New Age Of Summoners Chapter 83

74 A Clue About The Massacre

"Brother, I have a feeling that someone is watching us", the first masked figure said to the masked figure beside him, uneasily.

"I too have that feeling for a while now", the second masked figure replied nodding his head in agreement.

"Swoosh Swoosh", suddenly a small portal opened on the first masked figure head and released many wind blades.

Before he even reacted, the spatial blades made many cuts on his body making him collapse on the ground.

Although many cuts have appeared, he is still breathing.

"Who dares to play with us?", Seeing his breathing team member, the second figure shouted quickly.

Albeit, he got a reply with a fire asteroid.

Although he managed to dodge it, his team member was unlucky and burned to death under the fire asteroid.

The dead masked figure didn't ever imagine in his wildest dreams that he will die before he knew how he died and in whose hands did he die.

"I don't know who you are but assassin sect will definitely hunt you?", Seeing his commander realm teammate died within a few minutes, he knows already that the others are definitely not simple, so he used his sect name to intimate him hoping to let him off.


Killed a level 3 commander realm body cultivator

Gained 300 units of the essence of nature.

"Inheritance grounds is the best for getting the essence of nature, here it is not worth it to use spatial blades", Ajax used the spatial blades of 500 units but in return, he got only 300 units which made him praise the inheritance ground.

"If you leave me alone and don't harm me, I will guarantee that no harm will come to you nor your family", seeing that he didn't get any reply from the other side, the remaining masked figure thought he got some hope, so he used the chance to negotiate with his opponent.

"Huh, so now, I should not harm you and release you, right?", Ajax commented in a mocked voice jeering at the assassin sect disciple.

"That's right if you release me I will not report anything that happened here to anyone", the masked figure got his lost confidence back into him and he thought, 'Once I regroup with my teammates, then I will not let you off, brat'.

"Sure", Ajax acted as agreed but the later words shocked the masked figure, "Kill him Volcanis".

"Wait, What are you doing", the disciple from the assassin sect panicked seeing the fireball in the hands of the middle-aged who is beside the young man.

Without wasting any time Volcanis used his level 3 fireblast turning the masked figure into ashes leaving behind a space ring.


Killed a level 3 commander realm body cultivator

Gained 300 units of the essence of nature.

Ajax nodded his head, feeling satisfied at the essence of nature he gained from the second kill as he didn't use his costly Spatial blades skill.

"Volcanis, collect the two space rings", Ajax ordered Volcanis to pick the space rings from the ashes.

"Here, master", Volcanis collected the two space rings quickly and gave it to him.

Ajax checked the two space rings which only have spirit stones and nothing valuable.

But among the random things, Ajax found a familiar type of stone with two crossed silver daggers on it in each space ring.

"This is..", Ajax stammered when he saw the weird stone.

He found the same stone from the assassin he killed in the Cursed abyss.

"So, this assassin sect has their damned hands in the massacre", Calming in his anger, he said in a cruel tone.

Although the assassin sect and the assassins who massacred in the Silver Orphanage that night have similar clothes they looked different somehow, so Ajax didn't relate them to each other but who knows they are behind the massacre.

"Good good, I will see how much longer can you live, Assassin sect", With a murderous look on his face Ajax.

"And also someone is rewarding for my head, Who is that?", Ajax thought, he will interrogate more about their missions before eliminating them.

Soon he found a suitable place to rest.


Somewhere in the outer section of the cursed wilderness,

"Why is number 4 and number 5 are taking this much time to return?", asked a black colored masked figure to a red-colored masked figure.

"Don't worry number 3, they like fooling around, they will come soon", another black colored masked figure replied.

"Even though they like to fool around most of the time, they don't do it when they are on a mission", the red-colored masked figure who looked like a boss of the team replied.

"Everyone stay alert, we will go search in their direction", The boss ordered his teammates and followed in Ajax's direction with his teammates.

After 10-15 minutes

"Master, a group of four people is coming this way", Ajax woke up suddenly with Volcanis alert and silently looked in the direction of the shadows.

"Hehehe, I didn't go looking for you but they came looking for me, that's great that's great", Ajax examined the group's cultivation levels with system's help.

"One level 10, one level 6, one level 5 and one level 3 commander realm body cultivators. Although this group is strong, I can handle it", Ajax muttered looking at the assassin sect's disciples.

"Necros, confuse the level 3 commander and make him hurt his own foot", Ajax quickly summoned his death elemental spirit, Necros, and ordered it to use confuse ray.

Although he can't confuse him longer, a couple of seconds will be manageable by him to confuse the target.

"Swish", a dark light entered into the level 3 commander's body making his foot twisted and fell down on the ground.

"What happened number 3?", the boss of the team asked his fallen teammate.

"Just a twist in the leg, its nothing serious. You look for the others I will follow you soon", the injured teammate said while limping to a nearby tree to sit.

"Ok, number 1 stay here and protect him, number 2 you are coming with me", the boss ordered and left with number 2.

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