New Age Of Summoners Chapter 8

8 Dark Elemental Spirit : Cimmeris

"Nothing, but his stored essence of energy in his spirit consciousness will be depleted. But it will take some time before he can have another dream, without elemental spirit there is nothing a summoner can do....", elder boron silently did some signs with his fingers, as he explained Ajax about his question.

Soon a shadow came out of the elder Boron's shadow and stood infront of Ajax.

Ajax was shocked to see the lean and long shadow that is standing infront of him. He also felt

a strong pressure suffocating him that made him sweat a lot. He is not even able to move his own body in the pressure.

"What is that shadow that is making me feel suffocated and freezing my body just with a look", Ajax thought he will lose his consciousness if it's continued like this.

" Cimmeris, stop fooling around and retract your 'Bloodlust', otherwise he will pass out with the pressure", elder boron ordered the shadow being.

"Heheehe...., I was just playing with him", that shadow being called cimmeris retracted his bloodlust.

As soon as the bloodlust is retracted Ajax fell on to his back panting heavily.

" What???, Your playing with me???, it's like you are trying to kill me", Although Ajax want to shout at the shadow being but didn't dare to do it.

"Elder, what is that shadow being???",He just turning his head to face elder boron and asked.

Although Ajax know what that is but he wanted to confirm it whether it is right or wrong.

" It's my contracted elemental spirit ", elder boron continued as he said with a proud look in his eyes, "It belongs to the rare dark attribute".

" Now I will introduce you to my dark elemental spirit. His name is Cimmeris. Although it's very playful in nature, It's very powerful", elder boron introduced Cimmeris to Ajax.

"Hello elder Cimmeris", Ajax didn't take the previous incident to heart and greeted politely and then he asked elder boron," Elder, Will all the elemental spirits have a name??.

" No need to call me Elder, just Cimmeris will do, yes, every elemental spirit have a name ",Instead of elder boron, his dark elemental spirit Cimmeris soon came infront of Ajax and said "Not bad, not bad, you clearly withstood my bloodlust for few seconds, it can be considered an achievement for you boy ".

" Is it the feeling I felt is because of bloodlust?? phew... it's very scary. By the way what is it elder? ", Ajax asked with a scared look on his face.

" It's one of the skills of Cimmeris ", elder replied calmly.

" skills??, are there many skills for one elemental spirits? ", Ajax asked the question as usual.

Seeing Cimmeris about to say something, elder boron glared at it and said to Ajax " You don't need to know about that now, You will know when it is time".

Disappointment flashed in his eyes when Ajax heard that but soon he heard elder boron say, "don't act like that pitifully infront of me, I brought a small gift for your accomplishments in sensing the elements of nature. Eat it quickly and don't worry about training drill today,I already asked permission for you", as elder boron finished speaking he took out a fruit that looked like a peach from a small black wooden box and gave it to Ajax.

As soon as he caught the scent of the fruit he had an urge to eat it, but he suppressed his urge to eat and asked elder boron, "Elder,what is this fruit?? Its urging me to eat this".

" Not need to suppress your urge. Eat it quickly,I will say what fruit it is after you eat", elder boron said in somewhat quick tone.

Sensing the urgency from the tone Ajax didn't ask anymore questions and started eating it.

Ajax soon finished eating the fruit and sensed the energy that is formed in his body before, started moving.

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