New Age Of Summoners Chapter 63

55 Elemental Spirit: Vapora

After half a day later,

Ajax finally opened his eyes after 12-hour peaceful cultivation along with Volcanis and Necros.

As for Spirus, she was busy stopping the bleeding from wounds on the injured Lightning hawk which is still unconscious.

"System, Spirit consciousness", without wasting any time, Ajax commanded the system.


Spirit consciousness:- 456 units / 3031 units.

Note:- 20 units of the essence of nature from the inner world are added to the spirit consciousness.

"Oh, my spirit consciousness capacity has increased by 10 units. That's great", Ajax excited when he saw the increment from the level 2 Mysterious spirit cultivation technique.

"Now let's see, how many units are required to upgrade her?", Ajax expectedly looked at the information of the Spirus.


Elemental spirit name :- Spirus

Element :- life type

Cultivation :- Elemental spirit soldier

(Level 4)

Need 400 units of the essence of nature to reach level 5 of the Elemental spirit soldier realm.

Skill :- Drain and absorb

(Level 1)

Need 1000 units of the essence of nature to upgrade the skill to level 2.

"Since I can't upgrade her skill level anyway, let me upgrade her cultivation level", with that thought in his mind, he ordered the system, "Upgrade Spirus to level 5 then".

The required essence of nature is within Ajax's expected range, so he decided to upgrade the Spirus cultivation level to 5 which required 400 units of the essence of nature.

Soon Spirus's green body gleamed brightly for a few seconds and recovered back to normal.


Consumed 400 units of the essence of nature.


Life elemental spirit, Spirus reached level 5 of elemental spirit soldier successfully.

"Summoning master, although my skill level doesn't increase, it became more powerful than before. Now I guarantee you that I can heal this injured Lightning hawk within one day", Spirus said with her elegant spirit body bowing to him.

"Ok", but he thought he already wasted half a day here and can't waste any more time now.

"I can't store any living beings in my spirit consciousness then how.," While thinking, he suddenly thought about the use 1 of 'The inner world' feature of the System.

Use 1:- 1) to store both living and non-living things

"Spirus, you can continue healing the hawk in the inner world", as soon as he ordered Spirus, with a thought, he sent her into his Inner world along with the injured Lightning hawk.

"As for you two continue absorbing the essence of nature around you and follow me while you are at it", Ajax ordered his other two contracted elemental spirits after Spirus entered his spirit consciousness.

"Yes, master", Volcanis and Necros both nodded their heads in unison.

Ajax released them out because they can absorb the rich essence of nature in the surroundings.

But what surprised him the most is, the unusual energy that is suppressing him didn't show any effect on these elemental spirits.

With an egg in his robe and two elemental spirits behind him, Ajax resumed his climbing.


At another staircase to the floating island,

"Sister Vapora, since there is no pressure acting on you, you can absorb the rich essence of nature from the surroundings", a 15-16 year young girl said to a transparent blue colored figure beside her.

The girl who looked very beautiful with a majestic looking blue robe on her is none other than Princess Daphne.

The transparent figure beside her which is covered in a few robes is her contracted elemental spirit. she had iris-less blue eyes, and just looking at them makes one feel drowsy. A gentle smile can be seen on her transparent face.

"Sure, master", the elemental spirit named Vapora said with a gentle smile on her face.

"How many times I have to say not to call me like that", Princess Daphne said with an angry expression which made her even more beautiful and cute.

"Sorry, sorry sister Daphne", Vapora quickly apologized.

"That better, let's move now", Princess Daphne resumed climbing the stairs.


At another staircase,

"I wonder how ajax and others are doing, I hope nothing bad happens to them", Paulin, the eldest among the young ones of the Hazegrove mercenary squad thought about his juniors while climbing the stairs.

"In the previous level, my opponent is a low-level rank 3, if Ajax and others also encountered rank 3 beast, they will not make it out alive", Paulin sighed thinking about his previous trial in phase 1.

If not for his Commander realm strength, he would have died there itself, so he continuously worried about his juniors.

"I hope, the trial is based on the strength of the Participant, otherwise.", shaking his head, he continued climbing.


At the 499th step

Ajax stopped there for a moment to stabilize his breathing.

After stabilizing, he set foot on the 500th step a heavy pressure which made him kneel down on the step.

The egg in his robe started absorbing the unusual energy at a rapid pace which made the pressure on his body become lesser and lesser.

Ajax looked at the egg in his robe which is shaking and took it out to inspect it clearly.

"Are you coming out little one"

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