New Age Of Summoners Chapter 87

78 Snow Lion Emperor Bloodline

Author's Note:-Snow Lion King:- Father

Snow Lion Queen:-Mother


The little white lion has reached rank 3 and its internal injuries are all healed.


The System placed a spiritual imprint in the spiritual consciousness of the little white lion.


The little white lion treats you just like its father because of your spiritual imprint in its spirit consciousness.

"What the heck! Why did you do that?", Ajax panicked and cursed at the system because if it is known by the Snow Lion King that he placed a spiritual imprint in his child, then it will surely bring disaster to him.

Spiritual imprint is a mark that is mostly used on the children by the high-level cultivators or Spirit beasts to know about the life and death of their children when they are not around or when their children enter some dangerous lands for breakthroughs.


The Spiritual imprint is required to treat the little white lion's internal injuries otherwise the system would be unable to heal it completely.

The system notification explained Ajax when he cursed at the system.

The little white lion who now has the cultivation level of commander realm is only one meter in height.

It stood on its legs and staggeringly went towards Ajax and rubbed its head against his thighs affectionately before looking at his original father, the Snow Lion King.

Seeing this, the Snow Lion King stared at Ajax squinting but didn't say anything to Ajax as he was the one that healed his child.

Soon the Snow Lion Queen that chased after the undead Water Python returned angrily as it was unable to catch an intruder that entered its territory.

The returned Snow Lion Queen was shocked to see a human kid in front of the den and its child was affectionate with him.

Without wasting any second longer, the female Snow Lion Queen came forward and shoved Ajax aside and stared at him murderously.

"What are you doing", the Snow Lion King asked his partner for its rudeness to their child savior.

"Roar~ roar~", Ajax only heard roars from the Snow Lion Queen that are directed towards Snow Lion King, which he didn't understand anything.

"I know you hate humans and how they injured you before, but not all humans are the same, just like all spirit beasts are not live to kill humans. But this kid here, he saved the life of our little one", The Snow Lion King roared at the Snow Lion Queen.

"Even then, If you want to kill him, then go ahead I will not stop you", saying that, Snow Lion King sat down and intently looked at the Snow Lion Queen's eyes which are moistened with tears.

Ajax, who heard the Snow Lion King voice loud and clear shuddered at the words of it but when he looked at the Snow Lion Queen, whose eyes were filled with tears, he understood one thing.

"No matter who you are, either a human or a spirit beast, Motherly love doesn't change".

"Roar~", Snow Lion Queen growled in a low voice as if it were asking something.

"Yes, now our child doesn't have to suffer anymore", Snow Lion King nodded its mane head lightly.

As soon as it confirmed that its child is safe, it bowed to Ajax.

"No no no", Ajax who was still fearing about the spiritual imprint, actively said.

"Since my son is cured, I don't have any use with the longevity fruit. If you want, you can take all the fruits", the Snow Lion King offered the longevity fruits to Ajax gratefully.

"Thanks, senior Lion King", Ajax rejoiced.

"Also, if you need anything in the future, come to me. As long as it is within my power I will help you with it", the Snow Lion King invited him to his den anytime.

"Sure", Ajax hesitated for a moment and asked while patting the baby Snow Lion King, "May I know the reason for the internal injuries for the little white".

"One year back, When the little one was still in her stomach, we were ambushed by some humans who are after our Snow Lion Emperor bloodline and she was hit by some weird skill", Snow Lion King stopped for a second and continued, "The energy from that affected my child making him sick from the moment he was born".

"What happened to that humans?", Ajax wondered why the humans didn't hunt them again because it is very easy for the cultivators from high sects to find them if they wanted to.

"I killed all the humans", Snow Lion King said flatly making Ajax shiver.

"Even though my child was sick from birth, his body has the purest Snow Lion Emperor bloodline in him", Snow Lion King proudly raised its head which is fully covered in a snow-white mane.

Ajax has small knowledge about bloodlines, and any bloodline that has emperor in its name is very powerful and rare.

For example, now Snow, the Lightning Dragon Hawk has the Lightning Dragon Emperor.

But it's purity is only 50 percent whereas the little white has more than 50 percent purity of the Snow Lion Emperor.

With this bloodline, it can easily fight peak rank 3 spirit beasts with its low-grade rank 3 strength.

"Ok, senior I will move now", Ajax played with the little white for some time then said his goodbye which made the little white's eyes moistened.

"Don't cry little white, I will come again to see you", Ajax rubbed its little head and comforted it.

Soon he picked the remaining two longevity fruits from the tree and stored them in the system inventory along with the previously plucked fruits.

Just as he was about to turn, he thought of storing the longevity tree in the inner world to get the free essence of nature.

"Senior Lion King can I take this tree with me?", Although he was greedy, he didn't forget to ask permission from the Snow Lion King.

"Sure, but what will you do with it?", Snow Lion King asked puzzledly.

"It's a secret", Ajax grinned as he replied.


Weekly Targets progress

Power stones :- 313/ 1500

Gifts :- 80 / 1000 coins

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