirit", Ajax instantly thought when he saw the dark type after the commander realm elemental spirit stone.

Undead is the sub-type of the Dark category, so the only elemental spirit under him who can use this stone is Necros, the undead elemental spirit.

But Ajax didn't upgrade Necros immediately, if he upgraded Necros here, it will definitely raise a commotion in the building which he doesn't want, so he stored the elemental spirit stone in the inventory and focused on the bloodline.

"System, am I in the perfect condition to awaken a bloodline", Ajax inquired the system as he doesn't want to become a fool like last time.


The host is in perfect condition and ready to awaken the bloodline.

Please select the bloodline you want to awaken.

"Awaken Draconic Bloodline", Ajax already thought about the bloodline he wants to awaken, so without any hesitation, he selected Draconic Bloodline.


The host chose theerr ger er er

An error occurred in the selection of the bloodline,


Awakening the Abyssal Bloodline, please withstand the pain from awakening the bloodline.

"What?", Before Ajax can even know what is happening, he experienced extreme pain all over the body.

His blood started to boil and became extremely hot.

Thin wisps of smoke came out from his pores of the body.

"Its hot, hot. My body is on fire", Ajax was unable to bear the scorching heat from his blood and screamed but controlled his voice to not let anyone hear him scream.

After a few moments of experiencing scorching heat, his blood became much thicker than before.


Congratulation to the host for successfully awakening the Abyssal bloodline.

Only when the much-awaited notification rang in his head, he felt the scorching heat disappear from his newly thickened blood, and as a result, he relaxed falling on his comfortable bed.

"System, why dd you awaken the Abyssal Bloodline when I clearly selected the Draconic Bloodline or you are taking revenge for cursing you?", Ajax angrily asked the system for awakening the wrong bloodline and making his bear the scorching heat for the bloodline he doesn't want.


Sorry for the inconvenience caused to the host. There was a glitch in the system for a second there?


When the host selected the bloodline, there was some error due to an upgrade in the system earlier.


But the error is now solved, so the host need not worry about any glitches or errors in the future.

Hearing the system words, Ajax puzzled and thought that the system did that change in the bloodline awakening for his earlier cursing.

"So, can you change it back to Draconic Bloodline?", Ajax asked the system with a smug look on his face.


It's impossible to change a bloodline once a bloodline is awakened.

"Hmm", Ajax already didn't have much hope that the system can change the already awakened bloodline, so he just nodded his head in the response to the system's answer.

"Let me see my awakened bloodline now", Ajax ordered the system as his old self.


Abyssal bloodline (level 1)

Description:- A powerful summoning bloodline, which will increase the powers of all the beings (Elemental spirits and Spirit beasts) that are contracted with the user and receive a boost in their fighting strength by a twofold.

Side effect:- If the user is not focused when he used this bloodline, there is a chance of user turning insane and may die

Conditions to level up:-

1) 6000 units of the essence of nature.

2) Level 1 of the elite commander realm in any of the body cultivation or the spirit cultivation.

3) At least 3 contracted elemental spirits or spirit beasts.(official or unofficial)

"I wonder leveling up the bloodline may decrease the side effects ", Ajax hoped that level 2 of the bloodline should remove that side effect when he saw the conditions to level up the bloodline to level 2.

"Whatever, I should be careful when activating this Abyssal Bloodline, otherwise ..", Ajax didn't complete the sentence as he knew what will happen if things went south.


Some new missions are able in the quest tab, please check it.

Amidst his thinking, he got the expected notification from the system about missions.

It is expected because he has to complete the missions with a good rating to level up if there is no mission, then how he will level up in his condition.

Soon, he opened the system quest tab to look at the available missions.


Mission 1:-


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