New Age Of Summoners Chapter 91

82 Draconic Bloodline


Collect the longevity fruit which is guarded by the rank 4 snow lion king in the cursed wilderness is successfully completed.


Congratulations to the host for accomplishing the mission,

Following rewards are given for accomplishing the mission.


1)An Energy orb that helps the user to break through to the commander realm is stored in the host's spirit consciousness.

Note:- System created the energy orb taking the energy orb from the Summoner King as a reference with the increased purity of the essence of nature with a smoothing effect which will lessen the pain to the host.

2) A new system feature is unlocked, please check it in the user interface and use the system guide to instantly know about it.

3) Calculating...


Calculating positives of the accomplished mission,

1) The host took less than a week to accomplish the mission. Rating reached B+.

2) Collected more than required longevity fruits. Rating reached A.

3) Collected the longevity fruit tree. Rating reached A+.

4) Acquired the friendship of Snow Lion King and Snow Lion Queen. Rating reached S.


A chance to awaken any of the three powerful bloodlines which are Draconic bloodline, Abyssal bloodline, and Verdant bloodline that are shown by the system with detailed explanation for the host to know.

Note:- The host can choose one among the three bloodlines.

"Huh?", Ajax flabbergasted when he read all the system notifications about rewards and the rating increment from B+ to S grade rating.

"Finally, I can break through to commander realm, Hahahaha", Ajax rejoiced at the first reward which is an energy orb that he was already familiar with which is silently floating in his spirit consciousness.

Next, he directly checked his third reward which is related to Bloodlines.


Please select one of the following bloodlines to awaken:-

Draconic Bloodline

Description:- The power of dragons flows through you and manifests in a number of ways. When you activate this bloodline, the body of the user will be covered by the dragon scales and battle prowess will be increased by threefold. (Stackable)

Side effect:- After deactivating the bloodline, the user will be in a weak condition and need at least 1-3 hours of rest depending on the usage of the bloodline

Abyssal Bloodline

Description:- A powerful summoning bloodline, which will increase the powers of all the beings (Elemental spirits and Spirit beasts) that are contracted with the user receive a boost in their fighting strength by a twofold.

Side effect:-1) If the user is not focused when he used this bloodline, there is a chance of user turning insane and may die.

2) No increase in the user strength when this bloodline is activated.


Description:- The power of living things infuses every aspect of your spirit consciousness, as you draw power from nature and its life energies flow through you. As long as the user has living beings around him, he will have an additional life.

Side effect:-1)There will be no increment in the strength of the user.

2)Unable to activate, if the user is in the undead world or some lifeless worlds.

"Huh?", Ajax fell into a dilemma when he saw the three powerful bloodlines on the holographic projection in front of him.

All three bloodline has its advantages and disadvantages, so he carefully examined them again.

"Verdant Bloodline is a good supporting type bloodline with an additional life but without proper strength, if I die once, then I will probably die again", He was quick to reject the Verdant Bloodline.

Another reason he rejected it because he thought that if he ever goes to some lifeless place like the one from the system trial where only undead beings live, isn't it just a waste thing?.

Next, he looked at the Abyssal bloodline.

"Abyssal bloodline is the most suited one as I have a number of Elemental Spirits and two Spirit beasts at present but the side effect is very dangerous, so it's better to select the Draconic Bloodline which will increase my strength by threefold", Ajax finally came to a conclusion and decided to select the Draconic Bloodline.

"System, I choose Draconic Bloodline", Ajax ordered his system to awaken the Draconic Bloodline.

"Do you wish to awaken now?", the system enquired Ajax about the awakening time.

"Yes", Although he was tired, his excitement dominated his tiredness.


The system suggests host to be in the perfect shape to awaken the bloodline, Please take a rest and try again later.

"Then why the hell did you ask me as if I want to awaken the bloodline now", Ajax cursed at the system for playing with him.

"Then use Energy orb, I want to breakthrough to commander realm quickly", He gave another order to the system to use the energy orb.


The system suggests host to be in the perfect shape to use the energy orb, Please take a rest and try again later.

The same reply came from the system making Ajax angry.

Then I will check the new system feature that is rewarded to me first.

"Hahahaha", Ajax laughed like an old villain in the movies as he checked the system features section in the user interface.

But he only saw the old system features and a feature which is covered by some black lines.

He focused on the feature to know more about it.


Please break through to the commander realm before fully unlocking the new system feature.

"What the heck! System are you playing with me?", Now, Ajax finally became angry at the system.


The system only cares about the life the host and now the host is fully tired and the system suggests the host, take a rest and use the rewards.

"Fine fine, I will rest now", Without having anything to do, Ajax finally slept in his comfortable bed waiting for the morning.


"Edmond, are you really allowing Ajax and Paulin to go there?", In Edmond's room, Udo asked Edmond puzzledly.

"Yes", Edmond just said one word without beating around the bush.

"But why?", Udo asked for the reason.


Weekly Targets progress

Power stones :- 313/ 1500

Gifts :- 80/ 1000 coins

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