New Age Of Summoners Chapter 82

73 King Of Fire

"Summoning master, when we, the elemental spirits reach the commander realm, we can transform into normal human cultivators and can stay out of the master's spirit consciousness forever", Necros explained with an envy look at Volcanis.

Before the elemental spirit reaches the elemental spirit commander realm, the summoning master should continuously provide a certain amount of the essence of nature to them in order to survive in the human world.

But once it reaches the spirit commander realm, they can transform into a human and can survive by themselves by absorbing the essence of nature from the surroundings but with a condition.

The condition is to stay within a certain distance of the summoning master.

Although they can transform into humans, any cultivator of the general realm or above can easily distinguish them.

For example, Captain Edmond and Udo Keenaxe can easily differentiate the elemental spirits from humans.

"Hmm", Ajax nodded his head and checked its information.


Elemental spirit name:- Volcanis

Element:- Fire type

Cultivation:- Elemental spirit commander (Level 1)

Innate skill:- King of Fire (Passive Skill)

Note:- Innate skill is obtained from the elemental spirit stone.

Skill:- 1) Fireblast (Level 3)

2) Fire asteroid (Level 2)

3) Inferno (Level 1)

"Huh?", Ajax shocked at the name of the Innate skill and quickly looked at the description of the skill.


King of Fire:- A passive skill which increases all it attacks (basically fire type attacks) by 50 percent and it helps to create the elemental spirit's own fire skills after practicing.

"A wonderful innate skill and in that, it's a passive skill", seeing the description of the skill

Ajax was in awe.

"Now, Inferno", soon system notification rang in his head.


Inferno:- When activated, the elemental spirit's body is shrouded with Purple flames and increasing its movement speed, attack speed, and fire damage for 10 minutes. It can be stacked with the King of fire.

Cool Downtime:- 30 minutes

"Good", seeing the inferno description, he nodded his head.

"Volcanis, let me see your human form", Ajax asked the fire elemental spirit to show its human form after checking its skills.

"Okay master", nodding his head, Volcanic transformed in a middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and a small mustache with an average build.

And with a purple colored sword hanging on his back.

"..", Ajax was speechless at the simple transformation which took only a few seconds.

If he didn't see the transformation, he was also unable to distinguish.

After that, he came towards the dead water python.

"Can I convert it into undead water python?",Ajax asked the system.

He has been waiting for a dead body of a powerful spirit beast to turn into undead, so he asked the system if he can convert a rank 4 spirit beast to undead for the Sigmis pendant.


Yes, but due to its body being damaged very badly it's strength will be degraded to peak rank 3.


An undead spirit beast is unable to use their innate skills, so please keep it in the mind, host.

The system explained with a ding ding.

"Okay then, convert it", Ajax ordered the system.

Soon the badly mutilated water python moved a little by little and the injuries on it recovered a little and entered into the Sigmis pendant.

"Ok then, now let's find a place to rest and then look for the Snow lion king and the longevity fruit", Ajax team quickly moved to the outer section and found a place to rest.

"Master someone is coming towards this direction", As he was about to cultivate, he heard the Volcanis or a middle-aged man now, who is on the lookout informed to Ajax.

Ajax quickly summoned back Slait and Necros and climbed a nearby tall tree with Volcanis and watched the incoming silhouettes without making any noise.

"It's been two days since we entered the cursed abyss, where the hell that kid disappeared to?, If I find him, I will kill him slowly and torture him to death", one masked figure said to another.

"One thing for sure, he took that longevity fruit mission which means he should be around the border between the outer and middle section of the Cursed Wilderness", the second masked figure replied.

"But why did he take the 'B' danger rating mission with his shitty cultivation?", first masked figure puzzledly asked the second masked figure after hearing about the 'B' rating mission.

"Who cares about it anyway. As long as we take care of this business we can get two rewards for one mission", the second masked figure laughed cunningly.

"Two rewards?", the first masked figure didn't understand.

"It's like this, the mission to kill him is posted from two different parties in the assassin mission board and the one in-charge is none other than my big brother who carefully managed to seize them and passed the mission to me" the second masked figure paused for a second and continued, "Once we submitted his head back to the young master who posted the mission, we will get one reward".

"The mission is posted by a young master and who posted it the second time?", the first masked figure asked curiously.

"I don't know, but one thing is sure. Once we kill him, we don't have to worry about cultivation resources for a while".

Soon they passed by the large tree Ajax was hiding.

"Are they looking for me?, They definitely want to kill me", Ajax eyes flashed with murderous glint.

"Let's see who will kill who", Although Ajax knows that these two masked figures are having commander realm cultivation if he tried to separate them, he thought he can kill them.

Soon Ajax's head thought of various ideas and finally got a better idea and followed them.

"With my strength, I can handle a level 1 commander realm body cultivator easily but since there are two targets I should kill one of them before they react", With that thought in his mind he ran after them along with Volcanis.

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