New Age Of Summoners Chapter 59

51 Level Up New System Feature

After using its innate ability the spirit beast visibly looked weak but still much stronger than Ajax though.

Shaking its head, the rank 2 rock salamander rushed towards Ajax with a roar, in an attempt to kill him in a single attack.

"Come on then beast", Seeing the beast rushing towards him, Ajax, enduring his pain, also dashed towards it.

The beast opened its massive mouth to swallow him in one piece when he came near to it.

When it is about to swallow him, Ajax held the jaws of the beast with his body force for a few seconds before the beast shakes him off and throws him aside.

"I think, I can kill this thing now", with a thought in his mind, Enduring his pain from the bloody wounds on his body, he rushed towards the beast.

Seeing him rushing towards it, the rock salamander opened its massive mouth again to gnaw him.

" That's it", seeing the beast opening its the huge mouth, Ajax held its mouth and released the Spatial blades in its mouth in a close range using 100 units of the essence of nature and bounced back.

The rock salamander, which is weakened after using its innate ability is unable to withstand the close range spatial blades.

"Roar~", the rank 2 rock salamander which is ferocious and hideous kept roaring and succumbed to death.


Consumed 100 units of the essence of nature to release spatial blades.


Killed a low-rank 2 rock salamander

The essence of nature gained:- 500 units

" Huff", when he heard the system notification he heaved a sigh of relief and dropped down to the ground.

"Congratulations to the host for accomplishing the level 3 of phase 1", the monotonous voice resounded in the spacious hall.

" Don't forget to take your reward before heading to Phase 2", the voice reminded him of the reward.

But he was not in the situation to inspect the reward as he didn't even have any strength to move.


The host satisfied the requirements for upgrading to the elite soldier realm.


Do you want to level up to the elite soldier realm?

"...", Ajax was speechless when he saw the notifications in front of him.

Shaking his head, Ajax confirmed 'Yes'.


Consumed 2000 units of the essence of nature


Body cultivation :- Elite Soldier (level:-1)

need 2200 units of the essence of nature break-through to the next level of the elite soldier realm.

Soon, Ajax felt his body becoming stronger and stronger.


The host's spirit consciousness capacity is increased by 1000 units for reaching the elite soldier realm in body cultivation.


With the Sudden increase in the Capacity of Spirit consciousness, host successfully broke-through to elite spirit soldier level 1


New system feature 'Quest tab' is unlocked


Check the user interface for more details about the new feature.

" What???", Ajax dumbstruck to see the latest notification about the increment of spirit consciousness capacity.

"System, why is my spirit consciousness capacity increased by 1000 units?, also why, my spirit cultivation directly upgrades to elite soldier realm", Ajax inquired system about the increment.


When a cultivator breath-through from soldier realm to the elite soldier realm, his spirit consciousness capacity will be increased by 1000 units automatically.


For every 100 units increase in spirit consciousness, user levels up to one level, so 1000 units increment directly upgraded user spirit cultivation to the elite realm.

Soon he understood the reason behind the increase in his spirit consciousness capacity and spirit cultivation upgrade.

" I wonder, how much will it be increased in a latter major break-through", Ajax anticipation about later realms intensified.

But the system didn't give any reply about his thoughts though.

Finally, he studied his stats in the user interface to find out more about the new feature.


Name :- Ajax

race :- human

Spirit consciousness :- 21 units/3021 units

Main cultivation technique:- Heaven and earth elemental refining technique (level 2)

Body cultivation :- Elite Soldier realm level 1

Spirit cultivation technique :- Mysterious spirit cultivation technique (level 2)

Spirit cultivation :- Elite Spirit soldier realm level 1

Movement technique :- Cloud steps (level 1)

Number of elemental spirits :- 3

Equipped items

1) Item name :- Sigmis black pendant

Grade :- medium grade artifact (Evolvable)

Effect :- 40% increase in user's defence

Special effect :- 20 percent increase in attack power when fight enemies.

Special skill :- Summon of the dead (level 5)

Description :- Helps the user to summon 5 undead soldiers. (Upgradable).

Number of Summons available :- 0/5.

rating :-good

Description :- It is the final product of sigmis, many years of hard work and research, However it is upgraded to medium grade with the help of upgrade stone.

The unlocked system features :- User interface, inventory, inner world, quest tab.

The holographic screen in front of him displayed all the details of him and the items.

He noticed many changes in his stats.

First, his body cultivation along with the spirit cultivation reached Elite soldier realm.

Second, the movement technique, he recently, learned is appeared.

Third, his undead summons is 0/5, which were died in the fight earlier.

Finally, a new system feature at the bottom of his stats appears.

He concentrated on the new system feature to know more details about it.


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