New Age Of Summoners Chapter 60

52 Bloodlust Spear


Feature :- Quest tab

Type :- Miscellaneous

Uses :- Gives rewards for completing the assigned missions.

Current missions:- Not available

Description :- The quest tab gives the user some missions depending on the situation. Upon completion of these missions, the user will be given rewards depending on the completion rate, rating of the mission and other factors.

Rating :- Helpful.

"This looks just like a mission board at the mercenary guild, I wonder how good the rewards will be", Seeing the information of the 'quest tab' in front of him, Ajax thought of the mission board at the guild and wondered about the rewards.

" System, why there are no missions available right now?", Ajax raised a question to the system


The missions are randomly generated depending on the user's situation, please check the description of the quest tab and don't ask silly questions like these ever again.

".....", Ajax was speechless at the words of the system and shook his head.

Soon, his gaze fell on the reward box which is much bigger than before reward boxes.

"I should probably check the reward for this level 3", as he said that he stood up and moved towards it.

When he broke-through to the elite soldier realm, his body was completely healed without leaving behind any scratch on his body.

Soon he went to the reward box and unlocked it.

Inside the box, laid a Blood-red Spear which is 3 meters long.

" A spear??", As soon as he touched the blood-red spear, Ajax got the system notification about it.


Item name:- Bloodlust spear

Grade. :- Low-grade artifact (Upgradable)

Skill. :- None

Special effect:- A 5 per cent chance to inflict a 2-seconds stun when an enemy is hit by the spear.

Description:- Originally a powerful weapon in the Summoner king's weapon collection, with time it degraded from high-grade artifact to low-grade artifact.

Rating. :- Not bad

"Cool", Although it's only a low-grade artifact, Ajax fell in love just with its glimmering appearance.

" Let's see, how it will be upgraded", Ajax concentrated on 'Upgradable', which is in the grade section.


The Bloodlust spear can only be upgraded using the blood of others.


But before that, the host must synchronize the spear with his blood.

"How do I do that", Ajax inquired system about synchronization.


The host needs to seep a drop of blood on the spear and using his spirit consciousness to weaken its will and take control of it.

" oh, that's it??", nodding his head, Ajax lightly made a small cut on his finger and poured some blood on the tip of the bloodlust spear.

As soon as the blood touched the tip of the spear, he shook with excitement and slowly absorbed it.

When the spear is immersed in absorbing Ajax's blood, his spirit consciousness which is more powerful than before, surrounded the spear.

As if sensing something horrible, the spear stopped absorbing the blood.

The spirit consciousness, which suppressed the bloodlust spear left behind a spirit mark on it easily and entered Ajax's body.

Only after sensing that then suppression is gone, the spear absorbed the blood rapidly.


Congratulations to the host, synchronization with the Bloodlust spear is done successfully.


Host can now store the Bloodlust spear in his spirit consciousness.

"Come", With a simple thought in his mind, the spear hovered in the air and entered his spirit consciousness.

" Although storing it, in my spirit consciousness is same as storing it in the inventory, it looks cool to control it with the command", Ajax felt cool when commanding the weapon to move with just a sound.

He checked his spirit consciousness to see the spear which quietly hovering in the middle, around it a red, green and black coloured silhouette hovered.

"I wonder, how they are doing", When he saw the silhouettes, he wondered about his contracted elemental spirits, who received an extra essence of nature from him by the system.

" Come out", with a thought three silhouettes came out and bowed to him.

"I, Volcanis, the fire elemental spirit greets the Summoning master",

"I, Spirus, the life elemental spirit greets the Summoning master",

"I, Necros, the death elemental spirit greets the Summoning master",

Nodding his head, Ajax examined their levels


Elemental spirit name :- Volcanis

Element :- Fire type

Cultivation :- Elemental spirit soldier

(Level 4)

Skill :- Fireblast


Elemental spirit name :- Necros

Element :- death type

Cultivation :- Elemental spirit soldier

(Level 5)

Skill :- Confuse ray


Elemental spirit name :- Spirus

Element :- life type

Cultivation :- Elemental spirit soldier

(Level 4)

Skill :- Drain and absorb

" Good, good, good", Ajax continuously said 'good' three times when he looked at the levels of this elemental spirits.

Volcanis, who is level 2 before, upgraded to level 4 directly now, whereas Spirus and Necros levelled up by one level each reaching level 4 and level 5 respectively.

Nodding his head in content, he summoned them back into his spirit consciousness and looked towards the opened door to the next phase.

"Now, let's move to phase 2", Ajax shouted as he moved towards the opened door.

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