New Age Of Summoners Chapter 7

7 summoner And Elemental Spirits

"Ajax, since you can sense elements if essence of nature fully then it's about time for you to learn about Summoning", elder Boron said slowly.

" Summoning? ", Ajax clearly confused when he said that word.

" Yes", elder boron replied with a sigh by looking straight in to the eyes of Ajax, he continued

"Summoning is an ancient art which help an individual to summon the spiritual beings called 'Elemental Spirits' from the Spirit world and the individual who can summon these elemental spirits are called 'Summoners' ". saying upto this elder boron stopped talking to allow Ajax to remember about what he said just now.

" With the help of Summoning one can summon these so called elemental spirits but what are they? ", Ajax asked with his interest piqued.

Ajax always has an interest in learning new, so when he heard about what elder boron said, his interest was piqued.

Seeing curiosity on Ajax face, elder boron felt satisfied " As I said earlier Elemental spirits are the spiritual beings, that are born in the spirit world where a certain type of energy is concentrated for millions of years", taking a short break elder boron continued as,

"When the summoner summons the elemental spirit from the spirit world to his or her

world a deep bond that a master and servant pact is formed between the summoner and the elemental spirit. Once this bond is formed the summoned elemental spirit always follows the summoner as his or her servants. And one more thing for you to know is, if an elemental spirit dies a backlash occurs on the summoner's spirit consciousness. However if the summoner dies then the elemental spirit also dies".

After ingesting all the words said by the elder boron Ajax questioned him "Isn't it disadvantageous for elemental spirit?".

" Hahahah.. ", Elder boron chuckles lightly as he replied, " Although its disadvantageous for elemental spirits, the only way for them to get strong is to form a pact with the summoner, who in turn provides their pure essence of energy to the elemental spirits. This pure essence of energy helps the elemental spirits to improve their cultivation and becomes strong. Now you say, isn't it fair for elemental spirits to become stronger than to remain at the bottom of food chain".

Nodding his head Ajax agreed with elder boron.

"Then elder, how is it related to me sensing the elements of essence of nature? Is it essential to sense the elements to summon??? And also how can one become a summoner? ", Ajax asked a bunch of questions to elder boron.

' Like father like son, both are fast learners and ask a lot of questions', elder boron silently thought to himself in his mind as he answered

" Hey brat, that's what I am going to say next. Summoning requires a minimum age of 15.Next important factor is your Spirit consciousness. If you can store enough essence of nature in your spirit consciousness then you will have a dream specific to your element of essence of nature stored in spirit. If you can successfully convince the elemental spirit and form a pact with it then you successfully summon that elemental spirit ", elder boron explained about summoning patiently.

"Elder, you said one can only summon the elemental spirit after Successfully convincing the elemental spirit, but earlier you said elemental spirits only hope to become stronger through this. Then will they decline to form a pact?", Ajax found something wrong with the logic, so he asked elder boron about it.

"Although they hope to become stronger but they only form a pact with the person whom they trust or who is formidable", elder replied calmly.

" what will happen to the person who is unable to convince the spirit", Ajax asked the next question with out any delay.

"Nothing, but his stored essence of energy in his spirit consciousness will be depleted. But it will take some time before he can have another dream, without elemental spirit there is nothing a summoner can do....", elder boron silently did some signs with his fingers, as he explained Ajax about his question.

Soon a shadow came out of the elder Boron's shadow and stood infront of Ajax.

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