New Age Of Summoners Chapter 76

68 New Skills

"I nearly lost myself there", Ajax sighed about him losing his focus when experiencing the pain from the process of increasing his spirit consciousness.

"But I finally managed to endure it, thanks to the suffering from the 18 mysterious body posture, his body can endure more pain than others of the same age or above", he constantly praised the body postures but he was wondering why they are not recognized by the system.

"Whatever, let's check my newly upgraded stats", with that thought in his mind, he commanded the system to show his information from the interface.


Name:- Ajax

Age:- 14 year

Cultivation techniques:- Heaven and earth elemental refining technique (level 2),

Mysterious spirit cultivation technique (level 2),

Cloud steps (level 1)

Body cultivation:- Peak Elite soldier

Spirit cultivation:- Peak Elite Spirt soldier

Spirit consciousness:- 2800 units/ 4999 units

Contracted Spirits:- Spirus, Volcanic, Necros, Slait

Ability:- Spatial blades

"Woah, my spirit consciousness took another huge leap, hahaha", Ajax laughed when he saw his spirit consciousness.

After that, he focused on his body cultivation


Body cultivation:- Peak level 10 Elite soldier.

Need 4999 units of the essence of nature to break through to the commander realm.

"As expected, each increment in the major realm needed more essence of nature", nodding his head, he checked his spirit cultivation.


Body cultivation:- Peak level 10 Spirit Elite soldier.

Need 5000 units of the Spirit consciousness capacity to break through to the commander realm.


There will be no increase in the spirit consciousness capacity until host breakthrough to the Commander realm in body cultivation.

"What?, no increase in the spirit consciousness capacity until I reach commander realm", Ajax shocked to see the last system notification as it was not in his expectations.


A new mission is available in the Quest tab, please check it.

Amidst his shock, he got a system notification.

Soon he checked quest tab


Complete any B danger rating mission from the Mercenary guild mission board.

Rewards:- 1) Promoting, the user to commander realm in body cultivation directly.

2) A new system feature

3) ::::::::::::::::::::::( If the completion rate is above 'A', then an additional reward will be added to the list.

Condition:- The host needs to complete the mission individually.

Duration:- 30 days.

"This mission looks cool, I can pick whatever mission in the 'B' danger rating section and finish it up quickly and enter the commander realm", Ajax planned his next events carefully.

"Now, let's check the elemental spirits level", soon he summoned his contracted elemental spirits to look at their levels.


Elemental spirit name:- Spirus

Element:- life type

Cultivation:- Elite Elemental Spirit soldier (Level 1)

Need 2200 units of the essence of nature to reach level 2 of the Elite Elemental spirit soldier realm or can absorb the essence of nature from the spirit stones and from the surroundings,

Skill:- 1) Drain and absorb (Level 2)

2) Bless (Level 1)


Elemental spirit name:- Volcanis

Element:- Fire type

Cultivation:- Elite Elemental spirit soldier (Level 1)

Skill:- 1) Fireblast (Level 2)

2) Fire asteroid (Level 1)


Elemental spirit name:- Necros

Element:- Death type

Cultivation:- Elite Elemental spirit soldier (Level 1)

Skill:- 1) Confuse ray (Level 2)

2) Undead Summoning (Level 1)


Elemental spirit name:- Slait

Element:- Earth-type

Cultivation:- Peak Elemental spirit soldier (Level 10)

Skill:- 1) Sand dunes (Level 1)

As soon as he saw the new cultivation levels and new techniques, Ajax was over cloud nine and smiled from ear to ear.

"Except for Litte Slait, everyone broke through from soldier realm to elite soldier realm and gained an additional skill and also their previous skill level increased to level 2, saving me a 1000 units of the essence of nature for each skill ", Ajax seriously calculated the savings from the skills level up and scanned their skills.


Bless:- When elemental spirit casts this skill (or spell), within a 100-meter range the allies get a continuous heal for five minutes.

(Note:- It can't revive the dead allies)

Cooldown time:- 1 hour


Fire Asteroids:- When activated this skill, a fire asteroid is summoned from the sky, doing the damage to enemies in a 10-meter radius in the direction in which the spirit points.

Cooldown time:- 30 minutes


Undead summoning:- Summons a creature from the undead world with the same strength of the elemental spirit.

Cooldown time:- 30 minutes (after the death of the summon)

"Cool", when he saw the description of the skills Ajax amazed a lot

"These skills are only at the level one and they are already awesome but the cooldown time is high", Ajax muttered as checked the level 2 requirements which required 1000 units of the essence of nature each to upgrade.

So he left it there.

"Now, I have elemental spirit stones of a soldier realm and a commander realm but the summoner king suggested me to not use them now, I wonder why?", Ajax thought back to the words of the summoner king in the inheritance ground and didn't use the elemental stones for now.

"Since I can't use the elemental spirit stone now then I will use the Primitive stone"


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