New Age Of Summoners Chapter 46

42 A Mysterious Deep Voice

Soon, his gaze landed on Mysterious spirit cultivation technique.


Mysterious Spirit cultivation technique

level :- 1 (Need 1000 units to level 2)

Grade :- Unknown

Type :- Unknown

Description :- an unknown spirit cultivation technique which increases the size of spirit consciousness by 1 unit every day.

Rating :- Very good

"I wonder how many units it will increase my spirit consciousness, if I upgrade it to level 2", with that thought, he said, " System upgrade Mysterious spirit cultivation technique to level 2".

' Ding,

1000 units of essence of nature is consumed.


Mysterious spirit cultivation technique is upgraded up to level 2.

Soon, some mysterious foreign information related to mysterious spirit cultivation technique entered into his mind.

Along with the foreign information, a sharp pain on his mind came with it.

The pain became fierce with the time.

"Just bear with it. Your will is stronger than it",When Ajax about to lose his consciousness, he heard a deep voice in his mind.

Soon Ajax gained focus and continued to bear with the pain. The pain because harder and harder for him to bear, just when he was about to lose his consciousness again, he heard the same deep voice, "You can do it, don't lose you will".

" Whhhhooo thhhhheee hhheeeck aaare youuuuuu, "Gritting his teeth, Ajax, who was about to lose his consciousness became alert with the deep voice.

But he got no reply.

After bearing it, who knows how many minutes, the pain became lighter and lighter, and finally disappeared.

As soon as the pain disappeared, Ajax gasped for breath.

"What is that deep voice, I heard in my head, it's definitely not system voice which is cold", Ajax thought about the deep voice.


" Anyone in there",

"Who are you",

" What are you",

After asking some random questions in his head, he stop asking more, since he is not getting any reply.

"Whatever, since it helped me at the critical moment, it can be considered a good thing, I guess", with that thought, he stopped bothering himself with that deep voice and checked, the level 2 mysterious spirit cultivation technique.


Mysterious Spirit cultivation technique

level :- 2 (Need 10000 units to level 3)

Grade :- Unknown

Type :- Unknown

Description :- an unknown spirit cultivation technique which increases the size of spirit consciousness by 10 unit every day.

Rating :- Very good.

"Woooah", Ajax got shocked when he saw the description of that technique in the holographic screen infront of him.

" Although It's good before, but now it's better and it's increases 10 units of spirit consciousness capacity daily without me doing anything ", Ajax was over the cloud nine but when he saw the requirement for level 3, all his happiness is disappeared in to thin air.

" Let's not bother about it now", Ajax consoled himself and checked his remaining essence of nature.


Spirit consciousness :- 120 units/2021 units

Shaking his head, he didn't bother about it also, since he can cultivate it with time anyway.

Taking a deep breath and releasing it, he laid down on his soft comfortable bed.

Before he can enjoy the comfort, he heard knocking on his door.

Although, he was irritated, he opened the door, only to see Udo with a smile on his face.

"Ajax fresh up and meet with us in 5 minutes in the main hall", Seeing the tired look on Ajax's face Udo said slowly and went downstairs.

After 5 minutes

Ajax soon met with other squad members in the main hall.

As soon as he saw Ajax, Edmond nodded his head in satisfaction and started speaking.

"We got an information relating to the inheritance ground",Edmond paused and looked at his squad members faces and said, " It can open any time after 3 hours from now, so be will be going now. Just pack everything including food for several weeks, Ok? ".

" Yes captain ", Ajax and others already knew that the inheritance grounds will not be closed untill the inheritance is taken by someone. So they had to prepare some food incase of emergency.

" Now go and prepare yourselves and join Me and Udo within 30 minutes at the town entrance" Edmond ordered seriously.

Ajax and others, soon went to their rooms to pick weapons and spirit stones, then went out to buy some food and Joined Edmond and Udo.

Soon, they walked towards the inheritance ground direction which is fully crowded with cultivators.

"Hey, Isn't he the great Edmond Hazegrove", As soon as they walked towards the inheritance ground, Ajax heard a mocking voice from certain direction.

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