New Age Of Summoners Chapter 62

54 First Mission

Ajax shocked to see a new mission notification, without wasting any time he directly opened the quest tab and focused on the new mission.


Mission:- Tame a Lightning Hawk

Reward:- Depends on the completion rate

Duration:- three days

Danger Rating:- 'C'

"You piece of sh*t", how can you deem it as an easy mission", Ajax cursed at quest tab when he saw that taming a Lightning hawk has an Easy danger rating.

As he was cursing at the quest tab, the flock of lightning hawks neared him.

The rank 3 Lightning hawk saw Ajax but didn't bother with him. It looked at him as though he was an insect which doesn't require it's attention.

Although he was angry, he knows he is not a match for the rank 3 Lightning hawk which made him helpless.

Without even giving him a second look, the rank 3 Lightning hawk continued its flying leading other Lightning hawks.

" Sigh...", Ajax heaved a sigh when he saw the Lightning hawks fly away.

"I guess, my first mission is failure", Ajax bitterly shook his head looking at the mission on the holographic screen.

"Whatever I will just ascend the stairs", after taking a small rest at the step, he started ascending again.

Before he even climbs two steps, he saw a Lightning hawk, which is thoroughly covered in wounds, flying towards him from the same direction in which earlier Lightning hawks came.

With much difficulty, it floated unstably.

In a distance, it saw a step on the stair which it sensed a less pressure coming from so it floated towards the step hoping to rest there.

Soon it dropped on one corner of the stair with a 'thud' sound.

" What a heck!", Seeing the injured Lightning hawk landed on the same step as he was in, Ajax got startled.

"Maybe God is helping the poor me", Ajax thought now he had a chance to accomplish his first mission from the quest tab and thanked God for helping him.

With this notion, he moved towards it to inspect the wounds on it.

As he was about to touch it Who would have guessed that injured Lighting hawk pecked his hand making a wound on him.

" Ouch", Ajax cried in pain and stepped two steps back.

"No wonder, even an injured rank 3 spirit beast can kill me with ease" Ajax looked at the injured Lightning hawk with fear.

"But, I won't give up on you", Ajax moved towards it again only to get another wound on his hand.

" Calm down, calm down, I am here to help you, not to hurt you", Ajax knew it will understand him because a rank 3 spirit beast has a certain level of intelligence.

But the Lightning hawk didn't calm down, instead, it stood up and moved towards him to kill him.

Ajax dodges the incoming attack with ease as it was injured and summoned Necros and Spirus.

"Necros try to confuse it", Ajax ordered Necros to use his skill 'Confuse ray' at the injured Lightning hawk.

" Although it is injured, it's very hard to confuse it with my current level, master", Necros politely responded to Ajax.

Before Ajax say anything, he continued, "but I will try to hold it back for a moment".

" Just a few seconds will do", Ajax nodded his head in reply.

Soon a black-light entered into the injured lightning hawk from the Necros.

After the black-light entered into its body, the lightning hawk shook its head in confusion not understanding what happened to it.

"Spirus, now heal it ", without wasting any time, Ajax ordered Spirus to use its skill.

Soon Spirus went to the injured Lightning hawk and placed its hands on it and activated its skill.

The hawk came out of its daze and looked at Spirus and then looked at the wound on its wing which is healing rapidly.

It didn't attack Spirus and looked at Ajax before for a moment before collapsing on the step.

Ajax heaved a sigh of relief seeing the collapsing Lightning hawk and thought, " It didn't attack Spirus now and looked at me. What is that 'look' mean, is it a grateful one??", Ajax thought it looked at him with gratitude.

"Master, with my current essence of nature, it's impossible to heal it completely", Spirus explained its difficulty to Ajax.

" No problem, I can provide you with the required essence of nature", Ajax replied to Spirus and looked at his Spirit consciousness.


Spirit consciousness:- 21 units/3021 units

"I totally forget about it", Earlier he used 2000 units of the essence of nature to break through to the elite Soldier realm leaving him with only 21 units in his spirit consciousness.

" I will cultivate here for some time then", Seeing more than 500 steps ahead of him, Ajax thought it's better to have more essence of nature in his spirit consciousness in case of emergencies like this.

With that, he summoned Volcanis and ordered to absorb the essence of nature around him along with others and he himself sat down to cultivate.

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