New Age Of Summoners Chapter 79

70 Second Mission

"So with every major breakthrough, the skill level of the elemental spirit increases one level", Ajax thought to himself understanding the skill level pattern of the elemental spirits.

"Ajax, at what level is your contracted elemental spirit now?", Paulin asked the Ajax who seemed to be thinking something.

"Huh", Ajax woke up fro his thoughts and replied to Paulin, "It has reached peak spirit soldier, senior brother paulin".

"No problem, once it reaches the elite spirit soldier realm, you can directly use the commander elemental spirit stone and upgrade it to commander realm easily, then we can have boundless future in front of us", Paulin encouraged Ajax to cultivate his contracted spirit.

"Yes, brother Paulin. If you don't mind, I have something to talk to Captain Edmond", Ajax politely left from Paulin's room.

Soon, he reached Edmond's room.

"Come in", as he was about to knock his door, Edmond told him to come inside.

"What is it, Ajax?", Edmond asked when Ajax entered his room.

"Captain Edmond, I want to complete a mission individually", Ajax said after some hesitation.

"Sure, what type of mission are you intending to finish?", as though he expected this, Edmond leisurely tasted his tea.

"Any type of missions will do, but the danger rating should be 'B'", Ajax slowly replied.

"Ptooey", Edmond spit his tea, when he heard Ajax's reply.

"What? You want to take a 'B' danger rating mission and accomplish it individually?", Edmond constantly stared at Ajax's eyes for some time and finally allowed it, seeing the determination in his eyes.

"Thank you, Captain Edmond", Ajax left Edmond's room after saying 'Thank you'.

"But be careful while you are on the mission", Edmond's words resounded in Ajax's ears.


After Ajax left Edmond's room,

"Hey old Edmond, are you sure he can accomplish the mission individually", Udo keenaxe came into his room and asked Edmond.

"I don't know how he reached peak elite soldier realm in a very short time, but he has his secrets which he doesn't want others to know, so leave it", Edmond explained to Udo without stopping, "But the reason, why I allowed him to try a mission individually is the determinant look in his eyes".

"Should I secret protect him", Udo asked half-jokingly.

"No need. I think, he has some life-saving tricks under his sleeve, which gave him confidence to accomplish a 'B' danger rating mission", Edmond shook his head at Udo.


At the mercenary guild, mission board

Ajax has been looking at the mission board for some easy 'B' danger rating mission.

'B' danger rating missions

" Task:- Kill a rank 4 Heaven poison snake king and collect its gall bladder from the cursed abyss

Reward:- 10,000 spirit stones, except for the gall bladder, the remaining body is yours.

Danger rating:- B

"Task:- Collect the longevity fruit which is guarded by the rank 4 snow lion king in the cursed wilderness.

Reward:- 10,000 spirit stones

Danger rating:- B

"Task:- Collect the restoration pearl from the depth of the Unresting abyss

Reward:- 10,000 spirit stones

Danger rating:- B

Among all the 'B' danger rating missions, these three looked somewhat easier when compared to others.

"I can rule out the Unresting abyss mission since I don't have any water type skill at present", Ajax immediately ruled out the ocean type mission and pondered for some time and finally selected the cursed wilderness mission.

"Since there is a saying, the snake king is heavily guarded at all times and the strength of the snake king alone is sufficient to kill me, so it's better to take the cursed wilderness mission", Ajax ruled out the snake king mission also and took the single boss quest which is rank 4 snow lion king.

He picked up the mission poster and handed it to the beautiful receptionist, Sarah.

He used Edmond's name to quickly handle all things regarding the mission and added this mission to the Hazegrove mercenary squad tab.

After coming out of the mercenary guild building, Ajax heaved a sigh and looked at the mission in the quest tab


The mission is updated


Collect the longevity fruit which is guarded by the rank 4 snow lion king in the cursed wilderness.

Rewards:- 1) Promoting, the user to commander realm in body cultivation directly.

2) A new system feature

3) ::::::::::::::::::::::( If the completion rate is above 'A', then an additional reward will be added to the list.

Condition:- The host needs to complete the mission individually.

Duration:- 30 days.

"Finally, it's time go into the cursed wilderness", Ajax muttered and ran in the direction of the cursed wilderness.

Cursed wilderness is a large forest that is ruled by many Spirit beast kings. It is divided into three sections namely outer, middle, and inner sections. The Spirit beast kings are the beings that are equivalent to the cultivators of the King realm. So they live in the inner section, whereas the spirit beasts from 5 to rank 6 stays in the middle section, whereas the spirit beasts of rank 1 to rank 4 stays in the outer region.

Now, Ajax's mission target is in the outer location of the cursed wilderness.

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