New Age Of Summoners Chapter 455

443 Mercenary King

When the demon killer had heard those words, he froze all of a sudden and looked at the demon general, who was looking at him with a chuckle on his face.

'Why can't I move? Is this one of his tricks?' Demon killer for the first time after many years became anxious when he sensed that he was unable to move.

"Huh? Are you anxious now? Good," the demon general looked at the Demon killer who was immobilized on the ground and satisfyingly nodded his head before continuing, "I know people like you hate to die in the hands of my kind. So, I will kill you with my own hands and see the despair in your eyes."

'Damn it. I can't even control my essence of nature...Am I really going to die in the hands of this demon scumbag,'

Demon Killer never feared about his death but what he feared the most was dying in the hands of demons whom he hated to his core.

"Don't worry. I will let you watch how your life goes away from you slowly and painfully," The demon general took out a small black needle from his left hand and pierced it into the shoulder of the demon killer.


As soon as the demonic needle pierced into his shoulder, the demon killer felt an unbearable pain from it and shouted out loud.

However, he only shouted for a few minutes before he felt his left shoulder become numb.

"Damn you demon," Demon killer cursed the demon with a hateful expression on his face.

"You must be wondering why you only felt pain for a few minutes. Don't worry. The more I pierce you the needle, the longer the pain will stay...Hehe," The demon general cunningly smiled as he explained the process and pierced the same needle into his other shoulder.


Demon killer shouted even more loudly than before and the pain in his right shoulder also lasted more than the last time before his right shoulder also became numb.

"Not bad, you are still awake and looking in a good condition. I think I should try multiple needles," the demon general was impressed by the demon killer's endurance and took out many needles from his left hand which apparently came from inside his body.

The process continued for some time as the demon general continued to pierce the needle into various parts of the demon killer's body.

In return, the demon killer continuously groaned in pain with the needle piercings.

'I think, I can't endure another one,' He gritted his teeth and looked into the sky before saying, 'I am coming to you without fulfilling my oath. I hope you both will not be angry with me.'

While saying that, the demon killer closed his eyes and accepted his fate to die in the hands of a demon. Nevertheless, the only thing that made him happy was that he would be finally joining his family.

"You dare to keep the demon killer as your title. How dare you?" The demon general said with hatred at the name of the demon killer because he got that name from killing many demons.

"Now, I will let you show the true pain," As he said that he grabbed the bunch of needles in each hand before trying to pierce them into the demon killer's chest.



Just when the needles were about to touch the demon killer's body, a small green leaf came from a specific direction and pierced through the demon general's body.


The demon general didn't bother the black blood that was rushing out from the wound and looked at the direction from which that small lead had come and became alerted.

"How dare a lowly demon try to kill one of my captains," From that direction, an old but loud voice resounded to his ears.

"Another human? Why don't you come forward and fight like a brave man?"

An unknown enemy was the most dangerous enemy, one could ever have. So, the demon general stopped paying attention to the demon killer and shouted in that direction.


What came in return to his question was a loud laugh that almost made his ears bleed and the fear inside him intensified even more.

"Even your demon king would not dare to say that to me, the mercenary king, to come forward and fight with him. Whereas you a lowly demon want to fight with me," the old voice continued to make the demon general shiver with each of his words, "Also, do you know the strength of a mercenary king?"

"You are very lucky human; however, your death will be in my hands,"

After hearing the old voice from a distance, the demon general didn't hesitate a second before looking at the demon killer and warned him before crushing a small ball in his hands.

As soon as he crushed it,the area surrounding him was completely filled with black smoke and made others not to see what was happening inside that smoke.

That black smoke didn't last for much longer before disappearing.

After the black smoke disappeared, there was only a demon killer, who was barely consciously lying on the ground. As for the demon general, he disappeared without a trace.

"Phew...Rulf, go and check on the demon killer and use all the high-grade medicines you have in your space ring," The old voice muttered slowly.

After those words, two people came out from that direction.

One was an old man and the other was a middle-aged man.

They were none other than the mercenary guild master and his sub-ordinate Rulf.

"Okay, guild master,"

Rulf looked at the old man beside him with many questions in his head but he suppressed his curiosity and immediately rushed towards the demon killer and made him swallow various high-grade healing pills.

"Also, give him the green lotus's seeds to consume. They will help him in healing sooner," The guild master ordered Rulf to give some more medicines.

Without any hesitation, Rulf took out some seeds that were glowing with green lustre and threw them into the demon killer's mouth.

Soon, the injuries on the demon killer's body healed at a rapid pace that would make average cultivators shocked.

'Guild master, all his injuries are stabilized and it will take some time for him to wake; however, he still needs a few days to achieve his peak strength,'

After a few minutes, Rulf checked the demon killer's condition and reported it to the guild master before standing up and walked towards the guild master.

"Good," the guild master nodded his head and looked into the distance before becoming serious all of a sudden and said to Rulf, "Take care of him, I will come in a few minutes."

As soon as he said that, the old man disappeared from his position without waiting for Rulf's reply.

Rulf looked at the direction that the guild master had left and shook his head before walking back to the demon killer.

"You came at the right moment. Thanks for your healing treasures," By the time, Rulf returned back to the demon killer, he had opened his eyes and thanked Rulf.

"What the..." Rulf became shocked while looking at the demon killer as though he was looking at a monster.


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