New Age Of Summoners Chapter 460

448 Demon Invasion

Generally opening the portal to other worlds was rare but it was not rare and with a little effort and time, one could open the portal to other worlds.

However, those portals could only allow no more than a dozen beings to pass through them to the other worlds.

So, the demons used one of the royal demons who possessed a skill that could enhance the portal to the larger version that could transport a huge demon army to a special world when he was killed by the being from that particular world.

'Kill humans...Invade the human world,'

'Kill humans...Invade the human world,'




Just as Ajax and Edmond left from there, many demon servants started coming out from the pitch-black portal while muttering their slogan. They moved in a particular order and they all looked in a particular synchronization.

All of the demon servants had minimum cultivation of commander realm. They were all donned in a full demonic armour set from top to bottom with a height of around 2 meters and with hideous faces.

Moreover, not to forget the two long horns on their heads.

"I need to use this," Even though Edmond and Ajax were long gone and was unable to see the huge demon army, Edmond could gauge the present situation and immediately took out a red-coloured paper crane from his space ring and muttered a few words before allowing it to fly away from him.

"I hope he comes on time,"

After saying that he took out another paper crane from his space ring. This time, it was blue colour now and muttered almost the same words as earlier before it flew away.

Soon Edmond and Ajax had joined others and explained the situation about the black portal and demon army.

"What? A demon army?"

"Shouldn't we inform others about it?"

All the young cultivators were shocked to hear about the demon invasion and shouted out their inner thoughts.

"I am not going anywhere, I will stay here and stall them for some time. You go and alert the other sects and families,"

As for Darbaudr, when he heard about the huge demon army, instead of worrying he became excited and asked others to leave the cursed wilderness whereas he would stall time for them.

"No, we are not leaving you behind. If we leave, you will come with us," Ajax knew the reason for Darbaudr's excitement and he also knew that if Darbaudr were to fight the huge demon army alone, he would die with exhaustion.

"But Young master, I .,"

"There are no buts. And it is not my request, it is an order," Ajax for the first time ordered Darbaudr with a serious face.

"Yes, young master. I will do as you say," Darbaudr knew that Ajax was only serious because of his reckless words earlier and nodded his head while apologizing him.

"What do you think, we should do, Captain Edmond?" Ajax looked at Edmond and asked what to do.

Along the way, Ajax had noticed Edmond had used some coloured paper cranes which he thought were used to inform someone about the demon army. So, there was no need for them to rush back to the mercenary guild to alert others.

"Let's fight until we get reinforcements," Edmond thought for a moment and finally decided to fight.

"But the demon army is huge. How can we fight them?" Snow storm, the lady boss of Edmond's adopted children asked Edmond with a worried expression on her face.

"Haha," Seeing her worried look on her cute face, Edmond's seriousness on his face lessened and laughed before saying, "No need to worry, according to the previous demon invasions, I can say that the demon's that come in the first batch will be only demon servants who had the cultivations less than the general realm."

Edmond's words caused all the young cultivators along with Ajax to relax a little.

"Moreover, the training I said to you earlier is also similar to this. Since you agreed to train in the demon world, you should fight this demon army without any fear," Edmond didn't give any chance for them to give a reply before continuing, "Anyone, who wants to not take any risk, can leave from here and inform others about the demon army."

Finally, after finishing his words, he looked at all the young cultivators who didn't have any expressions like worry or anxiousness; instead, it was filled with seriousness. It was a matter of seriousness to fight the demon army to increase their strength.

'If it is as Captain Edmond said, then I farm for the essence of nature and increase my weapon daos,'

Among all the members present there, Ajax was the one who was excited most as he had many benefits in killing other beings like demons.

'By the way, why didn't the system issue a mission regarding the demon army?' Ajax was puzzled at the system's method of thinking; however, he didn't think much about it as looked at Darbaudr and Justice.

'I think, it's finally Justice time to shine,'

After killing the demon servants before he went to the five elemental world, Justice had successfully entered the commander realm. His cultivation depended on killing the beings that had done most cruel or bad things to others.

So, killing the demons was perfect farming for Justice.

"Okay, everyone. Support each other's backs and not get yourself surrounded by the demons. Let's go now," Edmond gave some final set of instructions to them before ordering them to move.


Everyone, including Udo also became excited for the fight with the demon army and nodded their head before rushing towards the black portal.

'Since there will be low-level demons in the first batch, I can handle until both of them arrive as our reinforcements,' Edmond thought while he was moving towards the demon army along with his group.


A few minutes before the black portal had opened,

"Rulf, how is he?"

The guild master had returned to the cursed abyss and asked Rulf about Demon killer, who was now sleeping like a log.

"Guild master, you are back," Rulf stood up from his place and came near to the guild master and explained about the Demon killer's monstrous healing rate.

"We talked until now and he slept just a few moments ago," Rulf with a chuckle said to the Guild master as he could not control his laughter seeing the Demon killer who was sleeping like a log without any care in the world.

"I know about his monstrous healing speed," the Guild master nodded his head and looked at the five squad members of the demon killer mercenary squad before saying, "Take you to captain back to your squad building and at the same time rest properly."

"Yes, guild master"

The vice-captain of the demon killer mercenary squad bowed to the guild master.

"Thanks for saving us, guild master," As for the other four squad members they thanked the guild master for saving them earlier.

The guild master nodded his head and warned, "Also, be careful on your way back. There is a possible demon invasion."

When they heard the words, they were not surprised as they already guessed about it after fighting with the demon generals.


Just after his words, a red coloured paper crane fell into his hands from the sky.


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