New Age Of Summoners Chapter 47

43 Fire Sword Sec

"Hey, Isn't he the great Edmond Hazegrove", As soon as they walked towards the inheritance ground, Ajax heard a mocking voice from certain direction.

In that direction, a group of five stood there,laughing. Five people consists, one bald middle aged man and four 17-18 years old young men.

They all wore the same type of red bordered white coloured robes with a symbol on it.

Although, the symbol is not big, it is clearly visible to Ajax.

It looked like a sword covered in bright red flames.

"Woah, I didn't expected a weak bald elder to escort the fire sword sect disciples to the inheritance ground. I wonder, the fire sword sect is lacking in power over the time", Edmond mocked the bald middle aged man in reply.

When the surrounding people heard Edmond's words, they surprise first but shook their heads at Edmond's foolishness.

" Hey Edmond, keep your dog mouth closed, otherwise, I will beat the shit out of you ",The bald middle aged man shout in agitation.

" Let's see, who will beat the shit out of whom? ", Edmond said with an intense killing intent towards that bald middle aged man.

When he sensed the intense killing intent from Edmond, he unconsciously to shivered.

'When did he became this strong??, I should inform big brother about it, otherwise it will bring a trouble to the sect', a thought aroused in his head.

"Let's not associate with these lowly men", without giving any reply to Edmond, he and his sect disciples turned and went towards their tent.

The surrounding cultivators, all got shocked, when they saw, the second elder of the fire sword sect left without saying anything.

"Who is that man",

" He sure is gutsy",

"I think, He humiliated the second elder of fire sword sect on purpose",

" Me too",

Some cultivators gossiped about Edmond while others gossiped like this,

" How can that angry second elder of the fire sect didn't say anything",

"I think, what that Edmond guy said is true

With time, they are losing power"

" That old mighty fire sword said is not anymore",

When he heard the gossips, the second elder of fire sword sect clenched his fist but didn't said anything.

Behind him, his sect disciples faces are also filled with anger as they entered the tent.

"Junior martial uncle, how dare a nobody like him humiliate you and our fire sword sect", said a lanky youth with a fierce expression on his face.

" Yes master, what senior martial brother is right. How dare he look down on you", said a bald youth with a round belly.

"Yes master, we should take revenge on him, otherwise, remaining sects and main families criticize us", said the remaining two sect disciples in unison.

" Stop young ones, I know how you feel, but calm down", The second elder of the fire sword sect shouted at them.

"But... ", Without giving any chance to others to speak, the second elder continued, " Although, I, Oldins, may be weaker than him, but he can't win a fight with me that easily", he paused for a second and continued looking at the lanky boy, "Nedhor, Even if your master, My senior brother, Craandruin, won't dare to kill him".

" What??", Nedhor was shocked to hear that words

"But why, Junior martial uncle??"he asked slowly.

" When we return, you can ask yourself, as for now just concentrate on the Summoner King's inheritance ground", shaking his head oldins replied calmly.

"Now go and take some rest, the inheritance ground can be opened any time now", he urged them to take rest.

As they left, oldins muttered with an evil grin, 'Edmond, you can never become as strong as first elder much less the sect leader'.

After coming out, Nedhor's gaze fell on Ajax and other boys.

" Since we can't do anything to him, we can do whatever we want with them in the inheritance ground, right? ", Nedhor's gaze is filled with killing intent but not as powerful as Edmond's though.

Seeing the ferocious grin on their senior martial brother's face, the bald youth and other shivered but supported him with a 'yes'.

Edmond and his squad members are chatting happily under a tree.

Udo keenaxe however managed to sense the killing intent from the fire sword sect's disciples and adviced Ajax and other,

"Hey young ones, when you are inside, keep an eye on surroundings and always remain in group, Understand? ".

" Yes vice captain, Udo ", all of them nodded their heads seriously.

Seeing their actions, he simply Laughed and shook his head.

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