New Age Of Summoners Chapter 71

63 Elemental Spirit: Limu

"Before that shall we give a small boost to the little Slait in his cultivation", Ajax wanted to level up his chubby elemental spirit first before cultivating

Not understanding the meaning behind his words, the chubby elemental spirit looked at Ajax curiously, wondering what he gonna do.

"System, Spirit Consciousness",


Spirit consciousness:- 323 units/ 3041 units

System note:- 20 units of the essence of nature are added from the inner world and the capacity of the spirit consciousness is increased by 10 with the help of the mysterious spirit cultivation technique.

"Huh?" Ajax was shocked to see his essence of nature. Because, it's been only a little over an hour since he came to this elemental spirit world and he already accumulated 200+ units of the essence of nature, without even using his main cultivation technique.

"System, upgrade little Slait"


Consumed 100 units of the essence of nature


Elemental Spirit Soldier:- (level:-2)

need 200 units of the essence of nature to reach level 3

"System, again", Without wasting any time, Ajax asked the system to upgrade again.


Consumed 200 units of the essence of nature


Elemental Spirit Soldier:- (level:-3)

need 300 units of the essence of nature to reach level 4.

Elemental spirit name:- Slait

Element:- Earth-type

Cultivation:- Elemental spirit soldier

(Level 3)

Need 300 units of the essence of nature to reach level 4 of the Elemental spirit soldier realm.

Skill:- Sand Dunes

(Level 1)

Need 1000 units of the essence of nature to upgrade the skill to level 2.

Rating:- Good

After two back to back level-ups Slait, who looked small earlier now increased in the height, reaching 2.5 meters.

But what didn't change is its chubby immature face.

"Hahahaha, I became stronger with a casual wave from the master", the chubby elemental spirit laughed loudly with a smug look on its immature face.

The elemental spirit's words also became clear when he leveled up to level 3.

Actually, he wanted to use elemental spirit stone on it but it will be a waste to use it here since the earlier stages are very easy and with the help of the rich essence of nature in the elemental spirit world, it can level up easily here. So he refrained from using the stone.

"Ok, now everyone cultivates here until our time is up" after he said that, Ajax casually sat and thought, "If spirit beasts can also have a chance to cultivate here, I would have been best but..sigh ".

Earlier when he tried to summon the baby dragon and Lightning hawk, the system alerted him to not summon then as there is no protection for them from the summoner king to survive in the elemental spirit world.

"Yes summoning master", All four elemental spirits bowed and left to cultivate in suitable locations.

Volcanis chose a rich fire essence area and started his cultivation, Spirus chose an area with large green trees which are filled with the life essence of nature. Whereas Necros went somewhat faraway for a location with death essence of nature.

As for the chubby earth elemental spirit, it entered in the sand dune it created to cultivate.

"System, notify me before the trial time is finished", Seeing his every contracted elemental spirit entered their natural locations to cultivate, he ordered the system and started his cultivation.

Soon, everyone started their cultivation without wasting any time.


Somewhere in the elemental spirit world,

A young girl in the majestic blue robe looked at the blue transparent being that just came out of the water.

Behind the young girl, another blue transparent being is standing respectfully and watching the other blue transparent being.

They are none other than Princess Daphne and her contracted elemental spirit.

The blue transparent being that came out of the water has two shiny eyes monitoring its surroundings from the thin eye sockets. A flat nose rests below, but it's the shallow mouth below that takes all the attention.

A shy smile reveals two small canines and a small tongue. Small round ears sit on each side of its small, pointy head and have two horns protruding from the sides.

"Can you become my fellow-servant serving the master and we can become stronger together ", Vapora with its iris-less eyes asked seducingly with a small smile on its transparent face.

"Yes, of course of course", the being that came from the water nodded its head at the Vapora with saliva dripping from its mouth.

"Big sister Vapora do I have to form a contract with it?", Princess Daphne asked Vapora with a terrible expression on her face.

"Yes, Sister Daphne, only then can we have a chance to get the inheritance", The elemental spirit convinced Princess Daphne to form a contract.

"But, that thing is ugly", muttered Princess Daphne and without a choice, she formed a contract with that ugly blue elemental spirit.

Because they already wasted more than an hour just to find an elemental spirit and if she rejected it, she may be unable to find other elemental spirits that are willing to form a contract with her, so she accepted the contract.

"Finally, I, Limu found a master and a beautiful elemental spirit as a fellow servant, Hahaha", after completion of the contract that blue elemental spirit laughed loudly.

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