New Age Of Summoners Chapter 57

49 Rank 2 Spirit Beas

" Please collect the reward before going to the next level", the same voice reminded him of the reward that is beside the open door.

Ajax picked up the small box which is bigger than before and opened it.

As soon as he opened the box, a light beam entered into his head directly.

After the light beam entered into his head, he felt the same feeling when he learned the Mysterious spirit cultivation technique but the pain is very less compared to that time.

Soon some foreign language entered his head about a technique, his body moved according to the information.

In the starting, he moved slowly but as the time increased his speed also increased.

"Woah", After running for a while, he halted and released an excited shout.


Host learned a new movement technique.

Check user interface for more information.

"....???", Ajax didn't understand what was going on and checked the user interface.


Item name :- Cloud steps

Grade :- low Heaven grade (upgradable)

level. :- 1

Use :- Uses the essence of nature to increase the speed of the user.

Description :- A movement technique that is developed by the Summoner king before he became powerful.

rating :- Not bad

" Oh, it's developed by Summoner King? but why is this system showing it's a rating 'Not bad'", Ajax puzzled about the rating given by the system.

"Whatever, let's enter the next level", Ajax didn't bother about the system's rating and moved towards the entrance of the next level.


In the cave where Ajax and his friends entered the trial tunnels, five young men stood in front of the trial tunnels and surveyed the tunnels.

" Are you sure, they came here??", a young man with a huge hammer behind his back asked the lanky young man behind him.

"Yes, young master, they are definitely here. Their scent is all over this place", the lanky young man confidently said as he started again," Also, my 'mousy' can't miss lead us with its heaven-defying nose.

" WELCOME YOUNG ONES", amidst their discussions, a monotonous voice came from one corner of the cave.

"Who is it", Soon they became alerted

" IF YOU WANT THE INHERITANCE OF THE SUMMONER KING, ENTER ANY OF THE PASSAGE INDIVIDUALLY", the monotonous voice which came from a small light ball faded away before they catch a glimpse of it.

"I think, they entered into the tunnels young master", a young man from the behind spoke slowly.

" Let's split up and enter the tunnels, if you managed to find any of them, kill them. Do you understand??", the arrogant young man with the huge Hammer ordered his subordinates and entered one of the tunnels.

Seeing their young master left, the remaining young men heaved a sigh of relief.

"Finally, we are free from the tyrant", said the lanky young man with a small white mouse in his hands.

" Yes, What a relief", said another short young man.

"But if we kill the one's he is searching, he will reward us heavily", a young man with a small hammer on his back.

" Ok, ok., let's move quickly and try our luck with the inheritance", whispered the lanky young man and instantly entered into a tunnel.

Nodding their heads, others also entered separate tunnels.


Back to phase 1 level 3 hall,

As soon as he entered the hall, he heard the familiar monotonous voice,

"Kill a low-level rank 2 spirit beast to enter the next level".

Just like before, after the tone finished speaking, a portal appeared.

From the portal, a ten peak rank 1 rock salamanders appeared, confusing Ajax.

But soon his confusion was cleared when he saw a rock salamander which is bigger and more hideous than peak rank 1 rock salamanders.

" I think, it's a low-level rank 2 rock salamander", Ajax reckoned by seeing its appearance.

Without wasting any time, he activated 'Summon of the dead', instantly summoning his undead unit.

To his surprise, the rank 2 rock salamander didn't assault him, just watched him.

"I will kill these peak rank 1 rock salamanders and collect the essence of nature to level up to elite soldier realm", Ajax speculated to himself, seeing the lazy rank 2 spirit beast.

Soon he released his spatial blades killing one rank 1 spirit beast whereas his undead unit killed one spirit beast.


Consumed 50 units of the essence of nature to release spatial blades.


Killed a peak rank 1 rock salamander

The essence of nature gained:- 150 units


Killed a peak rank 1 rock salamander

The essence of nature gained:- 150 units

Ajax didn't have any mood for these notifications as he knows that he still didn't have enough essence of nature to level up.

But who knew that the rank 2 spirit beast will be angered just after killing 2 rank 1 beasts

It rushed towards him with a roar.

Before he can think of dodging it, it slammed him into a wall.

Ajax slowly stood up and looked at the rank 2 rock salamanders with hatred.

Before he even stands steadily, the rank 2 salamander rushed towards him.

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