New Age Of Summoners Chapter 70

62 Elemental Spirit: Slai

"Whooo dhares toh Anter mi hom ", As he was talking to his elemental spirits, a childish voice came from the ground beneath them.

Even before Ajax and his elemental spirits can react, the land beneath them turned soft and started swallowing them.

But Ajax, as an elite spirit soldier and an elite body realm soldier easily managed to come out of the small sand dune carrying the elemental spirits out along with him.

"Master, I think we came across a recently born elemental spirit", Spirus jovially said to Ajax.

"Then is it easy to contract with it?", Ajax asked puzzledly looking at Spirus.

"It is very easy, as long as you trick it, it can easily sign a contract with you?", Volcanis also said happily.

"Let's get the contract done quickly", Ajax was over the moon as he said that.

"Hoow can yoh eshcape pfrom mi cand dune", A small yellow-colored silhouette materialized from the sand dune.

"Woah, it's super cute and chubby", Looking at the yellow-colored silhouette Ajax thought in his head.

"Hey, do you want to become powerful?" Ajax asked the yellow-colored elemental spirit in front of him.

"Of course I want to become powerful", Without thinking even for a second, the small earth elemental spirit replied to Ajax's question.

"If you enter into the master-servant relationship I can help you become more powerful than you imagine", Ajax slowly convinced the elemental spirit.

Actually what he said about helping it becoming powerful is not a lie. He will really help it become powerful if it can successfully become his contracted elemental spirit.

Although it looked small about only around 1 to 1.5 meters, it thought for a while scanning the elemental spirits behind the weird being in front of him.

"These elemental spirits look stronger than me, I think he is saying the truth", as the small elemental spirit thinking to itself, the life elemental spirit used its soft voice to convince it, "Little brother, don't hesitate, the summoning master is right and he will surely help become powerful like us" while pointing at Volcanis and Necros, Spirus acted as a big sister and treated the earth elemental spirit as a little brother.

"Ok, I will accept the contract but you shouldn't go back on your words," the small earth elemental spirit said seriously to Ajax, which made him thought, "Hooh, cute".

Soon, Ajax placed his hand on the earth elemental spirit and a system notification came,


Do you want to contract the Earth Elemental Spirit?

"Yes", Ajax excitedly answered the system.


Forming a Master-Servant contract with earth elemental spirit.....


The Earth Elemental Spirit is not opposing the host's will.


Congratulations to the host for successfully forming a Master- servant contract with an Earth Elemental Spirit.

"Huh, is it that easy??", Ajax wondered is forming a contract is always this easy.

When he was contracted to the elemental spirits earlier in the System test zone, he felt some pain in his head but due to the urgency at that time, he didn't have any time to complain about it, but now it was over within a few seconds making him puzzled.

"Maybe because I am an elite spirit soldier, it didn't hurt my head, and also my spirit consciousness is much larger than before", Ajax thought to himself and looked at the information of the small Earth Elemental Spirit.


Elemental spirit name:- Slait

Element:- Earth-type

Birth:- Born in a Sand dune which has rich earth essence of nature in it.

Cultivation:- Elemental spirit soldier

(Level 1)

Need 100 units of the essence of nature to reach level 2 of the Elemental spirit soldier realm.

Skill:- Sand Dunes

(Level 1)

Need 1000 units of the essence of nature to upgrade the skill to level 2.

Skill Explanation:- A 10-meter area on the land can be turned into Sand dunes which absorbs a multiple targets into it.

Rating:- Good

"It has some good skill", Ajax was in a good mood as he got the contracted elemental spirit without any effort but he puzzled about the level of the elemental spirit.

"Why the elemental spirits always have level 1 spirit soldier strength only but not more than that?", Ajax wondered as "Since the elemental spirits always live in such an extremely rich environment why can't they level up".

"An elemental spirit can only absorb the essence of nature after contracting a summoner. Even they try to absorb before contracting, they will explode without even leaving an elemental stone", Necros, with his large mouth explained about the problems of the elemental spirits.

Nodding his head, Ajax ordered, "Since we completed the main task at hand, should we cultivate here?".

"Yes", Everyone, including the newest member, nodded his head excitedly.

After forming a contract, he understood many things which are he didn't understand before.

"Before that shall we give a small boost to the little Slait in his cultivation", Ajax wanted to level up his chubby elemental spirit first before cultivating

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