New Age Of Summoners Chapter 89

80 Covenheart Family

As for the Ajax, he checked the latest notification from the system


Killed a level-10 commander realm cultivator,

Gained 1000 units of the essence of nature.

"It's not a bad thing getting some essence of nature from killing these evil assassin sect's disciples", Ajax didn't felt anything when he killed the disciples from the assassin sect and thinking much, he felt satisfied.

His also checked his spirit consciousness


Spirit consciousness:- 4560 units / 4999 units

He was very much satisfied with his stored essence of nature in his spirit consciousness that he got from the inner world, and mostly from killing the assassin sect disciples.

Ajax turned his head and looked towards Uncle Ryan and, Jasmine whose wounds are almost healed by the Spirus but she is still unconscious.

Ajax silently summoned back all his elemental spirits except Volcanis who is in the human form and Uncle Ryan doesn't have reached the General realm, so he didn't summoned back Volcanis.

Moreover, Uncle Ryan had already seen Volcanis in his human form before.

"Uncle Ryan, is she alright?", Ajax asked about Jasmine, walking towards them.

Ajax already knows the answer to his question but nevertheless he asked about her.

"Yes, she is just unconscious and will most probably wake up soon", Uncle Ryan politely replied to Ajax and smiled at him.

Uncle Ryan felt that he owed Ajax for helping him earlier, otherwise, he would have surely died in the hands of those assassin sect disciples.

"Uncle Ryan, why are you fighting them? Do you have any bad blood between you and them", Ajax pointed at the dried dead bodies and asked him.

"This.", Uncle Ryan hesitated for a moment.

"It's ok Uncle if you don't want to say it, just pretend as I never asked", seeing the hesitation on Uncle Ryan's face, Ajax shrugged his hands and also not interested to know about it either.

"It's nothing, Our family head was ambushed by those assassin sect scum and now he is in a critical condition", Uncle Ryan condemned assassin sect and continued saying, "When we ran into these scum they dishonored our family name and insulted our family head knowing that my cultivation is only in level 8 commander realm, but when I mocked them in return, they couldn't take it and attacked us without giving any chance to retaliate".

"Uncle Ryan, are you by chance from the main family", Ajax inquired seeing the battle prowess of Uncle Ryan and changed his previous politeness and acted normally.

"Yes. Let me introduce myself again. My name is Ryan Covenhart", Uncle Ryan introduced himself proudly this time with his family name but didn't expect the Ajax to not show any respect to his family which is one of the tyrants in the Zrochester province.

"Hmm", Ajax nodded his head and his previous good impression on Uncle Ryan is lost when he heard their family name.

All the sects, main families are known for bullying weaker families and rogue cultivators (Who don't belong to any family or a sect). So, as soon as he learned that Uncle Ryan and Jasmine are from one of the main family, he just nodded his head without any expression on his face.

Sensing Ajax's sudden change of behavior Uncle Ryan could guess more or less about it but didn't say anything.

When a family that is in the upper echelon, can't control their youngsters who will bully the lesser families and no name cultivators.

It's an unstoppable thing and the family head and elders will always close their eyes when it comes to those kinds of things which made their youngsters become arrogant.

"Have you finished your mission?", Uncle Ryan asked after a moment of silence.

"Yes, and I am leaving from here to submit it quickly", Ajax turned to leave the place without any proper goodbye.

Seeing the lack of respect from Ajax, Uncle Ryan felt embarrassed and became angry but seeing Volcanis who stood quietly with his hands behind his back, he controlled himself and politely asked Ajax, "Can you please act as an escort for us until we reach Mercenary guild".

Ajax stopped for a moment and looked at the Uncle Ryan who his fully covered in many bloody wounds and Innocent Jasmine, who is still unconscious and asked, "How much are you gonna pay me for that?"

"You", when he heard those words, Uncle Ryan froze and nearly fell down but still replied, "How about 5000 spirit stones?".

Ajax just stood without saying anything.

"10000 spirit stones", Uncle Ryan felt that this is his first-time seeing, a rogue cultivator extorted spirit stones from one of the main families.

"Sure~", Ajax with a smile accepted the deal.

"Sigh", Uncle Ryan sighed at the crisis of his family and his bad luck.

Although their family doesn't lack in spirit stones, that is not a small amount either.

Before he felt the trouble is over, he was shocked by the next words of Ajax

"I want the full payment in advance", With a smile, he irritated Uncle Ryan.

Nodding his head, Uncle Ryan gave 10,000 spirit stones to Ajax from this space ring.

"Before starting our journey back, I want to rest for some time", Uncle Ryan informed Ajax, to which Ajax nodded his head in reply.

There was not bad blood between them, so he didn't mind wasting some time for 10,000 spirit stones.

After two hours,

"Uncle Ryan", Jasmine woke up from suddenly and shouted.

Uncle Ryan, who was meditating to heal his wounds, opened his eyes and rushed towards his niece.

"How are you feeling, Jasmine", Uncle Ryan, asked with a voice full of concern.

"A little bit dizzy but it's ok", seeing the concerned look on her uncle's face Jasmine replied with a smile.

"Can you walk?", he asked her.

"Yes", Jasmine replied.

"Jasmine, thank brother Ajax for saving our lives", Uncle Ryan pointed at Ajax and explained everything.

"Thanks, Brother Ajax", although, she didn't completely believe what her uncle said, she thanked him politely.

"If you are rested enough, should we start our traveling", Ajax nodded at Jasmine and asked Uncle Ryan about moving from that place.

"Ok", Uncle Ryan recovered some of his strength and agreed with Ajax to move.

Soon they started traveling towards the exit of the cursed wilderness.


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