New Age Of Summoners Chapter 94

85 Caprice Carr

After exhausting himself with the 18 body postures, he thought back to the mysterious seed he got from the crate in the final phase of the inheritance ground.

"No wonder, Captain Edmond don't know, when it was not even known by the Summoner King who reached the peak of the King realm", Ajax took out the mysterious seed and observed it carefully.

Earlier when Edmond was explaining about the Champion's contest, Ajax asked him about this small mysterious seed that he found in the inheritance ground.

Edmond examined it for a while however he didn't manage to find which tree's seed is it and shook his head giving back the seed to Ajax.

"Whatever, let's study it in the future", Ajax tried all kinds of experiments with the seed but still unable to grow the sapling much less a tree and finally threw it into the Inner World.

All his elemental spirits are cultivating in the Inner world.

Whereas his spirit beasts, Lightning Dragon Hawk is healing its wounds and it is now in a much better condition than before and Twilight Destructive Dragon is sleeping without a care in the world.

He only has one unit of the essence of nature in his Spirit Consciousness, so he soon started his cultivation.

In the evening, Paulin and Ajax came to an open ground behind the squad building to spar.

"Ajax, shall we start now?", Paulin who has the cultivation of level 6 commander realm asked Ajax.

"Anytime", Ajax replied with a confident look.

'Swoosh swoosh'

Ajax started the first move with his Spatial blades but with only 10 units of the essence of energy.

"If you want to do some damage you need to more than that Ajax", within moments, Paulin's entire body is covered with a steel layer that deflected the spatial blades with ease.

"I know that, brother paulin. That's why I prepared this for you", Ajax who was 15 meters away from Paulin, reached him when Paulin was looking at the deflected spatial blades.


Ajax kicked Paulin with only 80 percent of his strength.

Although Paulin defended the kick with his arm, he staggered 5-6 meters back from the impact of the kick.

"That's powerful", Paulin got shocked by seeing the strength of Ajax who is only level 1 commander but he didn't let Ajax know of his shock and with excitement-filled face, he lunged towards Ajax without holding back and punched Ajax.

Ajax dodged it with ease but an unexpected kick from Paulin landed on back.

"What?", Ajax got shocked with Paulin's speed but his body defended the kick as he has the defense increment from the Sigmis Pendent.

Ajax's blood boiled as he felt the impact of the kick and lunged forward without holding back his strength.

They fought for nearly an hour with their full power without holding back anything. But as they fought, Paulin got shocked by the battle prowess of Ajax and his series of attacks made Paulin mostly defend himself and he did not get many chances to fight back.

"Let's stop here, for now, Ajax", Seeing the exhausted look on the Ajax, Paulin called off the day.

Although he has the upper hand, he mostly defended himself from Ajax's continuous attacks and called off the sparring when he thought that Ajax required some rest.

"Hmm", Although he looked tired, he can fight with the same momentum he fought earlier, for another 10-15 minutes however he agreed with Paulin anyway.

"Ajax, do you know that you are a monster?", Paulin criticized Ajax half-jokingly for his inhumane stamina and strength.

"No, I am a normal human", Ajax said seriously which made Paulin laugh at his serious expression.

"No one believes you that if they saw you fight like this though", Paulin seriously said holding back his laugh.

"Ok then, see you in tomorrow's session, I mean spar, Hahaha", Paulin laughingly said and separated after entering their residence.

Soon they returned their room to fresh up.

That night everyone had a hearty meal. Except for Lewis though.

He found out about the Champion's contest and knew about Ajax and Paulin.

But that didn't let him down instead it motivated him to work even harder and become more powerful than them.

For the next three days, Ajax followed the same routine.

He practiced 18 body postures for one hour, 1-2 hours for training with Paulin and others, and the remaining time, he used for cultivation to increase his essence of nature in the Spirit Consciousness.

Lewis and Jeff have the same cultivation levels which are at the peak of the elite soldier realm.

So they mostly spared themselves and, AJax and Paulin are a pair in the sparring


In the assassin sect, Mission hall,

"Where did this brats go off to, it's nearly seven days they went for that the 2 rewards mission but still not returned, Hmph", An old man with a pale look and a small build asked the youth in front of him.

"Third Elder, don't worry.They might be relaxing a bit after that mission", The youth with red robe replied to the old man known as the third Elder.

"Hmph, you are overly spoiling your brother, Caprice",Third Elder scoffed at the youth named Caprice.

Caprice carr smiled sheepishly at the words of the third elder.

"But I am sensing that there is something wrong this time", the third elder felt uneasy and he didn't why.

"Maybe it is because of the Fire Sword Sect", Caprice know about the combined strength of his brother's team and didn't worry much.

"Maybe", the third elder agreed.

After the return of the young elites from the inheritance ground, the Fire Sword Sect, and the Combat King Sect totally sealed off their sects which caused tension for the assassin sect which didn't know the exact reason for the seal.


Soon the time required for the system upgrade is completed.

Ajax sat in his comfortable bed and looked at the remaining time

Three seconds,

Two seconds,

One second


System Upgrade complete.


Adjusting the various features, please wait.


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