New Age Of Summoners Chapter 90

81 Mission Submission

After two days

Ajax along with Uncle Ryan and Jasmine reached the Mercenary guild after traveling for two days with some breaks along the road.

The Mercenary Guild was crowded by people as usual as it was famous for both cultivator and normal people.

"Thank you, Ajax", Uncle Ryan thanked Ajax, even though he gave spirit stones for his escorting them, it was out of respect for saving them from the assassin sect disciples.

"Hmm", Ajax simply nodded his head in reply.

Uncle Ryan and Jasmine quickly went towards the front counter and talked with Sarah, the beautiful receptionist for some time.

But soon his and Jasmine's face filled with worry and sighed.

Ajax didn't say anything and just went to submit his mission item to Sarah.

Everyone in this Dog eats dog world, have their own problems to worry about, so he didn't bother too much about it.

"Sister Sarah here is the longevity fruit and please quickly process my mission completion and issued my reward quickly", Ajax politely requested Sarah with a bright smile and asked for the reward quickly as he was in a hurry.

"Huh, Hazegrove mercenary squad members are becoming more and more powerful", Sarah smiled beautifully as she praised Hazegrove squad members and carefully picked up the longevity fruits which is covered with a green luster.

When she saw the longevity fruit, she thought that only younger members of the squad took the mission.

Because it is very easy if Edmond and Udo join this mission. They can complete the mission effortlessly.

Ajax smiled in reply without explaining that he had completed the mission solo, without any help from lewis and others.

Even if he said that she will not believe him anyway.

Because who will believe a peak elite soldier can fight a rank 4 spirit beast and win.

'It is all thanks to my luck, I got the fruits without fighting. Even if I use the strength potion, it's impossible to survive much less obtaining the fruits', Ajax silently thought in his mind about how easy he got the fruits.

"Finally, my family head has hope now", Uncle Ryan's loud shout attracted the surrounding mercenaries and cultivators but he didn't mind that.

'As long as the family head is well, who will dare to mock us', Ryan Covenheart thought in his mind.

"Jeez, Uncle Ryan please lower your voice, all are looking at us", Jasmine went over to Sarah and took the fruit from her hands gently.

Sarah smilingly gave it to Jasmine without speaking anything.

"Huh?", Ajax looked at the eyes of Jasmine which are glittered with tears.

"Actually, this mission is commissioned by the Covenheart family", seeing the confusion in Ajax's face, Sarah explained slowly.

Ajax understood and didn't say anything.

Soon he took the reward from Sarah, a space ring, which contained 10,000 life elemental spirit stones.



The system notifications continuously chimed in his head but he didn't check it as he was surrounded by many people and if they saw him talking to air or spacing out he will think about him as a crackhead.

He quietly took the reward and turned to leave as he was in a hurry to check the system notifications of the completion of his mission.

"When you are free, please visit us, The Covenheart family.Ajax", Uncle Ryan invited Ajax to their house, when he is available.

"Sure~", Although, he didn't have a good impression on the powerful families and sects, he got some good impression on both Uncle Ryan and Jasmine for their characters in his journey from the Cursed Wilderness to the Goldcrest town.

So he accepted the invitation.

After leaving the Mercenary Guild, he rushed towards the Hazegrove squad building before summoning back Volcanis because, if Edmond saw him, he will recognize that Volcanis is an Elemental spirit instantly.

He saw all young members of the squad lazily resting and making fun of each other.

"Hey Ajax, how can you leave me behind when you go on a mission", As soon as he saw the Ajax, Lewis yelled at Ajax.

"Are you baby?", Jeff mocked Lewis at his question making others laugh at Lewis.

As he was behaving like a baby, Jeff mocked him making Ajax and Paulin laugh.

"You are a baby, your whole family is babies", Lewis scoffed at Jeff.

"What did you say?", an angry voice resounded in Lewis's ears making his shudder.

"Huh, I am praising Keenaxe family, Sir Udo", Lewis quickly made up an excuse and ran to his room.

"Ajax, how did it go", Captain Edmond asked

"Everything went good, Captain Edmond", Ajax attentively replied making Edmond smile.

"Ok, then. Go and rest for now. You look tired", seeing the tired look on the Ajax's face Edmond advised him to rest.

"Ok Captain Edmond", Ajax bid goodbyes and went to his room.

After entering his room, the first thing he did was shower.

Several days of staying in the Cursed wilderness and killings made his body smell terribly.

He came out of his to eat something good which is Edmond's cooking.

Edmond is the best cook Ajax has seen in his life until now.

"Here you go", Edmond already made his (Ajax) best dish from the low-grade spirit beasts and placed on the table.

"Thanks for the food, Captain Edmond", after eating the food, Ajax thanked Edmond and gave a longevity fruit to him.

"Didn't you submit it at the mercenary guild", Edmond asked without taking the fruit from Ajax's hands.

"I did and I have extra longevity fruits which may be helpful to you in the future. Consider this fruit as a gift from me Captain", Ajax explained that he has 2 extra fruit.

"Ok, I will take it then", seeing the stare from the Ajax, Edmond was unable to reject the gift (Fruit) and took it.

"You go sleep well, for now, I have something to talk with you. We discuss that tomorrow, Ok?", Edmond advised Ajax to sleep.

Soon he came to his room, locked his door, and sat on the comfortable bed, and checked the system notifications.


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