New Age Of Summoners Chapter 92

83 Commander Realm

"But why?", Udo asked for the reason as he was unable read his friend's mind.

"Because I don't want to waste their talent here", Edmond maintained his headstrong in his words.

"Sigh", Udo just shook his head and left Edmond's room.

'if they go there, they will be the target of everyone just like you back then, Edmond', Udo just thought in his mind but didn't say to Edmond.

Udo knows that they will be wasting the talents of their young ones if they stopped them here, but at least they will be alive here.

Edmond closed his eyes and entered into cultivation without wasting his time.

Next day morning

In Ajax's room, he woke up very early with an energetic look and liveliness in his face.

He was excited and punched into the air.

"Come on, you cursed system"

" I want to breakthrough to commander realm quickly"

"Break the Energy orb"

Ajax continuously talked in his mind with the system and scolded it.


The host is in the perfect condition to breakthrough to the commander realm.


Breaking the energy orb.


The system suggests the host, not to lose his focus while absorbing the energy from the Energy orb which may lead to the body of the host to explode with the energy from the energy orb.

"Sure~", Ajax elongated the word as he agreed. He is not afraid of any pain after enduring the previous bone cracking pain from the Summoner King's Energy orb, So he took it lightly.

The stable Energy orb in his spirit consciousness which is floating suddenly blasted off by a mysterious force from the system and the energy in it surged out like a flood covering all over the body reaching every corner.

The force at which the energy gushed out made his bones break and that energy was absorbed by the broken bones and attached together once again.

The newly formed bones were shined with a light golden luster and just by a look at it, one can say that these bones are not something a commander realm cultivator can obtain.

The entire process was not painless either.

Only after enduring the bone-cracking pains, he obtained the fruits for his hard work.

Ajax, with his heaven-defying concentration, and sheer will, he shouldered the bone-cracking pain better than before.

It only took five minutes for the entire process but Ajax felt like it was a millennium.

With a loud bang, he finally entered into the commander realm and fell on to his comfortable bed, gasping for air.

"Although the pain is unbearable, it is less than the pain I sustained when I absorbed the Energy orb from the Summoner King", Ajax thought back to the pain when he was broke through from level 1 Elite Soldier to level 10 Elite soldier and shivered.


Congratulations host, for reaching the level 1 commander realm in body cultivation.


Congratulations host, for reaching the level 1 commander realm in Spirit cultivation.

But the Spirit cultivation is locked at the peak Elite Soldier realm as the host didn't contract his first official Elemental Spirit yet.

"Huh?", Unexpectedly his spirit cultivation is also broke through to the Commander realm with the response from his body cultivation. But he was shocked to see the last words from the system on the holographic screen in front of him.

"Haven't I already have four contracted elemental spirits?", Ajax wondered about the official spirit and unofficial spirit, which he heard earlier from the Summoner King in the inheritance ground.


Elemental spirits can be official and unofficial. The way you contracted the present Elemental Spirits is called Unofficial contract and the elemental spirits are called unofficial spirits.


The official contract is the one when you enter the Elemental Spirit World through your dream when you are 15 years old and made a contract with an Elemental Spirit.

"Ok, can you explain more things about official Elemental Spirit", Ajax asked as he was always curious about Summoning.


You will know when you reach 15 years old which is only a few weeks away.

"Always, trying to act mysterious. Stupid system", Ajax scoffed at the system.

"About the new system feature, show me what it is", although he was curious, he was patient enough to wait for a few weeks.


An important system upgrade is available as the host reached the commander realm in his body cultivation.


Leaving one unit of the essence of nature in the host's Spirit Consciousness consuming all the 4500+ units of the essence of nature from the host's spirit consciousness.


During the upgrade, the host can't any system features except the Inner world.


Time to complete the Upgrade:- 2 days 23 hours 59 minutes

"What the fuck, you damned system, who allowed you to upgrade with all my essence of nature", Ajax momentarily stunned and started cursing the system for its disobedience.

Ajax laid on his bed after cursing the system for some time to relax.

"Knock Knock"

Ajax heard knocking sounds on his door.

After opening the door, he saw Paulin who was smilingly said "Hello".

"Hi, senior brother Paulin. Come inside", Ajax invited Paulin to his room.

"No need Ajax. Captain Edmond asked me to for us to join him now. He said he has something important to discuss with us", rejecting the invitation politely, he explained the reason for his visit.

"Sure, let's go", Ajax agreed instantly as he didn't have anything to anyway.

"Brother Paulin, Do you know what Captain Edmond wants to discuss with us?", as they walked towards Edmond's room, Ajax raised the question to Paulin.

"I too don't have a clue about it either, Ajax", Paulin replied shrugging his hands.

Soon they reached Edmond's room

"Come inside", as they were about to knock on the door, they heard the voice of Edmond from inside the room.

"Are you interested to go to the Royal Capital?", as soon as they entered, Edmond asked a question without wasting any time.


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