New Age Of Summoners Chapter 75

67 Breaking The Energy Orb

"Paulin but you said, you didn't get any inheritance yesterday, but", before Edmond can finish his sentence, Ajax interrupted, "The elemental spirits are not considered as an inheritance because the final six participants got a contracted elemental spirit each for themselves, including me".

On completing his words, a chubby earth elemental spirit appeared in front of him.

"This is my contracted elemental spirit, Slait. Slait, say hello to everyone", Ajax introduced Slait to everyone.

"Hello everyone, nice to meet you", Slait politely greeted everyone.

"Cool", Lewis and Jeff exclaimed in unison.

"How can you contract an elemental spirit without natural awakening?", Edmond puzzled and asked Paulin and Ajax.

"Actually, we entered the elemental spirit world and ...", Paulin explained everything about entering the Spirit world and about the rewards and who the inheritance.

"It's a better thing that the inheritance was obtained by the royal family if it has been any of the sects or main family it leads to a bloody war" Edmond expressed his views about the inheritor.

"Why it would lead to a bloody war if the inheritance is obtained by others?", Ajax asked wondering the reason behind it.

"It's about power, the royal family is monopolizing the Zrochester province and it has the power to handle the inheritance", Edmond paused for a second and continued, "If it is obtained by any other sect or family, the royal family would have erased that family, which will help the sects and main families, a reason to form an alliance and lead an all-out war with the royal family causing a great inconvenience to normal people and low-level cultivators ", Edmond finished explaining about the power struggles between the sects, main families and the royal family with a sigh on his face.

Except for Ajax, Paulin and others have some knowledge about the power struggles. Even then, all listened to Edmond carefully.

"Ok then, everyone go back and utilize the rewards you got from the inheritance ground. I will assemble you when the next mission is ready", Edmond ordered everyone to go back to their rooms.

Nodding their heads, everyone left for their rooms.


In Ajax's room,

As soon as he entered the room, he thought about his revenge.

"There are many strong sects and families, I think one of them had a hand in the massacre or lest they would have some kind of information about assassination at the Silver Orphanage", Although he doesn't know that whether he was true or not, he swore to himself that he will find out with the clue left behind by the assassin.

"But, I am still very weak when compared to them, I will try to quickly enhance my strength", with that he sat cross-legged and activated the small energy orb in his spirit consciousness.

The energy orb is one of the rewards from the summoner king to Ajax in the exchange for the inheritance.


Activating the energy orb in the host's spirit consciousness.


It will be painful, so please bear with it otherwise the host may lose his life.

"So be it, I am not afraid of pains", Ajax already know that with instant power comes unbearable pain.

But he was willing to bear with the pain rather than remaining weak.

Soon the small energy orb crushed and a wave of powerful essence of nature with some kind of mysterious power along with it flowed all over his body making his bones break and attach them together.

When his bones broke he felt a sting of intolerable pain from his bones.

He thanked the 18 mysterious body postures he practiced when he was small.

Because these 18 mysterious body postures which were given to him by Elder Boron helped him stay focused even with unbearable pain.

But the bone break and attach process repeated several times. With each time, the pain increased making him almost give up but he continued to bear with it.

Amidst his painful process, system notification continuously rang in his head.


The host leveled up to Level 2 elite soldier realm successfully.


The host leveled up to Level 3 elite soldier realm successfully.


The host leveled up to Level 4 elite soldier realm successfully.






The host leveled up to peak Level 10 elite soldier realm successfully.

The process stopped after ten times which made Ajax heave a long sigh of relief.

But after that process, another process occurred in his spirit consciousness.

The essence of nature from the energy orb then rushed into his already full spirit consciousness and forcefully expanded it, which made him bite his tongue to not lose his focus.

Same as before, the system notifications continuously rang in his head.


The host leveled up to Level 2 elite spirt soldier realm successfully.


The host leveled up to Level 3 elite spirt soldier realm successfully.


The host leveled up to Level 4 elite spirit soldier realm successfully.






The host leveled up to peak Level 10 elite spirit soldier realm successfully.

After nearly 2 hours of the painful process, the pain subsided and Ajax fell on his bed and heaved a sigh of relief.

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