New Age Of Summoners Chapter 84

75 Killing The Assassin Sects Disciples

"Something doesn't feel right number 2", the boss of the team queried to the one beside him all of a sudden.

"What doesn't feel right, boss?", number 2 who is masked in black asked his boss.

"Like, we are being observed by someone but that feeling only lasted for a second. Maybe it is a spirit beast, I guess", the boss concluded it as some kind of spirit beast and searched for his teammates.

The masked figure behind him didn't say anything and continued following the boss.

But what they didn't know is that they were spied by Ajax from a large tree with a murderous glint in his eyes.

"I will let you live for now", Ajax stopped gazing at the boss and focused on the rested teammates.


"Hey idiot, can't you even run properly?", the masked figure who was called as number 1 leered at the injured number 3.

"Stop calling me idiot, otherwise I don't know want I will do to you", the injured number 3 snapped at number 1.


"Who's there?", amidst their conversation, they heard the sounds of footsteps which alerted them and made them ask the question in unison with alertness.

"My name is Ajax, nice to meet you", Ajax introduced himself politely looking at them like a beast eyeing on its prey.

'Number 1, he is the target', number 3 silently whispered to number 1 when he looked at the Ajax who is staring at them like his prey.

"I am also very happy that we finally met", without any hesitation, number 1 rushed forward with two daggers in each hand in an attempt to kill him in a single strike.

Just as he thought he was killing his target, his legs were suddenly sucked into the sand for a moment making him lose his momentum and he jumped backward to escape from the sand dune.

As he stopped to adjust his pace, suddenly a snake rushed towards him in a couple of seconds and penetrated his body like passing through the water, leaving a bloody hole in his abdomen.

Number 1 was shocked to see this sudden turn of events and he didn't even imagine in his wildest dreams that he will die just like that and fell down with a dubious face.

Even on his dead face, there is still disbelief all over his face.

Ajax prepared everything before he made his appearance before them.

He ordered Slait to use Sand dunes to distract anyone that is going to attack him and the undead water python which he resurrected earlier to kill that rushed target without giving any chance for the enemy to retaliate.

After collecting the space ring on the dead body, Ajax ordered Volcanis to burn the dead body to ashes.

"I have some questions for you now, what will you say? Will, you answer or die for the assassin sect?", Ajax turned his attention to number 3 whose leg is twisted and sat on the ground with a terrified look on his face.

"I will say, I will say. please don't kill me", Although he has the low cultivation in the team, he was known for his intelligence and quick wits.

So when he witnessed the power of Ajax, he knows there is no chance of escaping from Ajax, so he surrendered with any hesitation.

Who wants to die young? No one.

So, when it is a life or sect matter, he chose life and was ready to betray the assassin sect.

"Do you know about the massacre that happened a few months back in the Volar city? and the Silver Orphanage in the city?", Ajax interrogated while observing his eyes.

"No, I don't know about it", pausing for a second, number 3 mumbled the words.

"Volcanis", Ajax turned to Volcanis and the latter nodded his head.

A small purple fireball formed in front of Volcanis, without hesitation, he threw it on number 3's which burned his leg completely leaving him crippled.

Soon another fireball appeared in front of Volcanis.

"I know about it, I know. Stop it, I will tell", seeing the second fireball in the hands of Volcanis, the crippled number 3 cried.

"Then, go ahead", Ajax motioned his hand for him to speak.

"I don't know much but it was posted on the mission board in our assassin sect to kill everyone from the Volar city", he breathed heavily as he continued, "As for why or who did it, I don't know".

"Huh?", Ajax pondered for a bit and questioned, "Then who knows about it".

"Sect leader and the third Elder who manages the missions in the sect are the only ones to knows about more details", number 3 assured Ajax about it.

"Another thing, who gave the mission for my head", Ajax asked calmly.

"It's Hammergust family's young master, Luis Hammergust", he quickly revealed without wasting any time.

'Luis Hammergust, I will let you know the consequences of messing with me, Ajax', Ajax silently thought to himself.

"And?", Ajax calmly looked at the crippled number 3 in front of him.

"...", number 3 didn't understand and don't know what to say.

"Who is another one that wanted my head", seeing the look of confusion on his face, Ajax questioned in detail.

"I really don't know. I swear", number 3 begged when he saw the fireball became bigger and bigger.

"How many disciples participated in that massacre?", Ajax changed the question.

"200 bronze-level assassins, 50 silver-level assassins, and 1 gold-level assassin", fearing the fire-ball that is only a few feet distance, he revealed the details swiftly.

"Ok then", as soon as he said that a small portal appeared before the injured number 3 and became a lump of minced meat from the incoming wind blades.

Only after seeing the minced body, Ajax calmed down

"Damn you, assassin sect" Ajax shouted angrily making the low-level spirit birds fly.

"Two more targets to go", Ajax muttered and followed in the direction of the remaining teammates without checking the notifications that came from killing.

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