New Age Of Summoners Chapter 86

77 Healing

Ajax ordered Volcanis to provoke it to move far away from the tree so that he can steal the fruit quickly before it returns back.

"Although, the water python's strength is decreased its speed is the same as before when it has rank 4 strength, which will make the Snow Lion King difficult to catch it", Ajax continuously thought about his plan.

"As for everyone, act according to the situation", he ordered his remaining elemental spirits who nodded their transparent heads in agreement.

As the rank of the spirit beast increases, their intelligence also increases and also becomes territorial. If any other spirit beast enters their territory without their invitation, that leads to a definite fight between them.

Until one of them dies, they will not stop fighting.

So when Snow Lion King, which is very proud among all the rank 4 spirit beasts, sees any trespassers in its territory it could not tolerate and quickly chased after the undead water python.

The Snow Lion King left without a moment of hesitation, which made Ajax very happy and thought lady luck was smiling upon him.

Seeing the chance, Ajax silently went to the tree and looked at the three longevity fruits which looked like green apples but bigger and shined with a green luster.

Just as Ajax was about to pluck them out, a Snow Lion King, came from a nearby cave which has mid-grade rank 4 strength and looked at the Ajax with eyes full of murderous look and roared at him angrily.

"What the fuck", Sensing the killing intent on him, Ajax turned and looked at the mid-grade rank 4 spirit beast and shuddered without making any sudden movements.

"There is no news about another Snow lion King in the mission details", Ajax's mind went blank, thinking about the details and cursed the information provided by the mercenary guild.

"What do I do?, What do I do?", He stood there without moving, just looking at the Snow Lion King.

The spirit beast also didn't move, just stared at him murderously.

"What are you doing in my territory? are you planning on stealing my fruits", a male rough voice was heard in his head.

"Huh?", Although he was used to hearing voices in his head, Ajax was shocked to this rough voice in his head because the one that spoke just now is none other than the Snow Lion King that is staring at him murderously.

In general, a spirit beast can learn human speech when it reaches rank 5 or general realm strength but the spirit beast before him is clearly shown as rank 4 in the system information but it can already speak fluently.

"Those fruits are my child, so don't you dare steal it", a small white-colored lion came from the cave and stood behind the Snow lion king when it finished the words.

Although the Snow lion King hates most of the humans, it felt there is something more to this human kid that made it not to kill him.

The energy that is coming from Ajax made it not to harm him.

"I don't want to hurt a talented kid. So, you better leave now and don't ever come here", The Snow Lion King permitted to leave its territory without hurting him.

"Thank you, Sir", Infront of the absolute strength, Ajax dejectedly walked away from the longevity fruit tree but he was also happy as he can escaped from the Snow Lion King without any injuries.

Just as he took 2-3 steps, the baby white lion which is not even one meter in height collapsed on to the ground.

"Hey kid, immediately bring one of the longevity fruit from the tree and help my child feed it", The Snow Lion King loud rough voice heard in his head making him stop walking and looked at the entrance of the den.

There, he saw the little white lion on the ground unconscious.

Without wasting any time, Ajax plucked one longevity fruit from the tree.


Item name:- low-grade Longevity fruit

Use:- Helps to extend the life of the consumed being by one month

Rating:- Useful

Ajax just saw the use of the fruits while running towards the Snow lion King.

Just as Ajax about to feed it, he got a system notification,


The host can save the little white lion with the help of the commander realm essence gem which is currently stored in the inventory.

Ajax remembered the essence gem which he got from the inheritance ground and asked Snow lion King for its permission.

"Sir lion king, I have a method to save your child. If you trust me I will save your child", Ajax asked with a loud voice and a confident look in his eyes.

"What?", the Snow Lion King fell into the dilemma, and seeing the confident look on Ajax's face, it nodded its head and warned him, "Ok, but if you fail, I am gonna tear you into pieces".

"System, essence gem"

Soon the commander realm essence gem appeared in his hand from the inventory.


Item name:- Essence gem (commander realm)

Use:- It helps in achieving major breakthroughs for humans and spirit beasts

Rating:- Good

"System, use it", He checked it once again before giving the order to the system.

As soon as he said that the essence gem entered into the unconscious little white lion.

The little white lion body glowed as soon as the gem entered into its body.

The whole process took only a few seconds for Ajax to take out the essence gem and giving an order to the system to use it but the Snow lion King, was completely shocked to see the rare essence gem and he used it without thinking anything.

"I will remember this favor, kid, and return you when you need help", Seeing its child whose strength is reaching almost rank 3, the snow lion king said to Ajax.

With a loud sound, the little baby lion reached rank 3.


The little white lion reached rank 3 and its internal injuries are all healed.


Weekly Targets progress

Power stones :- 213/ 1500

Gifts :- 55/ 1000 coins

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