New Age Of Summoners Chapter 51

44 Princess Daphne

In front of the entrance to the Summoner king's inheritance ground, many tents were pitched.

Among many tents, one huge blue tent which looked majestic in appearance.

In the blue tent, an old man wore a blue robe with a golden border, which made him look grandiose.

Before him, a young girl of nearly 15-16 years, sat cross-legged and was in deep cultivation.

"Princess Daphne is one in a million genius, who reached level 5 of elite soldier realm even before reaching 16 years", seeing the young girl in front of him, the old man in blue praised her with a pleased look on his face.

"But, those damn main families pressuring his Majesty to marry her off into their families", He sighed softly and looked with pity at her.

Soon, the young girl opened her eyes and looked at the old man in front of her.

" Hello grandpa Lin, how long have you been waiting there? ", princess Daphne asked the old man with a tone full of respect and concern.

" Not much, princess Daphne", Grandpa Lin smiled at her concern towards him.

" Grandpa Lin, When will be that entrance to the inheritance ground is opened. We have been waiting here for hours", princess Daphne said with an irk.

"Please be patient, princess. It will be opened soon. Also, the important thing is I will select 4 young people I trust to protect you in the inheritance ground, ok?", old man Lin said slowly.

" No problem, grandpa Lin, but I have a doubt though? ", the young princess asked smilingly.

" Ask away princess, I will answer it to my best", Grandpa Lin said seriously.

"No need to be so serious, grandpa Lin", seeing that old man become serious, the young princess embarrassed and asked, " why are you selecting only 4 people, when we have so many".

"Hahaha", when he heard the question old man Lin laughed suddenly but still explained, "It's because, when more than five enter at the same time, they will be scattered in a random direction. So every family and sect will be entering with a squad of 5 members just like us".

" oh", princess Daphne nodded her cute head in understanding.

"But the important thing is don't let anyone know that you are a ..... ", Before he can finish his word, someone entered the tent in a rush.

" what is it?? ", grandpa Lin asked in irritation.

" It's the entrance, the entrance to the inheritance ground is opening", when the rushed youth saw the irritated look on the grandpa Lin's face, he shivered in fear.

" Ok, you can wait outside ", nodding his head, he turned his head towards princess Daphne and said, " Don't let anyone know, including your security. Only use it in case of emergency, ok? ".

" Understood grandpa Lin ", the princess said confidently.

Soon, the duo came out of the tent.

" Everyone form a line", grandpa Lin shouted.

As soon as everyone in front of the tent heard his voice, they stood in a line.

"You, you, you and you", old man Lin quickly selected four young men to be part of Princess Daphne's team and casually group another 3 teams each consisting of 5 people.

" Everyone, listen carefully, as soon as you enter the inheritance ground, your first job is to find princess Daphne and protect her, Understand? ", Grandpa Lin's loud voice is heard by everyone from the Royal Family entourage.

" Understood sir", all replied in unison.

Princess Daphne and her team entered the inheritance ground first since she is from the Royal Family, no one said anything.

After her team, the remaining teams from Royal Family also entered.

As soon as, the Royal Family entered.

"We from the combat king sect will get the inheritance of summoner king", a team of proud young men entered the inheritance ground after Royal Family confidently.

" This combat king sect is becoming more and more arrogant than fire sword sect ", muttered a gold robed assassin who escorted the young elites of assassin sect.

" Just kill anyone who comes in your way, but don't leave any witnesses, understand? ", the gold robed assassin said in a cold voice to the young elites beside him.

" Yes sir", nodding their head, a group of assassins entered the inheritance ground.

Finally, the fire sword sect who only has 4 young members entered the inheritance ground.

Just before entering the portal, Nedhor looked coldly at Ajax and others.

"Young ones, go now but remember what I said, always remain vigilant", Udo said them to enter the inheritance ground after all the major sect entered.

Nodding their heads Ajax and others moved in the direction of the entrance.

"Who are these country bumpkins", a mocked voice came from behind, making Ajax and others frown and turned to look at the source of the voice.

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