New Age Of Summoners Chapter 53

46 A Wisp Of Spirit Consciousness

As they entered deeper into the forest, Ajax heard the sounds of various spirit beasts.

After travelling for some time they finally found an altar which is only three meters in height and fully covered with bizarre patterns on it.

"Let me inspect, what it is??", Lewis whispered to others and cautiously scanned the altar.

" Be careful with it Lewis, We don't have any inkling about it", Paulin warned Lewis.

Nodding his head, Lewis sprinted to the altar and scrutinized it like an adept.

"Stop behaving like a professional, Lewis", Jeff criticized Lewis at his acting.

" Actually, I am a professional when it comes to mysterious runes and markings, Jeff", Lewis proclaimed himself as professional and continued, "If you don't believe me, come and see for yourselves".

Ajax and Paulin giggled at Lewis words and moved towards him dragging Jeff along with them.

On the altar, a small white gemstone is embedded on it.

" What is it, Lewis???", Paulin raised a question about the white gemstone to Lewis.

"ahem", Lewis cleared his throat and started his explanation about it, " I heard from my grandfather that, if a green coloured gemstone is embedded on an altar, then it will heal all your injuries when you touch it".

"Then what about this white coloured gemstone??", Jeff urged Lewis to explain quickly, about it.

" This..this.., I don't know", Lewis mumbled embarrassed.

"What happened to the professional in you then??", Jeff ridiculed Lewis reminding his earlier words.

Lewis's face turned even more red from embarrassment when he heard the ridicule.

" Stop it, Jeff. Let's identify what will happen if we touch it?", Paulin, as an eldest among the group, tried to pacify the situation between them and proposed to touch it.

Before Paulin even moves his hand, Lewis touched the stone without saying anything and disappeared from everyone's sight.

"Where did he go??", Ajax stunned and asked others.

" I don't know either", Jeff shook his head.

"I saw him touching this gemstone before disappearing. I think he was teleported to into the altar" Paulin said as he guessed the later part.

"Then shall we also try it", Ajax suggested paulin and Jeff.

" Let's do it, brother Paulin", Jeff also agreed with Ajax, without any hesitation.

"Let's go then", Paulin finally said after thinking for a moment.

Soon Paulin and others touched the white gemstone and disappeared into the thin air.


Inside the altar,

The area looked like a big cave with many passages in it. It is very quiet and peaceful.

Suddenly, a portal appeared in the quiet and peaceful cave. From the portal, a young men fell on to the ground with a 'thud' sound.

" ouch, I think I was a goner but where am I??", as he looked around, Lewis puzzled about the area he was in.

As he was wondering, the same portal opened again above his head and this time, it released three young men on to the Lewis.

"Bang...!", all three young men fell on Lewis, smashing him into the ground.

" Where are we??, Ajay was the first one to ask as he surveyed his surroundings.

"Maybe inside the altar, I guess", Paulin replied to ajax as he inspected his surroundings.

" I think, it's some kind of a trial", Jeff said when his gaze landed on the tunnels.

"YOU CAN THINK ALL YOU WANT, AFTER GETTING OFF MY ASS", Lewis rough voice reverberated in the cave.

" Oh...!",

Now only ajax and others saw the Lewis, who was below them, bound to the ground.

Soon they get off of him and assisted him to stand up.

"Sorry Lewis, we didn't saw you earlier", Paulin apologized Lewis.

" No need for that brother Paulin, I am fine. They are just some scratches ", Seeing Paulin apologize to him, Lewis acted in modesty.

" WELCOME YOUNG ONES", a monotonous voice came from one corner of the cave.

"Who", Ajax and others instantly became alert and observed their surroundings.

They saw a small white coloured light ball floating in the air from the corner of the cave in the direction of the sound.

" Who are you??", Lewis asked when he saw the small white coloured light ball.

"I am a wisp of spirit consciousness of the summoner king", the same monotonous voice came from it.

" Ohh...!",


Lewis and ajax got stunned to know that this small light ball is the legendary Summoner king's spirit consciousness.

" If you want my inheritance, then enter the tunnels individually and fight for it", the small light ball announced them to enter individually.

"Can't we enter together?", remembering the advice given by Udo and Edmond, Ajax inquired.

" You can't", after saying that, the small light ball faded away.

"What should we do now, brother Paulin", Ajax consulted Paulin.

" Since the legendary summoner king said himself that we can't enter, then it's better to enter separately", Paulin proposed after speculating for a moment.

"Ok then, I will enter this one", Jeff pointed towards a corner passage and entered.

As soon as he entered the tunnel, it is sealed entirely and no one can even imagine there was a tunnel in that place before.

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