New Age Of Summoners Chapter 5

5 After 4 Years

In a cave, a 12-13 years old boy can be seen meditating inside a circle. His body is surrounded by small particles of different colours which are shinning like stars. Occasionally, a frown can be seen on his face.

He is none other than Ajax who is currently 10 years old. Due to his daily training he looked like a 12 -13 years old boy.

"As expected of 'their' child, only ten years and he is very close to differentiate the energies around him", outside the circle a white robed old man silently thought to himself.

From the last 4 years, elder boron increased his training by giving him additional 17 different postures. With the one he was given already, he now has 18 postures. In the starting he didn't feel any strain but when they are combined it's very effective on his body.

The most important thing is his body force reached 800 jin mark which is very close to 1000 jin. Apart from postures, every month he will come to the cave to meditate inside the spirit gathering circle.

"I think within 2-3 months, I can differentiate between these energies. Also elder boron said he will say something important to me when I differentiate these energies", Ajax thought himself when he sensed the energies around him started to disappear.

As Ajax opened his eyes, they shined with brilliance. He stood up with a content smile on his face.

"Don't feel complacent so soon, you have a long way to go in the future", Although elder boron is also more than satisfied with Ajax's improvement but he was worried that Ajax might become arrogant, so he berated him.

" Elder, I think I can soon differentiate between the energies ", hearing the berating elder, Ajax said slowly.

" I know, let's move back to orphanage ", elder boron said nodding his head.

Soon they reached the ground behind the orphanage Ajax started his exercises with other children.

During this 4 years not only Ajax but his friends did some serious exercises. Seeing their hardwork and thinking they also have some good martial talent he imparted some difficult postures.

Due to this, all reached good body forces but not as high as Ajax. Jason with 700 jin only next to Ajax. Damon and Hector reached 615 jin and 630 jin respectively.

Seeing these results all other children stared at them enviously. They know that elder boron instructed different exercises for different children.

Those that worked diligently, elder boron will instruct more exercises but most children lack that and they can't ask elder to teach them directly.

But some children tried to copy the postures of Ajax and his friends but they can't bear it for 2 seconds and gasp in pain.

From then no one tried these postures fearing cruel pain. Seeing this elder boron can only shake his head nit approving their behavior.

"Hey Hector you may have high body force now but soon I will surpass you", Damon said seriously.

" you, stop dreaming Damon. only in your dreams you can surpass me", Hector said jokingly as he continued, "my target is senior brother Jason, after that Ajax".

" Hahahaha..... ", Damon laughed loudly making Hector embarrassed.

" Why are you laughing 'demon' ", Hector asked Damon.

" Hey, who are you calling 'demon', My name is Damon, and also it's impossible to surpass Jason much less Ajax.", Damon shouted loudly.

"Stop talking nonsense and do your exercises idiots", elder boron yelled at them.

They stopped talking and concentrated on their exercises making Ajax and Jason laugh.

In the night, as usual Ajax slept peacefully.

During last 4 years he didn't have any nightmares and he totally forgot about them.

But he don't know that he is enjoying the calm before the storm.

Soon 3 months passed by

In the cave, inside the spirit gathering circle Ajax mutterd, "Finally I was able to tell the differences between the energies and also my body feels full of energy".

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