New Age Of Summoners Chapter 78

69 Elemental Spirit Commander

"Since I can't use the elemental spirit stone now then I will use the Primitive stone", Ajax thought to himself and summoned the Destructive twilight dragon from the Inner world.

As soon as it came out, the baby dragon came near to Ajax's leg and rubbed affectionately.

In return, Ajax lifted it up and patted its small head.

"Let's see, how useful the Primitive stone", as he said, he took out the stone from the inventory.


Item name:- Low-grade Primitive stone.

Use:- To purify the bloodline of a spirit beast

"System use it one the baby dragon", he commanded the system to use it.


The system suggests that the low-grade primitive stone is not effective on this spirit beast as it already has a high-level bloodline.


Do you want to use it?

"No", Ajax directly ejected it without any hesitation and summoned the rank 3 Lightning hawk.

When it came out of the inner world, the Lightning hawk shuddered in the presence of the Twilight Dragon.

Seeing that, Ajax sent the baby dragon back into the Inner World.

After sending it back, Ajax looked at the information of the Lightning hawk which is grasping for breath.


Spirit beast name:- Lightning Hawk

Grade:- Low-level rank 3

Loyalty:- Friendly (barely hanging between Friendly and Neutral)


1) Lightning speed:- Moves very fast (Innate ability)

2) Lighting Eagle Claw:- Its claws are shrouded with lightning essence of nature when attacking. (Active Skill)

3) Hawkeye:- When marked a target with this skill, the target will never escape from its sight (Active)

Description:-Contains a small amount of lighting dragon blood in its body which helped it achieve rank 3 in a very short time.

"It has some nice skill there and also has a small amount of lightning dragon blood in it, I think the primitive stone can improve it ", Ajax nodded his head at its skill and asked the system to use the primitive stone.

The motionless primitive stone in his hand floated towards the Lightning hawk which swallowed the stone quickly.


A low- grade Primitive stone is consumed by the Lightning hawk.


Purifying and increasing the blood of the Lightning dragon in its body.

Ajax carefully observed the changes that are occurring to its body.

Its feathers slowly turned into a pure snow white and its body size is growing continuously and it only stopped increasing when it reached 3 meters in height.


Lightning hawk's bloodline increased successfully and have a 50% of lightning dragon bloodline in its body.


Congratulations to host, the Lightning hawk reached mid-level rank 3.

"Huh, it not only increased its bloodline but also achieved a breakthrough", Ajax soon checked if it got any new skills in its information and found one new skill.


Thunderstorm:- The lightning hawk uses its large wings to create a storm and moves in that storm with lightning speed. As long as it stays in that storm, its invincible under rank 4 and can fight normal low-level rank 4 spirit beasts.

"It's an excellent skill to fight higher rank beasts", Ajax patted the Lightning dragon hawk.

That's right after evolving, its name changed from lightning hawk to lightning dragon hawk.

He sent the hawk back into the inner world which kept some distance from the baby dragon.

After that, he checked his inventory for any items that he missed.

"Huh, an essence gem", He found a rank 3 essence gem in the inventory and didn't use it because, the system already reminded him, he has to finish the mission to break through and other methods can't help him to breakthrough.

"Next, I have to take a trip to the mercenary guild to pick up a mission. But before that, I have to convince Captain Edmond", Ajax prepared to say about going on a mission individually.

As soon as he came out of his room, he sensed powerful energy emitting from Paulin's room which changed his direction from Edmond's room to Paulin's room.

Before he can even reach his room, the powerful energy stop emitting.

When he entered the Paulin's room, Ajax saw an elemental spirit much powerful than his own elemental spirits.


Elemental spirit name:- Glacious

Element:- Water- Ice dual element type

Cultivation:- Elemental spirit commander (Level 1)

Skill:- 1) Water-Ice sword (Level 3):- A sword formed by water or ice as chosen by the elemental spirit.

2) Water-Ice shield (Level 2):- A shield formed by water or ice as chosen by the elemental spirit.

3) Cavalry (Level 1):- A rank 3 spirit horse is summoned and used as a mount in the battles and when the elemental spirit is mounted its strength is doubled.

"What the heck!", Ajax shocked by seeing the skills of Paulin's contracted elemental spirit.

"Ajax, no need to get shocked over a small thing. I just used the commander elemental spirit stone", Paulin thought, he was shocked to see the commander realm elemental spirit but what he doesn't know is that he was shocked because of the high-level skills of the elemental spirit.

"Hmm", Ajax controlled his shock and got some understanding about the level of the skills.

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