New Age Of Summoners Chapter 54

47 Strength Potion

Seeing the tunnel get completely sealed, they understood, only I member can enter it before the tunnel gets closed.

Soon, each one selected one tunnel and entered it.

After entering the tunnel, Ajax walked for sometime before entering a huge spacious hall.

'Welcome participant',

a familiar monotonous voice resounded in the hall drawing his attention.

'Kill five rank 1 beasts to enter the next level of phase 1 of the trial'

As soon as, the voice stopped, a portal opened and 5 spirit beasts similar to the Salamander came out of it.

They didn't waste any time and rushed towards Ajax.

"What the heck?at least give some time to prepare first", Ajax yelled in the direction of the monotonous sound, irritatedly.

Although he was sounded irritated, he was more than ready in his fighting stance.

" Since you are only rank 1 beasts, I will take you head on", Ajax mumbled confidently as he rushed towards them with full force.

Seeing ajax dashing towards them, They ran, even more rapidly as they opened their mouths showing sharp teeth.

When he was nearing them, Ajax bent down and gave a lower jab to the first salamander, killing it instantly.


Killed a rank 1 rock salamander

The essence of nature gained:- 10 units

"What?", Ajax shocks to see the notification of his kill which is showing more units of the essence of nature is gained from the rank 1 spirit beasts that he killed in his first mission.

But he didn't have the time for it, as other four rank 1 beasts are growling at him.

He darted towards another salamander and smashed its skull with a punch and killed another one with a kick.


Killed a rank 1 rock salamander

The essence of nature gained:- 100 units


Killed a rank 1 rock salamander

The essence of nature gained:- 100 units

Same system notifications saying 100 units of the essence of nature is gained appeared in front of him

Shaking his head, his gaze fell on the remaining spirit beasts.

Seeing three of their fellow beasts perished in a few seconds by a single attack each, they tried to run away as fear got into them.

But there is no way out of the huge wall which is sealed completely.

Ajax didn't run after them instead he slowly played cat and mouse game with them, before killing them in a single attack.

Although his cultivation level is only peak soldier realm, with the increment from the 'Sigmis black pendant', his strength is equivalent to that of the peak level 1 of the elite soldier realm.

With that kind of strength, he completely overwhelmed the rank 1 spirit beasts and killed them with ease.


Killed a rank 1 rock salamander

The essence of nature gained:- 100 units


Killed a rank 1 rock salamander

The essence of nature gained:- 100 units

After killing them, he checked his spirit consciousness to see how many units he total has.


Spirit consciousness:- 620 units/2021units

" System, why is the essence of nature I gained by killing rank 1 spirit beasts is more than outside the inheritance ground?", Ajax inquired the system about his doubt.


The essence of nature is rich and abundant here and the Spirit beasts you killed, absorbed a lot of pure essence of nature. Whereas outside the inheritance ground, the essence of nature is less, thus the essence of nature you get killing the spirit beasts here is more than outside.

"So, that's why", Ajax understood it clearly now

" It's very convenient to increase the essence of nature here but I doubt that any more rank 1 spirit beasts will come in the next level", Ajax just shook his head in disappointment.

'Level 1 of Phase 1 is completed, please collected your reward before going to level 2 of Phase 1', the monotonous voice resounded as a door opened in the spacious hall.

Just beside the recently opened door, a small black box is placed on the ground.

Ajax picked up the box and opened it.

A small shining glass bottle filled with dark red liquid is placed in the box.

"What is it?", Ajax doesn't know what it is, So he touched the glass bottle to know about it through the system.


Item name :- Strength potion

Grade. :- Heaven

Usage. :- By Drinking

Effect. :- Increases physical strength by 3 times of original strength for 5 minutes.

Side effects. :- None

Rating. :- Very good

" What?? it's a strength potion but it has no side effects. How is it possible", Ajax didn't dare believe what he is seeing on the holographic screen.

According to his knowledge, a strength potion can only increase 2 times the original strength with a reduced body stats for some time but the one in front of him increases the strength by 3 times with no side effects.

"Good item", With that he stored it in inventory and swore to use it in an emergency only.

" Now, to level 2", Happily, Ajax entered the recently opened room.

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