New Age Of Summoners Chapter 81

72 Killing The Rank 4 Water Python

Soon the water python lost its patience by the incoming attacks of the elemental spirits and rushed towards the weak Slait who only has the strength of peak spirit soldier thinking it as easy prey.

But just as it about to kill the earth elemental spirit, the Lightning dragon hawk used its second strongest attack, the lightning eagle claw at the water python making a small scratch on the long body of water python.

"Even that attack has only left a small scratch", Ajax shocked by the toughness of a rank 4 spirit beast and became fully alert.

The water python's small eyes turned murderous when it's back was scratched by a mid-level rank 3 spirit beast and turned its full attention to the Snow and released water blades from his mouth at the Snow.

"Swoosh" Snow dodged the water blades with its lightning speed but still, it got hit and its body was bleeding from the wounds.

"Spirus use Bless", he commanded Spirus to use bless which will help the Lightning dragon hawk to recover from the wounds.

"Only a normal attack from the rank 4 spirit beast caused that much damage to Snow, what will happen if it uses its innate attack", Ajax panicked and ordered Spirus to use its second skill 'Bless'.

Bless is a very powerful healing skill which is useful when fighting as a group as it can heal all the allies for five minutes.

Soon Snow's all wounds recovered at a rapid pace shocking Water python and stared murderously at the Spirus, who closed her eyes to cast the Bless.

As it was in shock, a fire asteroid landed on it making the earlier scratch on its back open up a little. and the area around that scratch is charred.

Without wasting any time, Ajax ordered Slait to create a sand dune beneath the water python and he used the spatial blades with 500 units of the essence of nature at the wound on its back.

The water python wound is fully open and it looked visibly tired but suddenly something unexpected happened. It came from the sand dune without putting much effort and the wound on its back recovered quicker than Snow's wounds and its strength is increasing rapidly which made Ajax worried.


The single-horned water python is about to use its innate ability which is a strength-type.

Its strength will be increased to mid-level rank 4 for a short time and its injuries will be healed.

Please be careful host and kill it before it finishes the strength increment.

"What, the water python is using its innate ability. Snow, use your thunderstorm now", Ajax didn't want to give any time to increase its strength, so he ordered the Hawk to use it's, strongest skill, Thunderstorm.

He withheld this skill because it is very crucial to finish the enemy. If it fails to finish the enemy with this skill, then it's game over for him in the hands of the enemy.

The lightning hawk rushed towards the water python and used its lightning eagle claw to clutch the water python and used its wings to create storms and dived into it.

In the storm, many lightning flashes and thunder rumbles appeared scaring the nearby spirit beasts.

Ajax only saw the lightning flashes and heard loud thunders in the storm and didn't know what was happening in that thunderstorm.

After exactly five minutes, two silhouettes fell down from the storm.

One is the water python which is twitching on the ground and the other one is lightning dragon hawk which is unconscious.

Ajax went over to Snow and after confirming that it is still alive, his breathing relaxed.

"Kill it completely", Ajax ordered Volcanis and sat near the Lightning Dragon Hawk.

"Spirus, use your skills on Snow and heal it", Spirus nodded its head and used its skill on the hawk healing it slowly.

Ajax sent the hawk along with the spirus into the inner world to heal.


Killed a low-level rank 4 beast

Gained 1000 units of the essence of nature.


The host killed a spirit beast with two levels higher than his level.

A random reward will be given encouraging the host to continue to kill higher-level spirit beasts.


A commander elemental spirit stone is sent to the host's inventory as the reward.

Soon a series of system notifications came.

"Killing a low-level rank 4 beast only gave 1000 units of the essence of nature, if not the additional reward it's not worth to kill higher-level spirit beasts", Ajax felt, the essence of nature gained from killing the spirit beasts from the inheritance ground and here is like a mountain and a rock.

"Anyway, I got a commander elemental spirit stone. With this, I can upgrade Volcanis to Elemental spirit commander realm quickly", Ajax thought about upgrading Volcanis as soon as he got an extra elemental spirit stone.

Actually, he thought about upgrading Volcanis sooner, when he got the commander elemental spirit stone but he stopped himself from doing it, with the suggestion for the summoner king.

"Volcanis, come here", Ajax called Volcanis and gave him the commander elemental spirit stone to him making him excited.

"System, do your thing", As soon as he said that system started upgrading Volcanis.

The elemental spirit stone merged with Volcanis slowly.


The commander elemental spirit stone has more than 80% compatibility with Volcanis, there is a chance to an additional skill from the spirit stone.

Ajax smiled when he saw the system notification.

The energy from the stone slowly flowed all over the fire elemental spirit body increasing its levels one by one slowly.

Volcanis body became bigger and sturdier with each level increment

After nearly 30 minutes,

With a 'bang', Volcanis reached the elemental spirit commander realm and the energy stopped flowing.

"Thanks for granting me a new life, summoning master", as soon as the process completed Volcanis bowed to Ajax.

"Huh?", Ajax didn't understand why Volcanis is this much sincere all of a sudden.

"Summoning master, when we, the elemental spirits reach the commander realm, we can ....."

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