New Age Of Summoners Chapter 72

64 Elemental Spirit: Glacious

"Finally, I, Limu found a master and a beautiful elemental spirit as a fellow servant, Hahaha", after completion of the contract that blue elemental spirit laughed loudly.

"Sigh...", seeing the excitement of the elemental spirit Princess Daphne sighed.

"Sister Daphne, since we have completed the task given by the summoner king, why don't we cultivate here", Vapora, the water elemental spirit suggested Princess Daphne.

"Sure", Princess Daphne who is at level 6 of the elite soldier realm in body cultivation and level 1 of the elite spirit soldier realm accepted Vapora's suggestion quickly.

Because she wanted to breakthrough to the commander realm as soon as possible so that she can have something to back her when she wants to oppose her royal father. At least she thought so.

"If I reach commander realm soon, then I can finally have a chance to enter that place", She muttered to herself as he sat down to cultivate.

At every major realm, the Spirit cultivator can contract an elemental spirit, so if she broke through to the commander realm and contracted another elemental spirit, she thought she can have a chance to oppose her father by entering that place.

Soon she and her two water elemental spirits concentrated on cultivation.


In a random location of the elemental spirit world,

"Human kid, if you can defend my attack without your cultivation and managed to survive then I am willing to form a master-servant contract with you", a white and blue colored elemental spirit declared to Paulin loudly.

"Sure", Paulin, with his carefree behaviour accepted the request of the elemental spirit in front of him and examined it closely.

The elemental spirit has two clear eyes with wide bent ears sat on each side of its long, thin head. Its average muscular body stands straight. Two broad arms rest at its sides, gentle hands with long fingers, each with broad nails.

As soon as he accepted the deal, the elemental spirit rushed towards him with a water blade in its hand in order to cleave at him.

Paulin stood where he was and didn't move. He was looking straight into the eyes of the elemental spirit eyes calmly.

The elemental spirit increased its speed even more and cleaved at him.

But the slash didn't harm him instead, it helped him refresh his mood.

"How do you know that I didn't intend to harm you", the elemental spirit asked Paulin wondering why the human in front of him didn't dodge his attack.

"Because of those clear eyes", Paulin started his explanation, "From those eyes, I know that you are not some insane elemental spirit who wants to kill wantonly, so I didn't dodge your attack, lest you would have wounded me, even then I can form a contract with you".

"You got some nice observation skills there, Human kid. I am very much willing to serve such a master with keen skills ", The elemental spirit bowed and said to Paulin respectfully.

Although all elemental spirits want to become stronger they aren't willing to place their lives into the hands of others without any knowledge of what kind of man/woman their master is?

In Ajax's case, he saved three elemental spirits in the test zone from the undead lord, so they willingly asked Ajax to become his servants and the recent earth elemental spirit is immature as it was born very recently and tricked by him into a contract with him.

But many elemental spirits will test their future masters before becoming his/her servant. If they are not qualified then they will not accept the contract even at the cost of their lives.

Soon, the water elemental spirit formed a master-servant contract and entered into Paulin's spirit consciousness.

As it entered into his spirit consciousness, the information about the spirit entered into his mind.

"Come out Glacious", Paulin summoned out the water elemental spirit from his spirit consciousness.

"I, Glacious, is waiting for summoning master's order", the elemental spirit bowed a knight's salute respectfully.

"Since the essence of nature here is rich, let's cultivate here until summoner king calls us", with that he started cultivating, whereas his contracted elemental spirit entered into the water to cultivate.

Before cultivating, he didn't stop worrying about his junior brother, Ajax though.


Soon, almost the three hours time given by the summoner king is completed.


Wake up host, there is only a couple of minutes left for the three-hour time.


Soon, summon back all the host's contracted elemental spirits back.

The system notifications woke up Ajax from his cultivation with made him almost cursed at the system but since he was the one asked t remind it when the time was up, he slowly stood up.

Without looking at the progress of any of his elemental spirits, he summoned them into his spirit consciousness.

As soon as he summoned them back, a portal appeared in front of him.

Without hesitating, he entered into the Portal quickly.

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