New Age Of Summoners Chapter 85 1

76 Jasmine

"Volcanis, you and undead water python take care of that level 10 commander", Ajax ordered Volcanis to assist the undead water python that has the peak rank 3 strength.

'Whereas I will take care of that level 5 commander with other elemental spirits', He thought to himself.

He can only ambush the powerful enemies with his spatial blades and should take support from his contracted elemental spirits to fight.

If Volcanis and undead water python was not present beside him, he would not be able to kill the previous targets easily, so he needed more strength to kill the target on his own.

Snow, the Lightning dragon hawk was badly injured in the fight with the single-horned water python earlier, so he can't rely on it for a while. Not until it is fully healed.

Now every time he think about the assassin sect, he is remembering the massacre.

With the massacre, he thought about his friends, who he doesn't know whether they are alive or dead.

Soon Ajax's eyes turned murderous and only revenge is filled in his mind.

"Calm down, calm down young fellow", an old familiar voice resounded in his head which helped him clear the murderous thoughts and calmed him down.

"Isn't this the voice I heard when upgrading the Mysterious spirit cultivation technique to level 2", Ajax thanked the voice for helping him calm down.

"Who are you?", Ajax asked the voice in his head.

"That's not important now, I don't want my successor to follow the same path as I took. Calm your mind and think before you kill someone", the voice stopped for a moment and continued, "And not become a Killing machine without a brain who kills everyone in his path".

"Huh?", Ajax stopped for a second and adjusted his thoughts and started thinking about the words of the old voice in his head.

"Are they deserve to die?", Ajax contemplated for a second and thought back to the massacre in the Silver Orphanage killing all the innocent children.

And thinking about the masked figure's words of killing him for some kind of rewards made him angry.

"Of course, they deserved to die", Ajax finally came to the conclusion that if anyone wants his head they should be ready to lose theirs too.

"Who goes there?", a cold voice was heard by him from a nearby tree.

Ajax instantly looked in that direction.

A middle-aged man who was covered in light injuries along with a 14-year old girl was resting under the tree.

The middle-aged man's body structure is normal and has a tired look on his face. As for the girl she has her face covered with dust which made him unable to see her face.

Ajax just stood there without a word as he was not good at starting a conversation and don't know what to say.

"Hey kid, are you lost?", seeing the silent Ajax, the middle-aged man asked gently sensing there is no danger with the Ajax.

"No Uncle, My name is Ajax, I am a mercenary and I am on a mission", Ajax replied politely.

"And he is my guardian", seeing the Volcanis appear out of nowhere and stood in front of him, Ajax introduced him as his guardian.

"No wonder with your strength, you can become a mercenary", the middle-aged uncle praised Ajax for his strength and continued, "My name is Ryan, and she is my niece Jasmine. You can call me Uncle just like her".

Uncle Ryan, who is resting his back against a tree introduced his niece.

Jasmine just showed a small smile at Ajax.

Uncle Ryan knows that this man is only at the commander realm but something about him seems odd, but he just shook his head thinking, Volcanis his hiding his real strength.

"Sure Uncle Ryan. Can I ask you what are you doing here, like in Cursed wilderness", Ajax asked after talking with them for a while.

"That's...", Uncle Ryan hesitated.

"We are searching for something" Seeing his uncle hesitation, Jasmine answered Ajax's question to which Ajax nodded his head and didn't ask further.

"Ok then, Uncle Ryan. I will continue my mission. Bye", Ajax directly rushed deeper along with Volcanis, who is in a middle-aged man's form.

For the entire time, Volcanis just stood there without making any sound and followed quietly behind Ajax.

"Uncle, why are you so polite to him", Jasmine asked Ryan, wondering why her uncle who didn't even show respect to her father, acted politely to a stranger.

"Although that middle-aged man's cultivation realm, I sensed is only at commander realm level 1, he seems mysterious to me and even I, who is at level 8 commander realm, is not having a 100 percent confidence to defeat that man without taking any damage", Uncle Ryan explained to his niece Jasmine.

"Oh", If the Jasmine heard about it sometime back, she would have shocked but now, that she just nodded her head.

"Anyway, we have to find that longevity fruit quickly, otherwise...", Before Uncle Ryan can finish it, Jasmine interrupted him, "Let's not waste any more time uncle".

"So here you are", After one day of the search, Ajax found the longevity fruit tree instead of his prey that is assassin sect's disciples.

The longevity tree is guarded by a low-grade rank 5 Snow Lion King which is sleeping comfortably near that tree.

"If only the Snow was in her best condition, it would have been easier but now I need to confront it by myself and elemental spirits, and not to forget my new undead beast, Water python", Ajax thought in his my about the Lighting dragon hawk which is still unconscious.

"I can do it", Ajax motivated himself and summoned all his elemental spirits and the indeed water python.

"Volcanis, I will bait the snow lion king with undead water python to take it away from the longevity tree, then you will provoke it if it doesn't pass a large distance, which is enough for me to stole the fruit", Ajax ordered Volcanis to provoke it to move far away from the tree.


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