New Age Of Summoners Chapter 95

86 System Upgraded And New System Feature


The System Upgrade complete.


Adjusting the various system features and others according to the host preference, please wait.


All adjustments are done, Now the host can check the features


New system feature is now available, please check it out.

As soon as the system upgrade completed, Ajax checked his details which he missed to check after breaking through to the commander realm instead of the new system feature.


Name:- Ajax

Race:- Human

Spirit consciousness:- 1000 units/6000 units

Body cultivation:- Level 1 commander realm

Spirit cultivation:- Level 1 commander realm (locked)

Cultivation techniques:- Heaven and Earth elemental refining technique, Mysterious spirit cultivation technique, Cloud steps movement technique.

Contracted Elemental spirits

Unofficial elemental spirits:- 4

Official elemental spirits:-0

Spirit beasts

Contracted spirit beasts:- 1

Non-contracted spirit beasts:- 1

Artifacts:- Bloodlust spear(low grade), Sigmis pendant (Mid grade).

The system features:-User interface, inventory, inner world, quest tab, and Lottery.

The holographic screen in front of him looked way cooler than before the upgrade which is more colorful.

Ajax already knows about his cultivation levels, so he directly looked at his contracted elemental spirits section which is now divided into official and unofficial spirits.

Just like the elemental spirits, his spirit beasts section also divided into contracted and Non-contracted beasts with one in each section.

There is no change in the artifacts section, so he directly examined his new system feature 'Lottery'.


The system feature:- Lottery

Number of attempts left:- 3

Description:- A system feature that totally depends on the luck to get a reward from the system randomly. The attempts c to roll the lottery are gained from some mission rewards or breakthrough and some other things which the host has to reveal on his own.

Note:-Please don't curse at the system if you get some worst reward.

"What the new system is a lottery?", Ajax froze when he saw the new feature is totally in the hands of the system as he cursed the system many times recently and feared that the system will give him some worst rewards after seeing the system note.

"Oh, Almighty System, don't stoop too low with this mortal kid and play with my life", Ajax prayed the system hoping that it will not play with his rewards when he uses his attempts in the lottery.


The system doesn't have anything in its hands, the reward drawn is automatic and it is entirely based on the sheer luck.

"Huh?", Ajax didn't believe it entirely but proceeded to check more details of the new version of the system.


The level up conditions from the commander realm are changed but the host can level up his contracted spirit beasts and elemental spirits which are below commander realm can be leveled up with the essence of nature that is required for them to breakthrough.

"What? Why did it change and how I am going to level up from now on?", Ajax was very quick to ask his worries.


Commander realm is an important realm for both body cultivators and spirit cultivators, so it is required for the host to do some hard work in order to dominate the higher level cultivators with lesser cultivation.


As for how to level up is by doing missions from the quest tab.


For every 'A' rating mission accomplishment, the host can level up one minor realm,

For 'A+' rating, two levels increment, and If the host managed to accomplish the mission with the 'S' rating, then he can level up by 5 minor realms.

Note:- Mission danger rating should be 'B' or above.

A lengthy explanation was shown in front of him on the holographic screen.

'Although it's a little bit troublesome, it is not a bad thing to do a mission and accomplishing it with a higher rating will reward me more levels', Ajax thought about the new conditions which are exciting than before which required to just accumulate the essence of nature and breaking through.

"Then, is it possible to get any additional rewards other than level-ups like some treasures?", Ajax suddenly thought of a question and asked the system about it.


Yes, the level-ups is not included in the rewards of the missions shown in the quest tab. Every mission has its own rewards, so the host doesn't need to bother about the rewards.

Ajax relaxed a little when he heard that there will be rewards just like before. And finally thought about the bloodlines.

But before awakening the bloodline, he wanted to test his luck in the lottery.

"System, use one attempt in the lottery", Ajax politely asked the system with an innocent voice rather than his usual command.


Do you want to use one attempt in the lottery, Please confirm once again?

"Yes", Ajax thought that the upgraded system has added the confirmation before consuming anything, so he just asked 'Yes' in a polite way.


Consumed one attempt and the reward for the host is been drawing, Please wait a moment.


Congratulations to the host for drawing out a Basic Alchemy book.


Do you want it?

"What? An alchemy book?", Ajax was neither excited nor dejected.

Alchemy is also a profession that is as old as summoning. Although in the course of the time, many top-grade alchemy techniques were lost, some of them were preserved and many techniques were created from the preserved alchemy techniques albeit, they are only degraded version.

If anyone wants to reach the peak of the alchemy profession, they need to dedicate their whole life to it without wasting any time cultivating their martial techniques.

Although they can create pills that can increase their cultivation levels, it is not useful in the long run.

Ajax knew all these things about the Alchemy profession from the Elder Boron who used to say about the different professions in his free time.

So Ajax was not very much interested in the Basic Alchemy book.

Storing the book in his inventory, he used another attempt in the lottery.


Consumed one attempt and the reward for the host is been drawing, Please wait a moment.


Congratulations to the host for drawing out...


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