New Age Of Summoners Chapter 65

57 Rewards


As soon as he set his foot on the last step he heard a loud voice informing about the completion of Phase 2 of the trial.

Out of nowhere, a big black box suddenly appeared in front of the entrance door to the floating island.

But his focus was not on the box instead he is looking at the baby dragon which is squatting in front of him.

He looked at the baby dragon which has recently broken through to rank 2.

The baby dragon which is only 10 centimeters at the time of birth now reached a height of 1.5 meters.

" It just transformed from cute to ferocious", Ajax thought with looking at it.

Not only its height increased but also it additionally learned two new skills, one normal and other is an innate ability.


Monster name:- Destructive twilight dragon. (Baby)

(low-level rank 2)

Grade:- Legendary

Type:- Darkness

Skills:- [1] Tough Skin (Passive skill)

[Explanation:- Born with extremely hard skin which is impervious to heat, cold and other elements.]

[2] Poison Breath (Active skill)

[Explanation:- Using the essence of nature, it releases a poisonous gas through its mouth. It can even harm a peak level rank 2 spirit beast with this skill ]

[Cooldown time:- one hour]

Innate skills:- [1] Dragon's rage (Passive skill)

[Explanation:- When the skill is activated the dragon's strength increased by a rank. It is triggered only when the dragon is angry.]

[Cooldown time:- 24 hours]

Description:- A high-grade beast, where ever it goes, Destruction follows

Rating:- Disaster

"It has not been 24 hours since it was born, but it already reached rank 2" Ajax looked at it in awe and terror.

"Whatever, since it is contracted with me now, I guess it can be controlled", Ajax muttered in his head as he looked at the black box.

"Let's see the reward for climbing these arduous 1000 steps" with an expectant look, Ajax went towards the big black box with the baby dragon behind him.

As he opened the big black box, he saw a shiny red-colored stone.


Item name:- Fire essence gem (rank 3)

Use:- Can be used to break through major realms

[Note:- Can be used by the cultivators below Commander realm effectively]

Description:- An essence gem formed in a rank 3 fire spirit beast.

Rating:- Good

When he touched the stone, Ajax got a system notification explaining about it.

"Oh, it's a rare essence gem used for breakthroughs", Ajax already knows about essence gem and their uses, but he is unable to identify the essence gem at a look.

"Since I can't use you now anyway, you can take a rest in the inventory ", Ajax kept the essence gem in the inventory and looked at the big black box and cursed it, "You look bigger but you gave me a small essence gem, waste box, waste box".

As he was cursing it, he soon got a series of system notifications in his head.


The first mission of the quest tab is completed successfully.


The elemental spirit, Spirus successfully tamed the Lightning hawk.


Calculating rewards....


Host successfully tamed a Rank 3 Lightning hawk, directly increasing the rating to 'S', grade.


A low-grade primitive crystal is stored in the inventory.


A low-grade elemental spirit crystal is stored in the inventory.

"Huh, Primitive crystal??, elemental spirit crystal??", Ajax confused with the rewards as he didn't know anything about them.

It's not Ajax's lack of knowledge, even if Edmond was in his place, he would not know about them either.

With a thought, a small stone with mysterious runes on it appeared in his hand.


Item name:- Low-grade Primitive stone.

Use:- To purify the bloodline of a spirit beast

Description:- A mysterious stone that helps a spirit beast to purify its bloodline. Higher the bloodline, lower the chances to purify

Rating:- Excellent

Nodding his head, he took out another stone from the inventory and focused on it.


Item name:- Low-grade elemental spirit stone

Use:- To level up a level 1 elite Spirt soldier elemental spirit directly to the level 1 commander elemental spirit.

Description:- When an elemental spirit dies, it will be faded into the surroundings, leaving behind an elemental spirit stone.

Rating:- good

"It's my luck, my luck,ohohoh ", Ajax shouted like crazy before calming himself.

"I will use it later", Ajax thought as he said, "Now, let's enter phase 3"

With a thought, he recalled all his elemental spirit into his spirit consciousness and sent the baby dragon into the inner world where Spirus and the Lightning hawk are playing.

Seeing the sudden entry of a baby dragon, the Lightning hawk became alerted but calmed down when Spirus patted it.

The baby dragon didn't bother itself with others and went towards the small ability tree and slept peacefully.

Ajax shook his head when he saw the actions of the baby dragon and went to open the doors to phase 3.

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