New Age Of Summoners Chapter 80

71 Single Horned Water Python

"Hehehehe, the target is out of the city", A masked figure said to another masked figure beside him with a smile.

"Once, the target enters the cursed wilderness, we will take action. Until then keep an eye on him", the second masked figure replied.

"Yes boss, once we will kill him and bring his head back to that young master, he will surely reward us heavily", with a cruel gin on his face, the first masked figure looked at the running Ajax with gleaming eyes.

"Yes, but I still don't understand why he is pissed by this fellow anyway? ", the boss puzzled at this easy mission.

"Who cares, as long as we get rewarded by the sect and the young master it's enough for our team", the lackey convinced the boss.

With that, they returned back regrouped with their teammates and planned their mission slowly.


After running out of the city, he ran into the direction of the cursed wilderness until he was out of sight from everyone and summoned his recently evolved Lightning Dragon Hawk.


Spirit beast name:- Lightning Dragon Hawk

Grade:- Mid-level rank 3

Loyalty:- Close friend

Description:- As long as it's loyalty remains in the closed friend section, it will never abandon the host even at the cost of its life, so please take care of it.

"The loyalty is increased from a 'friend' to 'close friend', Hahaha ", Ajax smiled when he checked the loyalty of the summoned spirit beast.

Because it is now his partner, a partner who will cover his back even in his death is impossible to get, so he felt happy and stroked its small featured head.

"Since your feathers are snow white, I will call you Snow from now on. What do you say", Ajax named it as 'Snow' which made the Hawk screeched happily in agreement.

"Now, let's go", with that he mounted on it and flown towards the cursed wilderness with lightning speed.

"Woah", he exclaimed loudly, when he flew at very high speed.

After ten minutes,

"Where did he go, he was running in this direction earlier, didn't he?", one of the many masked figures who was following Ajax, asked another masked figure.

"No need to worry, he will enter the cursed wilderness anyway, we will wait for him there", seeing that they are unable to find Ajax in their surroundings, the boss ordered his team members to stop searching for Ajax and ran in the direction of the cursed wilderness with full speed.

After six hours,

Ajax finally entered the outer section of the cursed wilderness with the Hawk.

"Thanks to you, I managed to save three-four hours of time for traveling", he patted the Lightning Dragon Hawk with a gentle smile.

When Snow slowed its speed, Ajax's hair still stood like spikes due to the very high speed of the Lightning Dagon Hawk.

"Now, directly rush to the border of the middle section of the cursed wilderness", Ajax gave the order to the Hawk to directly rush to the border.

Because the Snow lion King lives at the border between the outer section and the middle section according to the details of the mission.

Along the way, some spirit beasts hindered his way but just with the Lightning Eagle Claw from the 'Snow' (Lightning Dragon Hawk), they were decimated into pieces.

Some spirit beasts just shuddered in the presence of the rank 3 Snow.

They smoothly reached the border without much difficulty and Ajax ordered Snow to land.

At the border, there will be rank 4 spirit beasts, so he decided not to fly here because they will be easily spotted by the rank 4 spirit beasts.

He summoned all his elemental spirits in case of any ambushes from the spirit beasts and at the same time to absorb the essence of nature from the surroundings.

After two days,

"Where is that damned Snow lion king and that longevity fruit tree", Ajax cursed at how big the cursed wilderness since he was unable to find tree nor that rank 4 spirit beast.

As he was cursing the cursed wilderness, a snake-like spirit beast attacked Snow which is strongest among Ajax's team.

But that spirit beast greatly underestimated Snow, as it has a Lightning speed innate ability that helped Snow to easily dodge the incoming attack.

Seeing its attack was easily dodged by the Hawk, snake-like spirit beast directly turned its attack to the Ajax, who is very near to it.

Ajax released his Spatial blades with 500 units of the essence of nature while dodging the attack from it.

But the spatial blades only helped him to slow it down to dodge from its attack but the blades didn't even leave a scar or any mark on it making Ajax shock.

Ajax used his system to get the details of the spirit beast.


Spirit beast name:- Single horned water Python

Grade:- Low-level rank 4

Description:- A spirit beast that is very cunning in nature and waiting for a chance to evolve into a single-horned water dragon.

Skills:- XXXXX (The level difference is more than one, so skills are unable to reveal)

"So, It's a rank 4 spirit beast that's why my spatial blades didn't leave any marks on it even with the 500 units of the essence of nature", Ajax's previous puzzle has been solved as he checked its information.

"If I can check it skills then I would have more chances of success", Ajax thought about the level difference and continued thinking, "I think it attacked Snow because of the dragon bloodline in it", Ajax linked the chances the Python is waiting is none other than the blood flowing in the Snow.

"Everyone attack together", Ajax ordered his team to attack the Single horned water Python with their skills.

Ajax didn't use his Spatial blades since he already knows it has zero effect on it and ordered "Snow, don't use Thunderstorm yet, wait until I say".

Seeing everyone attacking it, the python simply dodged every attack but didn't attack the elemental spirits though. In its eyes, only Snow is its opponent, others are only small insects.

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