New Age Of Summoners Chapter 456

444 Legendary Guild Master

When Rulf had checked on Demon Killer earlier, he thought that the demon killer would only awaken after at least a day. So, when he saw the Demon killer opened his eyes and talked normally as though he had just awakened from his sleep.

'No wonder, all the mercenaries called him a monster. With this kind of healing speed, he can basically survive from any situation unless he is killed in one shot,' Rulf suppressed his shock and sat near the demon killer and asked him about the earlier events.

"Rulf, where is the guild master?" However, instead of saying about it, the demon killer asked about the Guild master with an anxious face.

"Don't worry, he went to save your squad members. He will come here in a few minutes," Rulf knew that the demon killer was worried about his squad members, so he answered his question and tried to calm the demon killer.


Hearing Rulf's words, the demon killer heaved a sigh of relief and started explaining how he had ended up in a situation like this.

"We came here by following the trials of the demons after taking up the mission in the mercenary guild...,"

He said about everything like being surrounded by the demon generals and separating from the group and finally tortured by the demon general before he was saved by the Guild master.

"Damn these demons. Recently there are more and more coming into our world," Rulf clenched his fist while he said those words and continued to discuss more with the demon killer.


As the demon killer and Rulf were discussing in the cursed abyss, the guild master already reached the other squad members of the Demon killer mercenary squad who were fighting with the demon generals.

Instead of saying fighting, it was better to say that they were barely about to stop the attacks from the demons.

"Why did they force these squad members into the cursed wilderness? What are they planning actually?" The guild master looked at the 5 squad members who were totally covered in injuries from top to bottom and thought inside his head when he saw where they were all fighting.

He was thought like that because the fight was going on in the cursed wilderness and not in the cursed abyss.

Originally, the top two mercenary squads 'Demon Killer' and 'Blood Rose' separated and entered Cursed abyss and cursed wilderness respectively to search for demons.

However, now these demon generals separated the captain from the rest of the squad and forced the remaining members into the cursed wilderness which made the guild master puzzle at the actions of the demons.

'First, I will kill these low-level demon generals and think about all these questions after that,' He shook his head and disappeared from his place before appearing behind each demon general and killed him with a simple punch.

"Everyone, go to you Captain and take rest,"

It only took him less than a minute to kill all of them before he ordered the rest of the squad members to meet up with their squad leader.

When they heard the words from an old man, except for one squad member, all of them looked at each other as though they were unable to recognize who this old man was.

"Yes sir, thanks for saving us"

As the four squad members were still in shock from how easily the old man in front of them had killed all the five demon generals in a few strikes, one of the five men bowed and respectively replied to him.

"Let's go,"

He knew that his squad members still didn't recognize the guild master, so he hurriedly took them away with him.

"Brother, do you know him?"

"Vice-captain, He is more powerful than our captain, right?"

Along the way, the four squad members continuously asked different questions to the one who had replied earlier to the old man.

"He is none other than our mercenary guild's guild master," the vice captain's reply made them halt in their tracks for a second before looking back at the old man who had a serious expression on his face and continued to run behind their vice-captain.

"Stop looking at him and run properly,"

The four squad members looked back once in a while with excited looks on their faces. So, the vice-captain scolded them to run properly.

Even though their bodies were completely covered in injuries, they forgot the pain from those injuries when they learned that they had met the legendary guild master.

The guild master of the mercenary guild was a legendary being for all the mercenaries. He could be considered as a role model because there were many stories of his adventures that no one in the Zrochester province would dare to do.

So, they looked back at him again and again.

'Being a vice-captain of a top mercenary squad really helps to see the legendary person,'

This was the only thought in all the heads of the squad members and envied their vice-captain.


"So, you are ready to train in that place even at the cost of your life?"

In the middle section of the cursed wilderness, Edmond looked at the group of young cultivators in front of him and asked one final time.


Ajax and other young cultivators nodded their heads with faces full of seriousness.


Edmond nodded his head and slowly stood up from his place before looking at Darbaudr and asked, "Can you open the portal now?"

When they heard his words, the rest of the group looked at Darbaudr with puzzled expressions on their faces.

Even Udo was looking at Darbaudr with a surprised look.

He didn't know that Edmond was relying on Darbaudr to open that portal. He only thought that Edmond found a way to open it.

"Are you sure? You still looked tired?"

Darbaudr didn't answer Edmond; instead, he looked at Edmond's face who still looked tired and asked about his condition.

"I am good. There is no need to worry about me," Edmond shook his head with a small smile on his face and said he was fine.

"Okay then. I will try to open it,"

Since Edmond was sure about his head, Darbaudr moved away from the group and sat crossed legged in front of the huge boulder.

"Captain Edmond, what is that place?" Ajax asked Edmond as Darbaudr was busy with something.

"Yes Godfather, where is that place. Is it that dangerous?"

Just after Ajax asked his question, the rest of godsons and goddaughters asked about the place where they were going to train.

As for Udo, he didn't ask anything, as he already knew about the place but he didn't answer them instead waited for Edmond to say about that place on his own.

"The place where we are going to train is none other than 'Demon world', Haha," Edmond said with a loud laugh at the end of his sentence and looked at the expressions on each young cultivator's faces.


All of the young cultivators, including Ajax, were shocked by the words ofEdmond and shouted out loud.


Note:- The cursed abyss and the cursed wilderness are connected side by side.

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